Create a class mod to be released along side the 4th dlc

Could be a Legendary class mod with 5 skills or a class mod with 3 skills. No 1 point wonder skills for obvious reasons.

Legendary Crapshooter - Nisha
+5 Bona Fide Grit
+5 Quick Shot
+5 Unchained
+5 Tricks hot
+5 Tombstone

Handsome Emperor - Jack
+5 Absolute Advantage
+4 Collaborate
+4 Just Compensation


Legendary Femme Fatale
SMG Damage: +80%
SMG Mag Size:+75%

+5 Mercurial
+5 Tear
+5 Unrelenting
+5 Gathering Tempest
+5 Elemental Barrage


I am the Captain now.
Team grenade damage
Team grenade capacity

  • Invictus
  • Ephodos
  • Vanguard
  • Hold the Line
  • Return Fire

I have vermin to kill.
Melee damage
Gun damage

  • Tear
  • Gathering Tempest
  • Bloodlust
  • Gun Kata
  • Omega-Senshu


I bring all sorts of plusses to the table.
Pistol ammo regeneration

  • Bona Fide Grit
  • Magnificent Six
  • Saddle Up
  • Tombstone
  • Quickshot

I’m just like you. But better.
Team melee damage
Team movement speed

  • Law
  • The Third Degree
  • Rarin’ To Go
  • Ruthless
  • Wanted


Is it me you’re looking for?
-Team shield recharge delay
Team health regeneration

  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Death Machine
  • Grenade Vent
  • Maniacal Laughter
  • Killbot

Guitar Solo
I killed a man. And another, and another…
Weapon damage
Reload speed

  • Drop the Hammer
  • Load ‘n’ Splode
  • Coincidental Combustion
  • Start with a Bang
  • One Last Thing


If I build any momentum, no object can stop me.
Movement speed

  • Winning
  • Synergy
  • Believe
  • Absolute Advantage
  • Best Foot Forward

The Most Interesting Man in the World
I’m not always interesting, but when I am…
Team action skill cooldown

  • Bolster
  • Take Their Freedom
  • Hero Pose
  • Best Foot Forward
  • Resolute


I love me some toys.
Team damage reduction
Team elemental resistance

  • Targeting Scope
  • Emergency Response
  • Welcome to the Gunshow
  • Heat Sinks
  • Hazmat Containment System

War is in my blood.
Fire rate
Swap speed
Reload speed

  • Rolling Thunder
  • Cold War
  • Escalation
  • Auxiliary Tanks
  • Energize


Must I do everything?
Team critical damage
Team melee damage
Team explosive damage

  • Markswoman
  • Large Caliber
  • Avalanche
  • Short Summer
  • Cold Advance
  • Frostbite

Look them in the eye.
Team air control
Team oxygen capacity
Team movement speed

  • Duchess
  • Markswoman
  • Culling the herd
  • Warning Shot
  • Frigid Touch
  • Whiteout

I’m so confused, is this going to be a legit thing?

Almost certainly not.
That Celestial Crapshooter is OP as ****. If you do it right, Nisha might almost be as good as Athena.

So lets even the playing field:
Celestial Firestorm:
Burn/Electrocute Damage
Adds 5 bonus maelstrom stacks upon first damaging an enemy
+5 Unrelenting
+5 Elemental Barrage
+5 Omega Senshu
+5 Gathering Tempest
+5 Storm Weaving

Celestial Cyborg:
Fire rate, Gun Damage, Reload Speed, Mag size
+5 Rolling Thunder
+5 Auxillary Tanks
+5 Suppression
+5 Cold War
+5 Escalation

Celestial Mistake
Explosive damage
Team Cooldown Rate
5% chance to negate Vault Hunter.Exe’s cooldown when used
+5 One last thing
+5 Pain Simulator is Painful
+5 Killbot
+5 Load 'n Splode
+5 Maniacle Laughter

Celestial Handsomeness
Hyperion Gun Fire Rate, Mag size & Reload Speed
Critical Hit Damage
+5 Company Man
+5 Absolute Advantage
+5 Best Foot Forward
+5 Marginal Benefit
+5 Just Compensation

Celestial Huntress
Can have two servants gaining bonuses from each. Bonuses are lost only when both servants die.
+5 Duchess
+5 Valet
+5 Short Summer
+5 Frostbite
+5 Cold Advance

I would kill any number of people for that. Starting with Claptrap, naturally.

Celestial Storm +50% Shock Damage

+5 Storm Weaving
+5 Unrelenting
+5 Flash Freeze
+5 Conduit
+5 Invictus

With the amount of elemental DoT that 9/5 Storm Weaving can generate the addition of Conduit would make Storm the perfect tanking class mod for elemental Athena. Add bonus points for Invictus because it’s freaking awesome and it deserves some attention from at least one class mod.

You guys arnt thinking crazy enough.

It’s going to be inside Claptraps “mind”, so it’s gotta be crazy town banana pants.

Stuff that doesn’t make sense, like +8 to Power Fist.

