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I just had a thought on this, it’d be a UPR or a rogue for faction but it would be the guerrilla tactics specialist

name:didn’t think of it yet, (for purposes of description i’ll just say grunt)

weapon: a variant on an M1 Garand that could be customized.(single shot rifle that has more power than whiskey or Oscar mikes but isn’t a true sniper either so at level 1 would still have iron sights.)
fire rate would be about 2.5-3 rounds a second, single shot but a fair bit of recoil. but would hit hard about 80 damage.
clip size: 8rounds

skill 1: Nailboard/spike trap, grunt places a trap at his current position that will wound enemies and cause a slow effect
CD:25 Secs

skill 2: detpack, grunt can place a detpack in his immediate vicinity that has a proximity trigger, trigger delay at first will be one second before detonation, placement takes 3 seconds as well.
CD: 15 Secs
2 detpacks can be placed at level 1

ultimate: “overlapping fields of fire” grunt is able to place 2 turrets that deal the same damage as his basic rifle until they are destroyed"


level 1
L- “clean your weapon” weapon fire rate increases by 15%

M- “bolt action” massively boost damage of rifle but everyshot requires you reload(i’m thinking quadruple rifle damage due to EVERY SHOT SCOPED OR NOT REQUIRING A RELOAD)

R- “tech manual” detpacks are placed in half the time

level 2

L- “digging latrines”- enemies damaged by spike trap take 10% more damage.

R-“aggressive architectural adjustment”- detpacks can be placed on walls or ceilings

level 3

L- “tracer rounds” shooting an enemy reveals them

R- “Optics” you gain a scope, zoom will be about the same as Marquis’ scope

level 4

L- “inflammatory statement”- enemies damaged by detpack receive burning damage(80 damage per second for 3 seconds and if an enemy is damaged by multiple bombs they stack)

M- “camouflaged approach” when stationary for more than 4 seconds grunt will become cloaked, moving for more than 3 seconds or firing your weapon or using a skill will break the cloak

R- “blind setup” enemies damaged by detpack are blinded for 1 second

Level 5
L- “bleeding idiots” enemies caught in spike trap take 240 bleed damage over 5 seconds

R- “when pigs fly” Spike traps now knock enemies in the direction you were facing when you placed the trap but makes it easier to see

Level 6
L- “Labor detail” can place 2 spike traps on the field at once

M- reduce all cooldowns by 10%

R- more munitions! can place 4 detpacks on the field at a time

Level 7

L- “brass buttons” to allies near grunt gain a damage bonus(+10%)
M- “move move move!” allies near grunt gain a movement speed bonus(25%)
R- “stay low” allies near grunt gain damage resistance (+10%)

level 8

And that’s where I lost my train of thought since this post draft is almost a month old

But since you asked about it @Hurricaneria


This reminds me of the Viet Cong. Otherwise, this character looks fun! :smiley: @loving-hatred

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Name: Lumhas

Species: Maershan

Sex: Male

Faction: Peacekeepers

Bio: once a veteran of Maersh army, after the darkening of his home system’s sun and almost total annihilation of the army, he embarked on a trip with a few survivor, to reach a new world and start again. Unfortunately the ship was boarded by Jennerit troops and all hand on board were killed but Lumhas which avenged the fallen launching a counter attack seizing the enemy ship and use it to continue the trip. Eventually he reached Solus where he was recruited into the Peacekeeper, guiding its troops into many battle with his veteran skills saving the system many times.

Maersh Army Power Armor: Lumhas’ power armour grant him a excellent protection against fire and melee attacks and it has a buit-in medkit

Lumhas’ Custom Rifle: Lumhas’ rifle it’s custom-built and shoot 20mm rocket-propelled Frag shells which can change with Snake Fang rounds or Dagger Blade rounds

Under slug Plasma launcher: the rifle has a built-in plasma launcher that can shoot a deadly plasma salvo or a single and more powerful shot.

