Create a way to farm for lower rarities besides legendary as well maybe? (Such as maybe blue and purple rarity weapons and gear.)

We all love legendary gear right? Just get excited when we see that golden star appear on the map that indicates where I legendary loot dropped. Praying for the chance of it being what you want with the best parts and anointment or heck. Maybe something crazy and unknown but freaking spectacular.

Well what about our purple rarity weapons? Anyone ever think “man this weapon hits good and just feels so right.” Anyone ever just come across the type of non legendary weapons. Feels unique but doesn’t have any of that special stuff to indicate that it is like (a red text.)

I notice this feeling when I came across a couple. First thing that comes to mind is Kielbasa. (Think I spelled it right.) When I first found that gun I knew I wanted a better roll with this. I’d farm this gun out before anything else in the game I could. However later I find out that it doesn’t have a dedicated loot source. Maybe some rumors here and there that it drops from a boss name Graveward. However I’m not very sure if that’s really bosses that’s dedicated to dropping it. Then I come to realize that’s a lot of our guns that feel good and powerful but just aren’t able to be truly farmed For the most part they’re just random drop from any source.

Audience in the back: “GET TO THE POINT!”

On to the point. What if we could farm for guns like Kielbasa? What if there’s some dedicated way to farm for lower rarity weapons and heck even mods or gear as a whole. Some of these lower rarity weapons feel so good, in my opinion some even look AMAZING, and just can pass off as a unique weapon sometimes.

I’d peronsally love to farm for Kielbasa.

(Heck the model of this guns just looks SO COOL. I wouldn’t mind another unique or legendary model of it.)

Anybody else find any purple rarity or lower that you tried and it felt good and powerful?

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I think the better solution is fixed parts legendary versions of top performing epics. There have been a lot of requests for a x21/25 Stagecoach equivalent legendary. I personally would love to see a X18 Bangstick equivalent implemented somewhere.

They don’t have to be dressed up, or buffed even for that matter. Just give us a way to get some of these truly epic weapons.

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Yess that would be awesome. :smiley:

There have been several discussions about trying to get some of the best purps and how obnoxious it can be.

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It is indeed obnoxious. Farming Graveward to see if it was true if he drops Kielbasa was painful. Never got one to drop T_T a place to farm for these or heck just make someway to obtain these would be GREAT.


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Cough(gun gun)cough.

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Tried that. Gun gun has so much rng tied to it though that I don’t fool with it that much.