Create your own Battleborn - a complete character creation section

So firstly, I apologize if one of these exists - I have searched and I couldn’t find a place which was free for everyone to place their ideas in a compact list.

Secondly, this is fan made feel free to give feedback to each other’s creation ideas. It’s fun to watch people make a character that goes from a bare skeleton of idea’s into a finished fan creation.

Thirdly, post either links to your own posts if you already have one or create your own character fresh and place them here. (It’s easier to have a list of all them than a few dozen threads with bare characters made).

The reason for this thread is this one

Since the suggestions got far into a list and over time is still getting more characters added too - I enjoyed watching and contributing and Battleborn has as much if not more potential for characters than Borderlands.

A giant humanoid insect hybrid - got a quick sketch but it’s very poor and refined skill parts would be appreciated

name - ???
Species - ???
Appearance -

Faction - Eldrid


Primary attack - you punch using claw or normal hand

Secondary attack - you strike with your tail giving a small poison DoT (1hp/s) for 5 seconds

Special 1 - You launch a small number of poison darts at the reticule - 5% chance to poison for 10hp/s over 5 seconds.

Special 2 - You curl into a ball and roll in a straight line, increased defense but lower control (direction) and can’t stop until you hit friend/foe dealing damage or surface (self injury = 20% of normal dps)

Ultimate - Burrow - You dive underground leaving your stinger above, 5 second duration and upon end you smash up launching friends and foes into the air.

Passive - After taunting* you get increased movement speed

Taunt - *all taunts feature you rubbing legs together and creating cricket sounds.

Helix - Psych Attack (due to insect phobia’s) Roach - cockroaches being resilient creatures.

Psych Attack

I - Needles cause double vision/vision effects (2 seconds)
II - Melee attacks on you have a 10% chance to freak enemies out causing their hit to deal reduced damage
III - Stinger needles have a slight homing effect providing the first hits a target
IV - 5 consecutive hits on enemies with melee cause stun on enemies for 2 seconds (cooldown 6 seconds)
V - When you Burrow enemies that see you disappear see multiple stinger tails at the same time.
VI - Needles can fire further and faster.
VII - Defense mechanism +4 needles
VIII - ???
IX - ???
X - Needles airburst dealing less damage but getting an AoE effect.


I - Carapace is thicker - +30 (over)shield when spinning
II - Rolling has a small/medium (25%) chance to reflect conventional projectiles
III - Stopping by hitting another player or minion causes them to be propelled back +knockback
IV - Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ - increases speed and roll duration adding to roll damage.
V - Hitting an enemy with the roll decreases Burrow cooldown (2 seconds per target hit)
VI - You deal reduced damage if crashing into allies and half your cooldown on Roll (occurs once per cooldown).
VII - You can bounce off one surface without skill cancelling - 50% damage(to allies and foes, self-injury unchanged)
VIII - ???
IX - ???
X - Spikes form when rolling, adds to damage and provides slight traction control giving slight steering.


Tracking. I will also be posting a few things here later. My ideas need a bit more polish before I present them though.

Oh boy. It’s my time for my enthusiastic-yet-uneducated-and-flawed creative process to flow

So fan creations will be compiled here?

I’ve been conceptualizing about a Battleborn. I’ll post something up eventually once it is fleshed out enough. The idea seems very good in my head…I will hope to get feedback from the community!

Also, wouldn’t it be utterly fantastic if Gearbox decides to throw a contest to get a Hero into their game? That’d be hella awesome (sadly not many games do that).

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Alright, I’mma jest reply to my own comment with my first thing. Can I do that? I’m gonna do it anyway.
I’ve had this idea for a while now, but I tried giving it some nice Gearbox-y feel to it.

I apologize for any inconsistancies or if some of the names are the same as other abilities. I haven’t, uh…
I haven’t looked into other characters’ helixes much. :sweat:

Name - Konar
Species - Humanoid
Appearance - Look at the guy. What a guy.
Lore - Konar never had any redeemable qualities. He was lazy, unskilled and kind of a dick. When the whole calamity thing happened, though, he had a plan. I don’t really know how he did it, but he somehow got away with a load of LLC technology went on the run. He used his new stuff to do petty crime to stay alive, but then he found the rogues. Now he uses his new stuff to do organized crime to stay alive.


Primary attack - Gun-Nades: Koonar shoots his definitely-not-Tediore- pistol at opponents, dealing damage. The pistols hold 8 bullets and fire as fast as you pull the trigger, but Konar isn’t a very good shot. When reloaded, Konar throws the about-to-explode pistol at the enemy like the not-tediore weapon that it isn’t.

Secondary attack - Slash: Konar swipes with a laser-sword, dealing a little bit of damage to enemies with shields up, but a lot more to enemies that have their soft, vulnerable armor/flesh exposed. If a sword hit connects, the sword has to recharge for 5 seconds.

Special 1 - Honest Eyes: Activates an analyzer in Konar’s sweet aviators. Reveals stealthed enemies to Konar and makes Konar actually shoot straight for a 7 seconds. Cooldown: 20 seconds

Special - 1-Gun Salute: Fires a laser-shotgun blast forward, damaging and knocking back all enemies in range. Damage increases against non-shielded enemies. Cooldown: 15 seconds

Ultimate - All Guns Blazing: Konar takes out two SMG’s and empties their clips into all enemies in front of him. 50 bullets are divided evenly into all enemies in Konar’s range. These bullets can crit. Cooldown: 110 seconds

Passive - Rocketman: Hold the jump button to jump higher, farther, faster, better. Press jump again during a normal jump to dash quickly in the direction you input.

Helixes - Devil’s Son: (Based around rapid fire and stopping power) and Hound Dog: (based on Precision and Utility)

Devil’s Son

I - Material Man: The process of throwing your gun and getting a new one becomes 25% faster.
II - Live and Let Die: Killing an enemy (except minions) with Slash refunds its recharge time.
III - 2-Gun Salute: Adds a second charge to 1 Gun Salute
IV - Old Gun: Increases pistol damage the fewer bullets you have left in the clip. (up to 3x)
V - Blaze of Glory: Adds 5 bullets back to the clip of the SMG every time an enemy is killed, allowing you to shoot more, for longer. (15 for Battleborn)
VI - Breakin’ the Wall: Deal Bonus damage if enemy collides with a wall or an enemy when knocked back by 1-Gun Salute.
VII - Half the Battle: Activating Honest Eyes halves all damage Konar takes from projectiles for the duration.
VIII - Survivor: Hitting an enemy with Slash while their shields are up restores a portion of your shields.
IX - For Those who Rocked: When an allied Battleborn dies, 1-Gun Salute’s cooldown instantly refreshes and will deal double damage.
X - Deader than Dead: Enemies killed by All Guns Blazing explode, dealing damage around them. Battleborn have larger, more damaging explosions, and enemies killed by these explosions count towards being killed by All Guns Blazing.

Hound Dog:

I - Keep that Feeling: The bonus accuracy given by Honest eyes gradually degrades over 5 seconds instead of instantly ending.
II - Air Control: Adds a second boost to Rocketman
III - Rebel Yell: Activating 1-Gun Salute increases allied movement speed and damage for 6 seconds.
IV - Keep on Keepin’ on: Decreases all cooldowns by 3 seconds when the enemy is hit by a gun-nade explosion.
V - Slow Rider: Enemies hit by All Guns Blazing are slowed by 60% for 5 seconds.
VI - Hold your Fire: The “pellets” from 1-Gun salute’s blast pause in the air when they’ve reached max range, or on the ground/wall where they’re shot. Enemies that touch the pellets take damage.
VII - The More You Know: Enemies take 10% bonus damage from all sources for every second they are in Konar’s sights during Honest Eyes.
VIII - High Voltage!: Hitting an enemy with Slash while their shields are up will stun them for 2 seconds and put Slash on a 10 second cooldown.
IX - Urgent: If you land while you still have a boost(s) left on Rocketman, your movement speed will double for 5 seconds.
X - Freezeframe: Activating All Guns Blazing stuns enemies in front of you for 2 seconds and automatically activates Honest Eyes.


Dude this Guy seriously looks fun and good to me! Maybe I’m going make a character myself!

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Aaaand, I’m gonna post one more guy before taking a long break. I don’t want to make this thread just my stuff. I worked on this basing it on the “model” of another fanmade hero thread that was posted a while back.

Health: ■■□□□
Power: ■■□□□
Range: ■■■■□
Speed: ■■□□□


The Eldrid are a faction mostly known for their passiveness and one-ness with nature and each other. Andani is none of those things. Like most Eldrid, Andani is part of a dying species; something akin to a Pterasaur and the martians from that one Scooby-Doo movie. (you know the one.) He joins the Eldrid faction because 1) he hates everyone and 2) the rogues’ punkish and mechanical environment was bad for his complexion. Like most winged predators, Andani has excellent vision; shown prominantly with his skills with the crossbow.

Andani is a quirky dude, although, in this universe, who isn’t? He’s cocky and unpleasant, with a kind of screechy, grating voice. Andani would rather work alone than associate himself with anyone else, which is fine by everyone else, because he’s a d :flushed:k.

Constantly on the lookout for prey and predators alike. He seems to struggle with the weight of his crossbow, but handles it just fine. His wings are usually folded unless he’s flying or showing off.

Andani is a bit slow in terms of attacking and moving, and very frail, but has great utility and excellent range. Ironically, Andani should never really fight an opponent alone, but he works more like an environmental hazard than a teammate. When pushed into a corner, Andani has a few tricks to get out of range of the opponent and keep it that way.