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That if anything would be OP. 9/1 in power fist would kill anything smaller than a raid boss when frozen.

Nah, wouldn’t increase the damage, just the range. Exponentialy with each point.

And it would just stretch the model.


Dunno how well this is balanced, but I might add some more later.

Celestial Slammer
Decreases melee override cooldown by 50%.
Increases melee range by 50%.
Bonus damage from Shock Absorbers now applies to melee damage.
+5 Fortify
+5 Man and Machine
+5 Meteor Slam

Celestial Wall
+5 Energize
Reduces max stacks of Hard To Kill to 50.
+5 Hard To Kill (Basically halves the time required to get the full effect of Hard To Kill).
+5 Kinetic Armor
+5 Man and Machine
+5 Divert Power (Overflows shields to 200% when activated).

Celestial Lawbreaker
50% Chance to not consume ammo during Showdown. Applies to teammates.
Pickpocket now steals 12 ammo, multiplied by ammo consumption per shot (for example: A gun that uses 2 ammo per shot will get 24 ammo). Ammo that doesn’t fit into the magazine will go into overflow and will be able to be used without reloading.
Increases melee speed by 50%.
+5 Gunslinger (Gunslinger reloads entire magazine at 10/5 (hey, Bandit is more useful now!))
+5 Hell’s Comin’ With Me!
+5 Faster n’ You

Celestial Trickster
Unforgiven now ricochets an extra two times, for a total of three ricochets.
Enemies hit during showdown have 50% move and shoot speed reduction. They also lose 5% of their health every second.
+5 Saddle Up
+5 Faster n’ You
+5 Unchained (Stacks can now be gained three times as quickly but are also lost at a rate of one a second).
+5 Trick Shot

I don’t use Tear but a Legendary Femme Fatale COM would be pretty sick!

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Celestial Assassin (Athena)
Melee attacks deal shock damage instead of NE
+20% damage when attacking from behind
+5 Omega Senshu
+5 Gun Kata
+5 Tear
+5 Bloodlust
+5 Gathering tempest

Celestial Gunzerker (Nisha)
Shots have chance not to consume ammo
5 bonus order stacks
+5 Ruthless
+5 Raring to go
+5 No pain no Gain
+5 Unchained
+5 Snap Shot

Celestial Commando (Wilhelm)
Enemies shot by Wolf take 20% increased damage
20% chance to heal 50% of health when taking fatal damage
+5 Suppresion
+5 Auxillary tanks
+5 Targeting Scope
+5 Divert Power
+5 Emergency Response

Celestial Siren (Claptrap)
+5 Maniacal Laughter
+5 Through thick and thin
+5 Pain simulator is Painful
+5 One Last Thing
+5 Killbot
+5 Death Machine

Shouldn’t these be the top row? Akin to the BL2 Vanilla Leg Coms?

Imo the com for Wilhelm should be
Legendary Commando
-Cooldown Rate: +47%
-Gun Damage: +37% (could either be swapped with laser damage or Crit damage imo)
-Fire Rate: +25%
(Pulled off of Legendary Soldier lol) with…

+5 Afterburners
+5 Fire Support
+5 Laser Focus
+5 Man and Machine
+5 Energize
+5 Fortify
“Now THAT is amazing!”

Also in this game
Athena is more the siren
Wilhelm is the commando
Nisha is the Assassin
& Claptrap is more like the berserker/gunzerker

I was really naming them because Athena is the good character, Nisha dual wields, Wilhelm is nothing special and Claptrap is the other one who kicks ass. And i wanted a Melee based legendary mod for Athena.

Celestial Bloodthirster
+5 Gun Kata
+5 Clarity
+5 Omega Senshu
+5 Mercurial
+5 Bloodlust
There you go.

Also and Ouch.
Wilhelm may not be your cup of tea but for others he certainly is, for some of us who don’t care to just ascend and descend with stacks of maelstrom, and be a Captain America clone :confused:

Also who said Zer0 was the good character?
I’m more inclined to say that was Krieg from BL2
Since Echo’s in Sawtooth Cauldron have Zer0 murdering innocents for Telling him to get lost when looking for his “challenge”.

I would love to see some more specific bonuses on class mods like some people have been mentioning.

Celestial Madtrap
+Gun Damage
-Shield Capacity
Increases movement speed by 10% when shields are depleted and an additional 10% in FFYL
Nova Shield Radius and Roid damage increased
+5 Blue Shell
+5 Killbot
+5 Death Machine
+5 Best Buds 4 Life
+5 Kick Him While He’s Up

I like when they do that too for example 10% movement speed increase when a target is phaselocked which is from the BL2 legendary siren class mod.

Considering no extra red text or special bonus thing came with the UVHM upgrade 2 for BL2 and the Coms were Legendary versions of Existing coms.
Cat, Titan, Ninja, Killer, being examples that’s why I doubt they’d do it.

Legendary Siren had 45%, not just 10%. Wilhelm’s has 10% when Wolf and Saint are active. Poor willy.

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Oh yeah I coulda swore it was much b bigger than 10% :sweat_smile: