Crazy Tank's op8 Gear! (update! 1.1)

Hello Tank, just sent FR… I could really use a hand getting to OP8 with my gunzerker. I have made it to OP6 with non OP gear, it’s been difficult lol… Thanks !

Also not to derail, but feel free to add me on PS3 as " CAPN_DUKE420 " … I have non OP legendaries I could trade with, could really use some OP8 gear. Thanks again!!

yeah i have them just send me a Fr and the interfacers i’m missing just the fire element

Ok then i see you FR is that the account you need to get to op8? or you need op8 gear i’m confused lol :smile:

That’s fine. I know how much of a pain those are to farm for, so I could only expect someone else to have wanted one.

Tank if you need a fire interfacer I have one I can give you.

really thanks man just when we are both on and when you have free time

I’ll be on in a bit if that’s good with you

I’m on already, so I’m ready whenever you guys are.

I’m on when y’all are ready.

Lol sorry man, yes I need help getting to OP8. I will also need OP8 gear, once I’m leveled up… Thanks Tank!

Hello sir,

Asking for help again, need the following stuff

Slag pimpernel, no matter which prefix
Tumtum hawkeye
Wild kerblaster
Sheriffs badge

Sent you a FR
Thanks in advance!

Could you help me with a op8 dpuh and op8 norfleet?

Im done farming lee, torgue vendor and hyperius.
Don’t know if there is something you need or want in return?

I can give you an OP8 DPUH. What element norfleet are you looking for? I have shock, and slag. My PSN id is BackOffoRDie. add me whenever you get on, and let me know you’re from the forums (including your forum username preferably).

yeah i can help you just add me

i got it man no worries and never got your FR for the items you asked for

Lol no wonder I forgot the e in your name. Derp. That’s my fault. Should be there now, and I’m also on right now.

Tank is the man, thanks again for all the help!!

Tank I wish I had all the gear you do lol thanks for all the help.

no problem you guys

If you ever feel like quiting your job I’ll glady take over for you.