  • Passive - WingMan: Andani’s wings have a use, believe it or not. His jumps are very slow and floaty, but he can jump up to 5 times in the air.

  • Weapon - Crossbow: Andani’s oversized crossbow can fire conventional bolts that deal a 50+2 per level damage. He has to reload after every shot, however, which takes a couple seconds. The bolts fired using Andani’s skills count as conventional bolts if they hit an enemy.

  • Talent - See ya, Suckers!: Andani’s alternate fire flaps his wings to blow a gust of wind forward, knocking enemies and himself back away from each other. He can use this in mid-air, but if he does he cannot jump again until he lands. This can be used to get to places quickly, but remember, he can’t see where he’s going.

  • Quick Melee - Andani raises his crossbow and smashes it downwards in an overhead blow. This deals 40+2 per level damage and makes the opponent stagger a bit, messing up their accuracy and slowing them for a second.

  • Skill 1 - Thundercap: Andani fires a bolt that contains spores of the deadly Thundercap toadstool. When the bolt lands (either on a surface or a unit) a Thundercap sprouts from the landing point, emitting electricity that shocks surrounding enemies for 30+3 per level damage every half second, lasting 10 seconds. Cooldown: 35

  • Skill 2 - Gas Shot: Andani fires a bolt that emits a noxious gas as it travels. Enemies that are in the gas take 10+1 damage every quarter second, and this effect stays on them until they are out of the gas for 7 seconds. When the bolt lands, it stays there for 5 seconds and emits the gas in an expanding area around it. Cooldown: 30

  • Ultimate - Bond Shot: Andani readies 2 bolts in his bow, allowing him to shoot twice without reloading. If each of the bolts hits a different unit, the units will fly toward each other, meeting at the middle. This effect ends if the units collide or if 2 seconds have passed. If the units collide, enemy units will take 60+3 per level damage. If Andani hits a unit and then does not fire his crossbow for 7 seconds, the effect is cancelled. Cooldown: 60

###Level 1:
Shock the Hand: If it lands in an enemy, Thundercap will damage the enemy hit along with all enemies in the radius.
Launchpad: Andani will jump upwards and backwards a good amount if he hits an enemy with his Melee attack.

###Level 2
Onslaughter: Reduces the time it takes to reload the crossbow by 33%
Good Medicine: Allies hit with skills heal for 20% of their max HP.
###Level 3

Tear Gas: Enemies affected by Gas Shot’s effect have their vision blurred. The effect worsens the longer they are affected.
Laughing Gas: Allies in Gas Shot’s area of effect take 20% less damage from all sources.
###Level 4:

Fight n’ Flight: Kicks up a cloud of gas while using “See Ya, Suckers!” that lasts 2 seconds.
Shock Therapy: Thundercap can now shock allies, increasing their movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds.
###Level 5:

Propogation: If an enemy dies within 3 seconds of taking damage from Thundercap, a Thundercap sprouts from their corpse that lasts 6 seconds.
Condensation: Enemies affected by Gas Shot for 8 seconds are stunned for an additional 2 seconds.
###Level 6:

The Spread: Increases the radius of Thundercap and Gas Shot by 150%
I’ll be right back!: Andani’s movement speed doubles for 4 seconds if his health goes below 75.
###Level 7:

The Rot: Enemies killed while under the effect of Andani’s skills emit Gas for 5 seconds.
Nice Gas: Allies in Gas Shot’s area of effect benefit from greatly increased health regen.
###Level 8
And another thing!: Successfully hitting an enemy with a conventional bolt reduces all cooldowns by 2.
How Embarrassing!: An enemy hit with Andani’s melee attack is stunned for .5 seconds before suffering the stagger.
###Level 9:

Medical License: All effects that come directly from Andani’s skills are doubled in efficiency.
Bigger Bags: All Gas and Thundercap effects last twice as long.
###Level 10:

Electrical Bond: Enemies hit by Bond Shot are stunned for 2 seconds if they collide.
Healthy Bond: Allies affected by Bond Shot gain rapid health regen for 10 seconds or until the other bonded unit dies.

###When selected

  • Finally! Where’s my bolts?”

###When seeing an enemy:

  • “Prey spotted!”
  • “Agh, this is the last thing I needed!”
  • “Ohoho… one of us is gonna have a really bad day.”
  • “Hey, don’t kill me! Kill that guy! He’s got more meat!”

###When Scoring a hit with a Bolt:

  • Arrow’d!
  • Ping!
  • Ouch! I almost feel bad! Almost.”
  • ‘obnoxious snickering’

###When hitting an enemy with “See ya, Suckers!”:

  • “See ya, suckers!”
  • “Smell ya later, losers!”
  • “Whoop! So close!”
  • “I-I’ll be right back, I promise!”

