Create control setup for each character

In Overwatch, there is an option to customize each of character’s sensitivity and button setup.
Battleborn needs that kind of option too as it has many characters with distinct abilities.

Who’s with me on these ?

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you have ample time to make quick changes before the match starts

Suggesting a change based on overwatch? Oh this will bring the trolls

grabs popcorn

+1 for your idea fyi, I’d like to see it happen

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You know, I had a rebuttal lined up for this, but I re-read the topic and noticed it said control setup instead of UI setup.

So, uh… yeah. Carry on. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be very nice. Very good idea, even if it is from “that which shall not be named.”

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That’s irritating, superfluous, and unintuitive. I would love this IMO.

Lol haha sorry