Create-A-Skin For Your Favorite Battleborn(s)

As the title says, post here skin ideas you have that you’d like to see for a character(s) you like. You can use any medium to share your ideas; doodle, digital art, cosplay, sculpting, or just good ol’ fashion writing (although a visual would be nice). So SHOW ME YOUR ARTISTIC VISIONS!

I’ll start the thread with a quick-ish/sloppy doodle of an idea I’ve been nurturing for the past 2 days. I became kind of obsessed with an Ernest Vulture Skin with a Skull motif and color scheme.
In my rough doodle I didn’t get to really show off the color scheme, but it’s black and (bone) colors for the clothing and accessories, with feather, leather, and bone textures. The face will be pink-ish to complete the Vulture look (his arms would be black-feathered)

If I ever learn to use Krita/Corel Painter Essentials I’ll retry the design fully digitally inked and colored.


Despite my problems with the MT’s, I may make an exception of Whiskey Foxtrot gets a skin similar to a Helghast soldier. I mean, his rifle shows some similarities towards the STA-52 rifle:

While obviously not a similar model, they both have a underslung shotgun of sorts, in WF’s case it is scrap metal but I feel that it stil acts like one.

WF himself, if you change his skin from purple to pale green (Helghast are people adapted to a harsher atmosphere), and make the remnants of his armor dark greyish, it would look similar to one of the Heghast:

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Orendi could use a coat-of-arms…

Is this suppose to be a pun…because if it is, I like it.