###When using Thundercap:

  • “Fly! Be free!”
  • And for my next trick…”
  • "And was it you who ordered the mushroom?”
  • "I’ve got your back! Hehehehehee…”

###When using Gas Shot:

  • “Deep breaths, now!”
  • “Hehehee! It wasn’t me, I swear!”
  • “Hoho! Haha!”
  • ‘deep breath’ "Haaah! I love the smell of rot in the morning!

###When using Bond Shot:

  • “Now, let’s all get along, boys!”
  • “Now, kiss!
  • Reeeel 'em in!”


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I have about twenty five ideas for Battleborn Characters and I’ll share one right now.
I present to you Goose the Weird.

Name: Goose the Weird. Goose is a platypus with military training, a reverse engineering degree and commands a tank he calls the Hind. Goose the platypus is an old friend of Toby and was shown the door just as quickly when he went to join the Peacekeepers. Toby was kicked out because he was too cute, Goose was kicked out because he was too “weird-looking” for the job. Goose wasn’t as pissed as Toby was and instead decided to show his skills by forcing his way onto the battlefield in the most ridiculous way possible, in a battle tank hanging around in an old war museum by retrofitting it for modern warfare. After coming to the aid of a UPR unit in the thick of combat, the commanding officer of the squad was so amazed he struck a deal with Goose to induct him into the UPR’s black ops operations as a heavy vehicle specialist.

Role: Defender/Tank/Slow

Weapon: Main Battle Cannon: Goose’s main weapon is a powerful cannon which can take down most enemy shields with little trouble. It requires about eight seconds to reload, but while reloading, you can use the secondary attack to fire heavy machine gun rounds at attackers.

Ability 1: Power Reserves: Goose activates the Hind’s energy reserves to restore 560 health over 6 seconds.

Ability 2: Fine Tuning: Gives the Hind 75% increased movement speed for 15 seconds.

Ultimate: Full Salvo: Goose activates his secret weapon, a salvo of six lock-on lasers each doing 140 damage enemy targets. After complete lock-on, all lasers are fired at locked-on targets.
Talent: Old Machine: Despite being a skilled engineer and vehicle specialist, Goose’s Hind is still an aging machine and can’t move any faster than his tank’s base movement speed. This makes it an easy target, but it is immune to critical damage.

Augmentation Paths: War Machine and Battle Hardened

War Machine Level 1: Takes one second off of the main cannon’s reload time.

Level 2: Activating Power Reserves increases damage output. +10% damage for 6 seconds.

Level 3: Loads the Hind’s Main Cannon with special MIRV shells which release child grenades along the path of a fired shell. 43 damage per child grenade.

Level 4: Increase base movement speed. +20% movement speed.

Level 5: Enemies hit by shells take bleed damage. 52 damage over 2 seconds.

Level 6: Fine Tuning removes any impairment effects and renders you immune to them for the duration of the ability, but reduces its duration. -5 seconds to duration.

Level 7: HMG rounds slow enemies hit by it. 3 second slow duration.

Level 8: Power Reserves’ cooldown is increased, but it restores more health and/or shields. +200 health or shields restored.

Level 9: Further takes two more seconds off of the main cannon’s reload time.

Level 10: Increases the number of times you can lock onto enemies by 2.

Battle Hardened Level 1: Hitting targets with the HMG has a chance per shot to speed up cannon reload speed by 0.5 seconds. 5% chance per shot.

Level 2: At the end of Power Reserves, your shields start recharging.

Level 3: Fits the Hind with a special barrel nozzle which causes tank shells to fragment and increase the spread of shell attacks, but greatly reduces range of the shells. -75% to primary weapon range.

Level 4: Increase turret speed, strafing speed and back pedaling speed. +25% to all base movement speeds.

Level 5: The Hind can now store up to two additional shells if they haven’t been fired, but reduces damage that the shells do. -25% to primary weapon damage.

Level 6: Nearby teammates get a movement speed bonus while Fine Tuning is active.

Level 7: The HMG rounds now reveal enemies each time they get hit. 0.5 seconds enemy mark duration.

Level 8: When your shield breaks, activating Power Reserves or Fine Tuning gives you an overshield. +250 overshield for 4 seconds.

Level 9: Enemies hit by tank shells are knocked back.

Level 10: Full Salvo’s lasers no longer lock onto targets but will reactively attack anyone who attacks you from the front.

By all means go ahead, you may inspire more people’s creations. In the vault Hunter thread I linked in the top I have about 6 character idea’s posted.

I can see the twitch chat now
[Goose activates Full Salvo]
“PogChamp LOOSE PogChamp”

Rather than shamelessly bumping my thread and because I’m bored, I’ll shamelessly move my stuff here.

