Crazy thought: what would happen if they remove annointments?

I mean I’m kinda biased as I’m a moze player and dont care about annointments too much for her, but my zane obviously uses the 100% cryo one almost exclusively, but how would you feel if GBX suddenly removed annointments from the game and scaled back the maddening RNG significantly ?


Since it would be the same for everyone + solve many issues caused by anointments… I don’t see a problem with it.

Personally I would like them to nerf anointments significantly basically turning them into a little bonus and making them drop as seperate loot items that we can attach to weapons similar to trinkets.

However, in my opinion, the next best option would be to remove anoints altogether like you suggested. I’m tired of the insane RNG. It’s so hard to find the right weapon with the right anointment. They also cause issues with scaling/balancing and make or break weapons. They do more harm than good.


Taking away anointments means nerfing all VH damage across the board…They would have to rebalance the entire game all over again, since so much of it is anointment based.

It took us months to get where we’re at now (and where we’re at isn’t great), so that would be another few months we would have to wait for rebalance.

I’d be perfectly fine with this. Removing layers of RNG is good.

If they keep annointments, but nerf them would they then have to signifigantly buff weapons to make up for the loss in damage given by annointments? Or would they have to nerf mobs and bosses?

That’s a problem we already have. Not everyone is running around with the perfect anointment on his weapon. Player A (sentinel cryo) already does 100% more damage than Player B (accuracy and handling). There are tons of anointments that don’t increase damage at all.

  • After using Phasegrasp Greatly increased weapon accuracy and handling.
  • After issuing Attack Command Gain 30% life steal.
  • After exiting Iron Bear Next three magazines have 33% increased reload speed and 67% increased handling.
  • After exiting Iron Bear Does not consume ammo for 5 seconds.
  • After swapping places with Digi-Clone Your weapon is reloaded.
  • While Digi-Clone is active Regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second.

Great question here are my suggestions:

Remove the Mayhem 2.0 weapon scaling and return to Mayhem 1.0, the game was much more balanced then. Eliminate the need for weapon scaling and everything that makes damage fluctuate too much. This comes from a good baseline and balance design. Keep the new Mayhem levels 4 - 6 for higher difficulty, they will pose a real challenge without the Mayhem 2.0 weapon scaling. As we get more powercreep, level cap increases and potentially a 4th skill tree… we will eventually “grow” into those difficulty levels.

Speaking of difficulty… instead of turning enemies into Bullet Sponges increase difficulty by changing the play loop instead. Make enemies more evasive, increase mob sizes, increase badass+ spawns, mix different enemy types, increase enemy accuracy, introduce “upgraded” enemies that are overall tougher (Elemental weapons rather than normal). Special gear that they have access to i.e some enemies in Mayhem 2 will have Spike shields, some Mayhem 3 enemies will have Nova Shields, Mayhem 4 enemies could have a shield that does both spike & nova. Improve the AI- have it call for reinforcements (like the Cartel did), try to flank the player, call in air support (Racks, jet pack troopers etc). The point is that any new threat added to a normal play loop would be an increase in difficulty without an increase in enemy health.


The people who spent hundreds of hours farming the perfect anoint for the gear would riot.



Not to mention the months of work GBX employees spent on new anointments, buffing anointments, Mayhem 2.0, Takedown, etc

I’d say I rather they swap Anointeds for something similar to “Glitch” weapons. I don’t know but it’ll be nice to improve “Glitch” abilities into BL3.

Now that were some Mayhem stuffs back in TPS along with that arena with the birthday cat and that hotdog.

