Create our own battleborn


if you only had let us build our own characters it would be ten times better!

this is what I wish for the future… create your own build completely your own class…
own choice of powers, weapons look

randomly generated coop experiences!

I feel so jailed that I must choose one of these clowns. you alienate a whome bunch of players who prefer more realistic look atleast not this silly and strange…

Well this didn’t go how I expected it too.
I would love for a character from community was to be implemented in the game…not the whole cast.

If you want to “create your own build completely your own class”, you could make a game to do so. Like all game developers do :stuck_out_tongue:

No need to be calling the characters in this game clowns, I rather like some of these characters and the ones I don’t like are either not my play-style or not funny…like a clown would be (Lolz~)
This look is basically Gearbox’s look, they don’t make gritty realistic looking games and games don;t have to be that to be fun. I find it backwards actually, games that look LESS realistic are usually the ones that are more fun to play.
(You see Minecraft over there?)