Name: Liliam and Ticklefist</font color>

Faction:Jennerit</font color>
Desc: A child of one of the Empire’s nobility, she has been exposed to the ruthlessness of Jennerit politics at a young age. She knows her way around the courts but it bores her to no end. Rather than wasting time trying to teach her, her parents decided to just leave her home with a bodyguard/babysitter, Ticklefist, and let her do whatever while they went off to do the ‘silly grown up things’. Despite being sheltered for her short but privileged life, she is well aware of the threat facing the Empire. Since none of the silly grown ups seem concerned with doing anything other than their silly grown up things, Liliam has decided she and Ticklefist shall save those silly grown ups this time. It might even be fun.</font color>

Name:Private Sarge</font color>

Faction:Peacekeepers</font color>

Desc: Private Sarge is a walking mistake. He came by mistake with another order, so technically he is stolen property. Doesn’t matter much though, he is still a combat model designed to support his squad as a portable artillery platform. Only thanks to bureaucratic hoo ha, he was never attached to a squad. To make it worse, he was always listed as a squad at full strength so no one ever bothered to transfer him to another. Thus he had been sent alone into combat, having to fill in all the roles his squadmates would have done. This need to multitask, combined with the programmed need to be part of a squad caused a glitch in his software. Multiple personalities started to develop in his code. The most prominent of these new personalities were Private(Who does everything) and Sarge(Who yells at private to do everything).
Is any of this a problem for him/them? Nah. When asked by others, he’ll just say “Well golly. KRRZT PRIVATE! THOSE LATRINES AREN’T CLEAN YET! KRRZRT sorry gotta go.”</font color>

Name:The Graf

Faction:Last Light Consortium

Desc:In a much more older, poorer, dumber time, the Consortium had need of enforcers to collect outstanding payments and overdue debts from those who thought they could swindle the company. The Graf is one of the earliest models. Singular in purpose, he was sent to deal with problems that required the application of violence and destruction to resolve. He has since long been made obsolete and stored away while more advanced machines became the face of the Consortium. Now the Consortium faces conflict in all directions and orders are piling up. Some of the more desperate elements are taking old models out of storage and using them just to reach quota. The Graf was one of them. Given new armor(a mask and suit to hide that ugly exterior), his weaponry(a giant hammer) upgraded(a glowy giant hammer) and sent off to break some kneecaps in the name of the Consortium!
Name:ZX - 1</font color>

Faction:Rouges</font color>

Desc:It isn’t really clear what ZX- 1 is. Man? Woman? Robot? Some combination of the three? It doesn’t say. What is known is that it is the sole survivor of an advanced alien empire now lost to the darkness of the void. Rather than accepting such a fate and surrenduring to the dark, ZX -1 took the most advanced tech of its people and now lives as a mercenary, taking the most dangerous jobs so that the last memory of its race will be one filled with glorious battles. At least that’s what it says. Frankly it looks pretty funky and the boots never ever stop squeaking! That death ray is pretty lethal though.</font color>

Not gonna bother with stats or stuff because the stuff I had was stupid. Might even post more stuff, since my main computer is fried and all I can do to pass the time is doodle. I also realize I didn’t move the eldrid guy but that’s because I’m thinking of something less/more silly.</font color>


These ideas are actually really cool. I could see Lilliam and Pvt. Sarge in particular fitting right in with the official heroes. Kudos.

I have another Battleborn for you guys. Meet Varentel the Varelsi who fights the impossible battle.

Name: Varentel. Varentel is a Varelsi who has been around since the birth of the universe. It has existed for millions upon billions of years and helped set in motion in later years the Darkening of stars and planets. Varentel’s job was to scour the universe for stars to consume, however, Varentel was unlike other Varelsi, it was mesmerized by the lives of sentient beings and for millennia it would watch in silence the evolution of species across the multiverses. As the number of stars and inhabitable planets began to diminish across the multiverses, Varentel started to go against what the Varelsi wanted for the universe and began warning the inhabitants of planets of the coming Varelsi. It even warned the Empress of the Jennerit and Rendain, it is partially Varentel’s fault that Rendain betrayed his empress and staged a coup de tat. Now that there is only one star left in all the universes, Varentel is angry and now seeks the impossible task of destroying the Varelsi, its former people. It now seeks to preserve the lives of those fighting to protect the last star. It has sided with the Jennerit to do just that, to make up for previous mistakes.

Role: Supporter/Rescuer/Tank

Weapon: Varentel fights with massive shadowy claws at melee range with both primary and secondary attack buttons. Holding either button will charge up your claws to deal increased damage on the next swing. Varentel does not use a shield and instead relies upon rapid health regeneration which returns it to full health when it doesn’t take damage for a few seconds.

