Let’s create our own sets of modifiers! Maybe with a bit of brainstorming some good ideas will be used by the devs in the future :grin:

To keep things clean, post one easy, one medium, one hard and one very hard modifier per post!

-Easy: Life hits hard: knockbacks have 100% chance of being applied on the first hit (from sources like explosions, shotguns etc… Enemies become immune afterwards as usual).

-Medium: Catch this!: Enemies have a chance to throw a very damaging, big, bouncing grenade that can be shot down.

-Hard: They fight for their lives: as long as there is more than one enemy they can be revived by their allies with a long animation, just like the players do. Think Gear of War’s enemies.

-Very hard: -200% efficiency of elements against “wrong” health bars. Element matching becomes essential!

So we are healing enemies with wrong element? What about the neutral ones?

I would like one very hard modifiers: Cartels support spawns.

the system has to be completely redone
harder dificulties should make enemies harder by a system that makes sense
like in bl2
rabid beasts, surveyors, health regen
no randomly attached birthdayparty decoration


No, enemies take reduced damage, not to the point of being healed

But we already have that.

Think what we have but trice as effective.

We have 35-50% penalty right now for non-matched elements. If you triple that you will end up with no damage for most of the time (I don’t count Kinetic and neutral here), and we already have Dazed and Infused for that, just the matching is not based on enemy type but random element.


Just Sayin’: Every time an enemy is killed around a Badass, it heals and powers up. Each time it powers up, a star is appended to its name. Can happen four times per Badass.

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harder elemental “punishment” could also just be part of a harder difficulty
i imagine it a bit like
“easy” (what exactly is this setting like? never played it)
“normal” (what everyone is starting their games with)
“mayhem” would include enhanced enemies, rabids, more elemental resistance, hightech enemies with drones, psychos with helmets, what ever people came up with that would fit into the game

In general;
Aggressiveness - Increase enemy aggressiveness. Especially in mobs. Currently you can ignore some enemies in a mob. Usually we have to contend with the more aggressive ones. You can also change how quickly they notice you and start firing. Sometimes when you walk up to a mob you can quietly get yourself positioned before they react.

Hit Harder - I’ve made this suggestion elsewhere. It can be problematic if enemies are too powerful. My response is “it’s all about balance”. We don’t have good balance now, and we have to contend with Mayhem magic tricks. I’ll take my chances with enemies that hit harder. It will just make you more careful when jumping into a mob.

Resistance to Elements - Yes it’s being done now. Just remove the visuals. We can figure it out when we see the big Resist label.

Enemies Have Higher Chance of Elements - Doesn’t provide raw power, but they have a higher success percentage when applying effects, and those effects are stronger. We would freeze more often, get irradiated more often etc…

Disable Guardian Ranks - All or some. Self explanatory.

Disable Class of Weapons - Self explanatory.

Disable Manufacturers - Self explanatory.

Amount of Enemies That Spawn - Self explanatory.

My biggest problem with many of the current modifiers is they make my eyes barf. GBX creates these wonderful worlds (their level design is second to none) and they turn them into garish visual nightmares. Spinners, attached beams, elemental ovals surrounding enemies. It detracts greatly from the experience. I also noticed these visual modifiers don’t seem to be too effective often. I can almost ignore the spinners. I only kill them for Drowning In Brass stacking.

The non visual modifiers are fine. I think this is the direction they need to go.

yea but…why?
to make builds useless?
i just think that the idea of “selecting your modifiers” is probably the wrong approach to “consumer friendly” how does it help if everyone just picks what they are most comfortable with
doesnt make the game harder
and just straight disabling certain builds or playstyles is pure stupid in a game like that

armored enemies are already resistant to fire and shock
you dont have to magically make them resistant to corrosive damage now
just increase the overall elemental resistance and people will stop shooting at them with fire weapons^^

there can be fire skags, there can be shock skags and they also visually show that
its part of the game

i dont like this whole taking the game apart and making it some weird “crazy, freaky what ever”
the game is fine as it is and you can make it harder without making it stupid

Someone asked for modifier ideas. These are mine. I realize they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. But I won’t defend them. Feel free to add some you think would be helpful.

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well, as i said
i refuse the system as a whole
enemies should get properties that fit to them
im an immersion, atmosphere person
i dont want skags with drones and fire enemies with shock puddles


On this we certainly agree.

yea but thats how it currently works
if you implement a modifier, it can randomly appear for any enemy in the game
i mean, it wouldnt make sense if you only took like laser spinners and drones and stuff and then just farm some badass skags who cant even have these modifiers
thats why i say the system is bad
UVHM was a good “modifier”
if you could build up on that, id buy it


Easy: Forced Recruitment. Upon killing an enemy they have a chance to temporarily resurrect (without getting Mayhem health bonuses) and fight on your side for 15 seconds or until they are killed.
Medium: Fortified positions. Enemies are sometimes mounted on a powerful turret.
Hard: Pack Tactics. Badass Enemies are accompanied by a Pet (either a Jabber or a Saurian)
Very Hard: Mini-me. Killed enemies have a chance to reincarnate as a smaller version of themselves with 50% less health.

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Easy: nothing.
Medium: nothing.
Hard: nothing.
Very hard: nothing.

Give me some consistency.


Nice - I’d hit those, but I’d make the Mini-Me throw a badass Loot Midget. :metal:

I’m taking these straight from the mutator arena:

  • Easy: Half Gravity - all maps have their gravity halved (or if they’re already low-grav, maybe they don’t have a change.

  • Medium: Bloody Good - activating an action skill causes you to bleed, but your action skill cooldown rate is much faster.

  • Hard: Vampires - you lose health at a constant rate; kills fully restore health.

  • Very Hard: Shoes Made of Acid - touching the ground causes corrosive DoT (like Floor is Lava, but corrosive, and it doesn’t matter what state the enemies are in). I don’t need to tell you that this was not my favorite in the arena, but working around it with the jump pads worked (or mitigating it with any number of skills/gear), but the payoff in loot quality was solid.

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