Passive: War Veteran Tricks : Headshots deal +7.5% dmg, 4 shots land on lower body reduce movement speed by 5% for 2.5 seconds

Custom Rifle: it has a 30 rounds magazine, deal up to 40 dmg

  • 10% damage
  • 5% rounds speed
    Mutation: +15 rounds (this upgrade is applied on all rounds types)

Maersh Power armour: +55/s health regeneration and +4.25% dmg reduction for 5 seconds when health is below 30%

Snake Fang rounds: Lumhas change Frag shells with poison shells which deal increasing dmg for each shot landed, Snake Fang rounds did not deal critical dmg on headshots. (cooldown 20 seconds, activation time 1,5 seconds)


  • 9,50% fire rate
    additional 40 dmg over 4 seconds if a target is hit by 6 consecutive shots
    Mutation: damages are also applied to nearby enemies

Dagger Blade Rounds: this rounds has more range, deal more damage to shields but cannot slow down enemies (cooldown 20 seconds, activation time 1,5 seconds)


  • 5,45% dmg
  • 3% precision
    Mutation: rounds can pierce more targets in a row

Plasma Launcher: Lumhas change to plasma launcher, each shot deal 70 dmg, charged shot deal 400 dmg (cooldown 80 seconds, can shoot up to 4 shots or a single charged shot, last 10 seconds)

+6% rounds speeds
-3,5% charged shot AoE but +4% dmg
Mutation: Plasma launcher can shoot 2 additional rounds after charged shot, but each one deal 35 dmg.

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Well i also have an character idea But i´m not creative enough for a name or specific looks right now
Let´s start
The character is a supporter/damagedealer
this is based on his helix choices
The real character is a mercenary scientist than can be hired by each faction for research or inventions
His sidekick is an magnus AI that is built into his equipment but can like isic move his head around as a hologram and works like his devil on his shoulder
The scientist himself is actually pretty shy and indecisive which is why he got the magnus AI assigned /stole it
his AI is very confident and brave but also after magna cartas breakdown evil but still works with the scientist (actually friends)
his normal and alternative attack are the only thing in his kit that actually deals damage right from the start
His skill kit is actually just support based at the beginning at each helix level let´s you choose for either staying at the scientists side and augment his support and normal attack/ alternative attack power while the other side gives damage properties etc.
helix mutations give possibility to a compromise which can augment both sides
The special part about him is that their personalities change depending on their helix choices
if you go the support route the AI becomes nicer and friendlier while the scientist becomes crazier being overwhelmed by his possibilities
If you decide to go the AI/damage route the scientists becomes shyer and even more controlled by the AI´s decisions while the AI becomes more like Aurox who becomes crazy by his power and creates more hate
While his compromise route leads to a fight between the 2 because no one actually gets a decision right and therefore the don´t get along anymore
First attack : Laser rifle that deals damage but slows and marks targets marked targets will have all CC effects doubled on them while they get a 10% damage reduction
secondary attack: steal the mark : He presses a button on his rifle and a screen opens at the side. the more people he marked in the last 30 seconds (and are still alive) won´t be marked anymore and get 10% more damage but all cc effects on them are halved
for each count on the screen his Q will shoot more blops
his Q-ability : he shoots a base amount of 5 blops that are flying towards allies or enemies(depends on his augments) each blop that hits give an effect that buffs an ally or damage/debuff an enemy
10% attackspeed for 5 seconds
10% more damage for 5 seconds
10% more speed for 5 seconds
20% cooldownreduction for 5 seconds
10% damage reduction for 5 seconds
after level one helix choice on damage( compromise mutation for half the effects on character rank 9)
40 damage per second for 5 seconds
20% slow for 5 seconds
20% less damage for 5 seconds
-10% damage reduction
180 burst damage

his E- ability:
you shoot an laser that pierces everything it hits that deals without damage helix choices no damage but heals every hit ally by 250hp (range is about orendi ult)
also it blinds hit enemies without helix

i couldn´t think of an ult yet but my first thought was that he would let his AI control for some time which fastens all actions and takes away his reloading time. Also augments all abilities to the damage helix form and taking away his support forms
also the ability shouldn´t have a high cooldown


So, I had an idea : we all know and love (to hate) Ronin bots. Those nasty little bastards can make even a veteran player cry in fear when they come in packs of three.