Ability 1: Dark Corridor: Varentel places a stable wormhole at one part of the map and another one at another location. Teammates who pass through it are transported to another part of the map or area and they regain 130 health. The wormholes have 700 health and can be destroyed.

Ability 2: Chaotic Breath: Varentel breathes dark fire on enemies in a cone in front of it, dealing 240 damage over 5 seconds.

Ultimate: Your Shadow, I Am: Varentel fuses itself with a teammate and that teammate gains 500 bonus health, +21 health per second and +10% off skill cooldown times. Lasts for only twenty seconds and if the fused teammate dies, Varentel will lose half of its health and defuse from the teammate, however if an enemy shoots Varentel’s head it will do extra critical damage. Varentel can still use his regular skills while this is active.

Talent: Ageless Entity: Varentel carries no shield into battle and relies upon its rapidly regenerating health. Its health behaves a bit like a shield or an Eldrid’s health regeneration. All Varentel has to do is not take any damage for six seconds and he will regenerate 102 health per second until he is back to full health.
Augmentation Paths: Impossible Warden and Vengeful Wraith.

Impossible Warden Level 1: Dark Corridor now restores teammate health when they are nearby. +5 health regen per second.

Level 2: Charging up the shadow claws will now give them more reach. +25% melee reach.

Level 3: Reduce the time it takes for Varentel’s health to begin recharging. -2 seconds.

Level 4: If Chaotic Breath is used on teammates, they gain brief damage mitigation. +10% damage mitigation for 4 seconds.

Level 5: Dark Corridor increases the shield recharge rate of teammates who pass through it. +25 shield strength per second for 5 seconds.

Level 6: Shadow claws now drain health from enemies and redistribute it to you and nearby teammates. +10% Life Steal.

Level 7: If you die, there is a chance you will reappear from an active Dark Corridor with 25% of your maximum health.

Level 8: Increase your maximum health. +405 maximum health.

Level 9: Chaotic Breath causes enemies to move slower when hit. 3 second slow duration.

Level 10: Increases the bonuses given to teammates by Your Shadow I Am and critical damage dealt to Varentel is reduced. +20% to all bonuses and -25% to critical damage taken.

Vengeful Wraith Level 1: Chaotic Breath’s effective range is increased. +100% range.

Level 2: Charging shadow claws simultaneous causes Varentel to create a dark bomb which explodes at the spot it throws it to. +140 damage at explosion area.

Level 3: Dark Corridor now deals damage to nearby enemies. +22 damage per second.

Level 4: If your health falls below 20%, you gain an overshield. 225 overshield for 6 seconds.

Level 5: Chaotic Breath’s damage no longer spreads out into a cone and is now shot straight ahead at wherever Varentel is aiming. +25% damage and range.

Level 6: Teammates passing through a Dark Corridor gain a damage boost. +10% damage output.

Level 7: Shadow claws amplify damage done to enemies. +25% damage amplify for 3 seconds.

Level 8: Chaotic Breath’s cooldown is reduced. +15% cooldown reduction.

Level 9: Dark Corridors now explode when destroyed. +150 damage and +50% blast radius.

Level 10: Chaotic Breath’s cooldown while Your Shadow I Am is active is reduced and Your Shadow I Am’s duration is increased. +40% cooldown reduction and duration.

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If you guys want to see more of my Battleborn ideas, here’s a link on
I post more of them everyday so tell me what you think.

Welp. Like I said, I was thinking of a different Battleborn. I dunno if this is Eldrid or Rogue. Leaning Rogue.

Name: Zurgon the Zurgonian

Desc:His race was the first to travel the stars. His was the first to seek out other intelligent life. His was the first to probe them in the butt. In a time long past, his people sought an answer to the Great Equation of Life. How it was connected to alien butts is not known but they claim that’s what the probing was for. If they did find an answer, it was lost with his homeworld when the Varelsi consumed it like everything else. Though trapped in Solus, Zurgon will not be deterred. He will continue the work of his people, and find the answer again. And he bought enough probes for everyone…</font color>


I love the name “Ticklefist,” @Great_Gumby. Good work all around on those concepts, they are really quite creative.

I decided to make another guy. Heh. Hehhhhh…
These are four hours I’ll never get back…

###Peacekeeper Supporter

Health: ■■□□□
Power: ■■■□□
Range: ■■□□□
Speed: ■■■■■


Johnny McKyoto is a man on a mission. A mission involving Peace, Justice, Liberty, Justice, and Free Hot Dogs. To further his altruistic goals, McKyoto uses his alliance with the Peacekeepers and the ancient patriotic art of the Ninja.

McKyoto is a paragon of heroism. Were it up to him, not a single criminal in the universe would go unrehabilitated, not a single granny un-helped across the street, and not a single filthy litterer forgiven. In a universe full of scumbags and sociopaths, McKyoto stands alone as a true hero.
That being said, he’s really loud, unrelenting to the point of being obnoxious, and really, really dumb.