Anointeds is too much. Way too much to get the right ones too

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Glitch Bonuses

Each glitch has a chance of being selected upon each weapon reload, provided that it is listed on the gun’s Error Code with a number higher than 0. Each glitch will remain active until either the gun requires reloading or the Vault Hunter switches weapons. The glitch bonuses are as follows:

  • Overload : Overload can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming red . Overload significantly reduces fire rate and consumes an additional 3 ammo per shot, but dramatically increases each projectile’s damage potential to compensate. There is also a knock-back inflicted when the weapon is fired, causing the user to get thrown backwards slightly.
  • Loop : Loop can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming yellow . Loop gives the gun a high chance to not consume ammo, and will refill up to half of the gun’s magazine capacity upon each kill (when ammo is restored this way, it does NOT consume ammo from the weapon’s ammo pool - it is simply re-added back to the magazine). The weapon’s fire rate is also significantly increased and, depending on gun type, will cause one of two firing methods:
    • SMG, Laser or Assault Rifle - the weapon will continually fire until its magazine is empty or firing is interrupted by performing a melee attack, swapping weapons, throwing grenades or by activating certain Action Skills.
    • Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher or Shotgun - the weapon will become burst firing, with each burst being significantly more rapid and lengthy than Dahl weapons.
  • Multi-shot : Multi-shot can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming lime . Multi-shot turns the weapon into a pseudo-shotgun that usually retains the gun’s default fire rate and adds an additional five projectiles to each shot while consuming an additional 2 ammo.
  • Amplify : Amplify can be identified by the Glitch gun’s binary becoming cyan . Much like an Amplify Shield, Amplify adds damage to projectiles at the cost of shield consumption. However, unlike an Amplify Shield’s massive shield consumption and requirement that the shield be fully charged to activate, Amplify consumes a comparably small portion of shield and will continue to add damage to projectiles until the shield is depleted. Upon killing an enemy whilst the weapon is under the effects of Amplify, the user’s shields are restored.

We are having a level cap anyway to refarm anyway,… I spent hours farming 50, 53 and 57 gear, no complaints taking away the anoint system from me.

PS Id rather farm non-anointed gear than anointed gear, would be hella faster.


Not exactly crazy - polls on here and many posts have generally shown a significant portion of the community supports this (including, full disclosure, myself). Anointments not only destroy pacing and balance, but also cover for other issues in the itemization system.

It’s been said before, but we don’t farm for gradually better guns in this game, we farm for anointments.


What a great point :+1: I didn’t even think about that.


How would you rebalance all the weapons for Mayhem then? How would you know exactly how much you needed to buff all weapon, taking account of no anointments? This is all easier said then done…Balancing is very difficult in a game, and removing a core part of that creates more unnecessary work.

Anointments were needed for Mayhem 1.0 too. Remove scaling, then people would complain that it’s too easy. Mayhem would then be reduced to just modifiers, and people hate those.

Most of this already happens on Mayhem (mob sizes increase, enemy accuracy was a modifier in 1.0, a LOT more anointed will appear in COV areas, etc.) Most enemies already use elemental weapons…

Most of the things you suggested for difficulty are already being done (Enemies can explode into a nova as a modifier), or wouldn’t change gameplay at all (no one does melee damage enough to trigger spikes)

I’m not trying to snuff your ideas, just trying to emphasize the difficulty of removing a core part of gameplay, THEN restructuring your entire game off of that

I would hardly notice. I barely even started to focus on them after Mayhem 2.0.

I wouldn’t. I would remove as many Mayhem levels as necessary and leave some for good measure. As we get more powercreep, level cap increases and a 4th skill tree we will eventually grow into those Mayhem levels. If anythng I would buff SKILLS instead of gear. Generally, though, they should find other ways to increase difficulty instead of turning enemies into Bullet Sponges. I’m not completely against scaling of health/shield/armor but don’t you think they overdo it?


With this I agree 200%.

How would you determine how many levels are ‘necessary’ to remove?


I think you would really need to find that out via playtesting.

The biggest problem imo is that they are not at all created equal. Many anointments are outright worthless, and the kings of the lot are essentially never going to be passed up for a niche bonus.

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Love this idea. Like the crimson army, from BL1. They could spawn with special shields, and you had to take care how you fought them all. Made for much better play loop, as you say.

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I feel like we’ve been play testing this entire time lol

What would you personally say? Jus curious…

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