So, in order to give an hommage to the most badass NPC enemies in the game, not counting bosses, I will create, before your very eyes, a Ronin Bot Battleborn, to honor the lives of each of those steely warriors fell on the field of battle, and to honor the lives of every battleborn that died by their blades.

Behold, the Great Ronin, the Steel Killer, the Digital Blade :


Name : Daisuke Ono, formerly MX-Ronin Bot 197453-X4-777

Species : Magnus, formerly Minion

Gender : None, but acknowledges himself as male.

Faction : LLC

Codenames : Great Ronin, Steel Killer, Digital Blade, Mechanized Sellsword, Lone Enforcer

Bio : MX-Ronin Bot 197453-X4-777 was a simple Ronin MX Unit that minded its own business on a LLC Guildship, guarding the Serizawa family’s treasure vault. The Serizawa were genius inventors and programmers, all of them, but had the distasteful habit to invent war machines almost exclusively. They were, in fact, the creator of the Ronins. As such, when the universe how goddamn lethal and comparatively cheap they were, MX Robotics signed an exclusivity contract with the Serizawa, and the latter became filthy rich, even by the LLC’s admittedly large standards, thanks to the royalties.

Of course, wealth attracts thieves. And by thieves, we of course mean the wrath of an entire mercenary armada bought by an upstart Gilded Enclave member that complained of the Serizawa being ‘dumb’. Said member being even richer than the entire Serizawa family ever was, everyone left him be, especially since Minion Robotics wouldn’t have to pay royalties to the Serizawa anymore once they died, and he raided the Serizawa treasure vault for himself. History has it he used the money to buy himself a holo-catch tournament.

MX-Ronin Bot 197453-X4-777, being one of the Minions guarding the vault, was reduced to a steaming pile of burnt steel. Left to rust in the cold void of space, inside the Serizawa guildship’s wreckage, it was left in peace for centuries.

Until the Varelsi arrived.

A minor Magnus, who didn’t have a name, happened to roam the ship’s still salvageable systems, perfectly happy to use the vacant space and be left in peace. Understandably not willing to end as space abomination fodder, it decided to flee. The ship being unusable, though, he decided to do the next best thing : to hijack a nonoperational robot and hightail it out of it. The Magnus, by chance, took the body of MX-Ronin Bot 197453-X4-777.

Five seconds and one emergency teleport later, the emergency beacon somehow still working after all those years, MX-Ronin Bot 197453-X4-777 and its Magnus host were inside one of MX Robotics Factory ships.
Five other seconds later, the Magnus encountered every piece of code that constituted the Ronin bots’ usual programming : honor to the master, strive to perfection, respect of bushido, complete lack of empathy and every film made by Akira Kurosawa and all of his digital mental reconstructions.

The Magnus, like every other Magnus, had felt the Magna Carta’s severance very hard. Unlike every other Magnus, he coped with it by entering a state of almost hibernation. The Ronin’s code put an end to that.

Five new seconds later, the entity known as MX-Ronin Bot 197453-X4-777 and the unknown Magnus were Daisuke Ono, the mightiest samurai that ever was. Blasting his way through the automated defenses of the ship by throwing Minions at them, Daisuke reached an isolated repair terminal destined to Elite Minions. Pushing the Elite Minion occupying it to its doom in a very deep chasm, Daisuke programmed the repair station with a very specific set of instructions.

Two hours later, when humans finally decided to move their butts and see what the ruckus was about, Daisuke was gone.

Wherever there was conflict, there was Daisuke. The fully upgraded Ronin-Magnus only lives for the thrill of the fight and the cries of pain of his opponents, now. Slicing his way through opposition, he now rushes against the Varelsi menace, to stop the darkening of the universe. Because, if there is no universe left, where would he find worthy opponents to ruthlessly kill?