An interesting mix of Superman and Ryu Hayabusa. Hands-on-hips when idle, arms-flailing-back-ninja run, and always, always flashing his #1 smile.
McKyoto players must be as dashing and fearless as he is, going behind enemy lines to lay traps and saving allies in need with his support. His off-hand melee attack also functions as a short dash, and his blinding speed is really his only defense against evildoers. That, and the caltrops.
So many caltrops.


  • Passive - Rise of a Hero: When McKyoto runs into a wall, either on the ground or while jumping, he’ll pause for a second. During that second, you can either press Jump to do, well, a wall jump, or press Sprint to run up the wall like, well, a ninja.

  • Weapon - Stars of Justice: McKyoto’s patriotic five-point shuriken are as accurate as they are deadly.
    That is to say, they’re slightly less accurate than guns, and they’re… slightly less deadly than guns. They reload really quickly, though, and they can be upgraded.

  • Talent - Stripe of Stars: McKyoto’s AltFire throws all 5 of his Shuriken at once, making them fan outwards horizontally. The quick reload speed of his stars makes this kind of an impromptu pump-action shotgun that you don’t have to reload.

  • Quick Melee - McKyoto executes a jumping kick that launches him forward. If he uses it on the ground and hits an opponent, he’ll dash past them and end up on the other side. If he uses it in the air, he’ll perform a Divekick and bounce off the enemy he hits.

  • Skill 1 - Fireworks: McKyoto throws a kunai (of justice) with a traditional explosive paper tag attached to it. The kunai can stick into walls or the floor (or a unit) and will explode after 60 seconds or 1 second after an enemy unit walks near it. They can also be attacked by enemies to set them off prematurely. (Cooldown: 12 seconds)

  • Skill 2 - Obstructions of Justice: For 5 seconds, McKyoto will drop caltrops on the ground behind him. The caltrops will deal damage and slow enemy units that walk over them. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)

  • Ultimate - Fall of a Hero: McKyoto dashes forward quickly. If he hits an enemy battleborn, he’ll flash behind them, grab them and jump skyward, ending in a spinning Truxican suplex that deals massive damage to the target and to enemies in the surrounding area. (Cooldown: 80 seconds)

###Level 1:
Little acts of Justice: Fireworks become stealthed after 10 seconds.
Proactivity: Activate Obstructions of Justice while it is active to throw caltrops in front of you and end the effect.

###Level 2
Palm Fireworks: Increases Fireworks’ blast radius detonation threshold.
Croman Candle: Fireworks explosions leave behind an area of effect for 5 seconds that deals damage over time.
###Level 3

Swift Protector: Increases McKyoto’s movement speed by 25%
Swift Avenger: Decreases the time it takes for McKyoto’s shield to regenerate by 2 seconds.
###Level 4:

No Running in the Halls: Increases caltrops’ damage dealt to sprinting enemies
Halt, Villain!: Increases the slow effect on Obstructions of Justice
###Level 5:

Walls of Justice: Jumping off of a wall places two Fireworks on that wall. Has a cooldown of 20 seconds.
A Bird? A Plane?: Press Sprint in midair to run through the air horizontally. Also grants a double jump.
###Level 6:

I am the Night: Stars of Justice deal bonus damage to enemies who are alone.
Justice League: Enemies hit by Stars of Justice take bonus damage from your allies.
###Level 7:

Crosette: Upon explosion, Fireworks create four smaller bombs that also explode.
Far and Wide: Increases the duration of Obstructions of Justice and the width of the caltrops spread.
###Level 8
Silent Savior: The positions of enemies that tread on your caltrops are revealed to your team.
What’s gonna work?: Enemies hit with you allies’ skills while on top of caltrops are stunned for 2 seconds. Can only happen once per unit per activation of Obstructions of Justice.
###Level 9:

Thunderflash: Fireworks deal bonus damage based on the targets’ current healths.
Fish: If in the air for more than .75 seconds, Fireworks will split into 3 and home in on enemy battleborn.
###Level 10:

Final Justice: Killing a target Rattleborn with Fall of a Hero refunds 75% of its cooldown.
True Justice: Fall of a Hero deals 2 more damage for every 50 damage the target has dealt in its current life.

###When selected

  • Never fear, friends!

###When seeing an enemy:

  • “Halt, Villain!”
  • “Stop right there, criminal scum!”
  • “Oh, not on my watch!”
  • “The villain appears”

###When hitting an enemy with a melee attack:

  • “Eagle… KICK!
  • “The hero appears!”
  • “Evil shall meet the heel of my SNEAKERS!

###When using Fireworks:

  • “Always practice proper safety guidelines when handling explosives!”
  • "Yes, I do have a license.”
  • "When you hear the bang, you’ve heard justice!
  • "I’ve prepared explosives this morning!”