Gear : Modified MX Ronin frame : Daisuke is inside a heabily-modified Ronin chassis : much more streamlined and slimmer than the standard model, it sacrifices the notorious shield capacity of the Ronins for a better aloy, extending his durability to shield piercing attacks.

Twin Hardlight Katanas : Modified from the traditional Ronin weaponry, Daisuke Hardlight Katanas can extend their reach by digging through the energy reserves of the frame, but automatically shut down to a very small reach once those reserves are depleted, and until they recharge completely.

Orochi Duelist’s Analysis Program : a piece code written by Daisuke himself, the ODAP is a compendium of every swordfighting technique that ever saw light, ranging from masters like Verod Rath to Galilea Azmodeus, as well as counter-techniques to dishonorable weapons, such as axes, pistols, assault rifles, spears, anything that isn’t a sword actually.

Appearance : Like a Ronin Minion, but a head taller, all in white and gold to respect the faction color’s theme. Hardlight Katanas shine blue in standard mode, purple when overextended, and red when in recharge. Lights on the body are purple-colored. Ornaments are adorned all across the frame, and usually depicts Asian dragons in complex motives. The kanji for ‘war’ is painted in gold on his white head.

Weapons and Talent : Hardlight Katanas and Extra Reach : melee-range weapon, five-hit single-target combo, each hit dealing high damage. Low attack speed. Pressing alt-fire and primary-fire simultaneously makes the Katanas flash purple, and gain 2,5 the range. Doing so will quickly drain the energy-bar of 20 units, at the speed of four units per second. Lowering the energy bar to zero causes the Katanas to flash red, and to have slightly decreased range of standard mode (0,75 times), as well as to have a 20% Attack Damage reduction, until the energy bar reaches 20. You cannot go into extra reach when the katanas are red. The bar recharges at the speed of one unit per second when not in extra reach mode, and at the speed of two units per second when in the red.

Pressing secondary-fire alone will unleash a side-swipe that can hit multiple enemies easily. This attack does not deactivate Duel in the Snow if it hits another enemy than the one marked.

Passive : Duel in the Snow : when Daisuke hits a major enemy, he marks it, gaining 10% Attack Damage against that enemy, and 10% Damage Reduction to all attacks coming from that enemy. He also gains 40% CC Reduction and 10% Movement Speed. This bonus applies as long as the major enemy is alive, or until 5 seconds after not hitting the target. Hitting another major enemy with a basic attack while Duel in the Snow is active deactivate the bonus stops Daisuke from triggering it again until after 10 seconds or after 2 successful hits on major enemies.

Skill 1: Counter : Daisuke enters a counter stance for 0,5 seconds. The first non AoE attack from a major enemy that hit him during that time is deflected, causing no damage. Then, Daisuke unleashes a circular sword swipe around him, dealing high damage to all enemies in range and slowing them for 2 seconds. If the major enemy that triggered the Counter is in range of the sword swipe, he is stunned for 4 seconds instead, and is instantly marked by Duel in the Snow, even if it had marked another enemy or was deactivated. Missing a Counter results in a noticeable damage drop, and doesn’t reward any CC effect. 25 base second cooldown.

Skill 2 : Orochi Dash : Daisuke rushes a short distance in the direction he is facing, Katanas at the front. Ignores player collision. If Daisuke hits a major enemy during Orochi Dash, he will end it facing the back of said enemy, and slow it for three seconds. Stores three charges, with independent cooldowns. 14 base second cooldown.

Ultimate : Like the Wind : Daisuke enters a powered-up state for 10 seconds. All cooldowns are reset upon activating Like the Wind. During that state, Daisuke is always in Extra Reach mode, at no energy cost. Instead, pressing both primary and secondary-fire will use energy to allow Daisuke to attack while sprinting, at the cost of 5 points per second. Draining it does not affect Daisuke in any way other than he can’t attack while sprinting until he has energy again. The energy bar recharges a lot quicker during Like the Wind (5 points per second while not using it). Duel in the Snow is always activated against all major enemies during Like the Wind. Base cooldown 65 seconds.

Helix tree : Left Tree is named Wandering Blade. It focuses on movement and hit-and-run tactics. Right tree is named Focused Mind. It focuses on sustained damage and survivability.

Level 1 :
Tokkaido : landing a successful Orochi Dash grants you 20% Movement Speed for 5 seconds
Bushido : landing a successful Counter grants you a 200 points Health Regen over 3 seconds.

Level 2 :
Spirit Path : doubles Orochi Dash maximum travel distance
Scorn of the Thunder God (mutation) : Orochi Dash leaves a trail of electricity behind, damaging enemies for 9 damage per second for three seconds
Desperate Strike : grants up to 30% of Damage Reduction based on the number of Orochi Dash charges in cooldown.

Level 3 :
Vaulting Sickle : if you hit the major enemy that triggered your Counter with Counter, you leap in his face and strike another time with the Counter
Your Time Shall Come : instead of triggering immediately after an attack, Counter activates after a 1 second delay, and stuns all major enemies that attacked you during the delay. Counter does not activate Duel in the Snow anymore.

Level 4 :
Flying Blade : hitting with Orochi Dash resets the cooldown on one charge. Can only apply once every ten seconds
Spite of the Thunder God (mutation) : Orochi Dash now stuns your target for 1 second instead of slowing it
Demon’s Bite : if you land a successful Orochi Dash, the target is marked by Duel in the Snow, even if it was deactivated.

Level 5 :
Ambush in the Mist : Enemies marked by Duel in the Snow are revealed. Does not apply during Like the Wind
Wrath of the Thunder God (mutation) : Duel in the Snow now boosts your Attack Damage by 30% against the marked enemy
One Thousand Cuts :Enemies marked by Duel in the Snow suffer from a wound effect for 0,5 second when Daisuke hit them with basic attacks

Level 6 :
Iaijustsu : your secondary-fire slash attack now pushback both you and the enemies hit in opposite direction
Second Wind : when you drop below 10% HP, all cooldowns are reset expect for Like the Wind, and you heal 300 HP. Can only happen once every two minutes.

Level 7 :
Hurricane Style : Increases Attack Speed by 25%
Demon Style : Grant 10% Life Steal. Jumps to 20% against enemies marked by Duel in the Snow

Level 8 :
Energy Absorption : Landing a successful Counter immediately begins to recharge your shields
Boon of the Thunder God (mutation) : Attacks in Extra Reach Mode throw Crossblade-like energy swipes that slow enemies on hit for three seconds. The energy bar is now used at the speed of six units per second
The Eighth Samurai : Each enemy hit by Counter reduces Like the Wind’s cooldown by one second

Level 9 :
Sayonara : after Orochi Dash, pressing the attack button will cause an upwards slash that pushback the target far away.
In a Single Strike : after Counter, your next basic attack deals 400% damage.

Level 10 :
Raging Storm : Daisuke uses only 2 points of energy per second to attack while sprinting during Like the Wind
Might of the Thunder God : During Like the Wind, Daisuke is engulfed in an aura of electricity, dealing 25 damage per second in a medium radius
The Calm Before the Storm : Daisuke heals himself for 70% of his missing life upon activation of Like the Wind.

So, what do you think?

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Seems like a very cool idea but also very OP.


Yeah, it’s kinda a work in progress ^^’

I thought giving him health on the level of Orendi, to balance things.

But I think his OPness would also be countered by the execution heavy playstyle and the energy bar that drains faster than fast.

Though I agree I may have gone a little overboard XD

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So. Much. YES!! I love the idea, totally fits with wolf.