###When using Obstructions of Justice:

  • “Don’t worry! These caltrops are biodegradable!
  • “I’ll show you the dangers of littering!”
  • “You’ll feel a little sting… of Justice!
  • “Say hello to my little friends! Of JUSTICE!

###When using Fall of a Hero:

  • “Take this! My love! My anger! And ALL OF MY SORROW!
  • “And this! Is taken to a level! Even BEYOOOOOND!
  • "What are you, dense!? Who do you think I am!? I’m a god damned NINJA!"



Well, I’ve had a few ideas, so I’ll share one of my more “recent” ones since I found it a bit more fun.
Disclaimer: I wasn’t paying too much attention to “Balance” or anything, so if something seems outright broken, Just know it wasn’t intentional!
-I’m also not the best when it comes to traditional drawing, so forgive my scribbles.
-Finally, it was a bit late, so sorry for any misspellings or grammatical errors (or even code errors).

[size=24]Sophia & Death[/size]


Faction: The Last Light Consortium (LLC)
Background: Sophia is a young sexy scientist. She specializes in robotics engineering with special interest in “Mobile Death-Machines”.
Death: Death is Sophia’s pride and joy. Its a turbo-vehicle modeled after a Velociraptor. It sports high mobility and an even higher lethality.


  • Agile
  • Versatile
  • Complex


Primary attack is a flurry of powerful bites from Death. Secondary attack is a weaker but faster scythe strike from Sophia.


Passive: Sophia and Death deal bonus Damage on enemies without a Shield. +15% Bonus Damage

Roaring Death

Death emits a deafening roar in front of him. Enemies take damage and are pushed back.

Turbo Overdrive

Sophia sets Death to overdrive increasing the movement speed and attack speed of Death significantly. +75% Movement Speed and +25% Attack Speed.

The Reaping

ULTIMATE Sophia activates Death’s arm Plasma-Scythes and bursts forward cutting everything in its path. Enemies hit suffer additional bleed damage. 45 Damage over 3 Seconds

Reap: Focuses on increasing Sophia and Death’s lethality.
Sow: Focuses on disruption, survivability, and CC.

Primal Fury: Basic Attack speed increased while shields are depleted. +15% Basic Attack Speed
Survival Instinct: Health regenerates while shields are depleted. +14 Health Regeneration

Quick Charge: Reduces the cooldown time for Turbo Overdrive. +20% Cooldown rate
Turbo Shields Activating Turbo Overdrive prompts your shield to quickly recharge.

High Pitch Increases the base damage done by Roaring Death. +15% Skill Damage
Noise Polluter: Reduces the cooldown time for Roaring Death. +20% Cooldown Rate

Stalking Death: killing an enemy increases the bonus from Reaper for a short time. +10% damage
Rest for the Wicked: While immobile Sophia and Death regenerate health. +8 Health Regeneration per second

Marked Meal: Attacking an enemy during Turbo Overdrive marks them. Enemies marked cannot regenerate their shields for a short period. Marked for 5 Seconds
Dine and Dash: Killing an enemy during Turbo Overdrive grants Sophia and Death permanent bonus movement speed. All bonuses are lost upon death.
+4% Movement speed per kill. Max 40%

Stunning Roar: Enemies hit by Roaring Death are stunned instead of being knocked back. +1.5seconds Stun
Disoriented Meal: Enemies hit by Roaring Death are slowed instead of being knocked back. +3 Seconds Slow

Level 7
Steamrolled: Killing an enemy while Turbo Overdrive is active extends its duration. +5 seconds duration
Encore: Killing an enemy with Roaring Death Resets its cooldown immediately.

Level 8
Impatient Death: A portion of damage from basic attacks during Turbo Overdrive penetrate enemy shields. +75% Shield Penetration
Energy Transfer: Allies near Sophia and Death when activating Turbo Overdrive are hastened and their shields fully restored at the cost of Sophia and Death’s shields being fully depleted. +4 Seconds Haste and +100% shield restore to nearby allies

Level 9
Expert Predator: Activating Turbo Overdrive Cloaks you throughout its duration.
Crisis Protocol: Taking damage while your shields are down causes you to gain increased cooldown throughout all skills. +10% Skill Cooldown

Level 10
Claimed Souls: Enemies hit by The Reaping are silenced. +4 Seconds Silence
Perseverance: Failing to kill an enemy with The Reaping will temporarily grant a powerful Overshield. +500 Overshield bonus

(god this took longer than expected. If there are any questions about the character feel free to ask, also I’d appreciate some feedback on my concept)

Can I have that raptor as a pet? You know, just because.

If you can rip it out of the LLC Grim Reaper’s cold, dead, (and sexy), hands. Then sure.