If you’re taking suggestions, how about for a mutation for one of his helixes, or possibly a rework, you can name it “Sp1dr. bbs” where he launches pulses of mortars out of himself. I think it can work as a turret replacement helix, or maybe a lvl 10 change.
Plus it can still work with the other helixes.

PS: Arachnis says hi.

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I didn’t see this post before making one of my own, so I’ll just Copy/Paste my general ideas for what I’d like to see in a second season pass of Battleborn!

They currently have 3 Attackers, 2 Supports, and 1 Defender. In the interest of balancing roles I’d like to see another Defender. What Defender, you ask?
NOVA, obviously! A lot of defenders are either oppressing a lane with skills and fire, or about self sustainability and solid damage output to make them a focus target. I’d like to see NOVA with a fairly low damage and short range primary and a huge shield as an off hand that’s meant for not only blocking yourself, but blocking a large enough area to provide slow mobile cover for multiple Attackers. This would allow her to be focused on pushing lanes and blocking damage while a couple team members clear the trash out! She could have an AoE stun, knock up, or knock back as one bumper, and her other bumper could be an ability that rapidly regenerates her off hand shield so she can potentially keep it up for longer without having to drop and regenerate it. Her ult could be an AoE damage reduction. And maybe her final helix could be increased DR or an additional AoE attack damage buff.

They currently have 3 Attackers, 2 Supporters, and 1 Defender. Normally I’d say in the interest of role balance we should get a Jennerit Defender, but I’d love to see Empress Lenore as the next Jennerit Battleborn and I think she would be a cool Supporter with an ult called Sustainment, which instantly revives all downed party members (even PVP members waiting to respawn) and tops off HP (but does nothing to shields) of everyone in a moderately sized AoE around her. One of her bumpers could also add a brief health regeneration on her target and could maybe have a helix that puts the effect on her if she hits an ally with it. She could have a level 10 helix that adds brief health regeneration on to her ult, or brief damage reduction.
As for primary and secondary attacks or a second bumper ability, I haven’t thought of anything.

They currently have a whopping 4 Attackers, 1 Support, and 1 Defender… and I love that they’re attack heavy because to me it fits the Rogue’s faction to be aggressive. I’d love to see a talking Varelsi void summoner for their next Battleborn. They themselves wouldn’t do much damage, but their bumper abilities could summon minions from the void. Their right bumper could summon a mobile Varelsi that would follow them around and attack with melee for them. They could even maybe get a helix that summoned a second one. Their left bumper could summon a stationary ranged minion, maybe also with a helix that allows for a second. Or maybe they could have a set amount of active summons. 2 or 3 to start and then upgrade it to 4 or 5. You could have any combination of the two up to that cap. 1 melee 2 range, 3 melee no range, 3 range no melee. Any combination. And their ult could either turbo charge all the summons for a brief time, or it could summon a big scary Varelsi that has both powerful range and melee. And your Passive could be damage reduction from any attacks to the body, but increased damage from crits.

They currently have 2 Attackers, 2 Defenders, and 2 Supporters. I like the idea of an Eldrid Defender/Disrupter that is literally and figuratively a troll. They’d visually be a troll of some sort, but their entire kit could be about trolling and annoying the enemy with great effectiveness. They’d have very little in the way of health and damage, but would be incredibly CC heavy with many different ways to stun, slow, blind, silence, knock back. Anything to keep the enemy afraid of coming near them. But if you catch them off guard you can easily take them down with damage. But here’s where the trolling really kicks in… their passive would be that they have natural resistance to all CC. It would start at 25% CC duration reduction, and have the possibility of further reducing their CC duration to 50% with a helix choice. Their ult would be a short to moderate duration that increases the effect of their own CC by 50%, and gives them another 50% reduction to CC effects with a possibility of 100% CC immunity for the duration of their ult. Then their level 10 helix could either pass their 50% CC offensive duration to their allies, or pass the 50% CC duration reduction to allies. So only they would get the full immunity, but they could half all CC their allies would take for the duration of the ult. Maybe they could get a mutation that halfs both effects to 25% in favor of doubling the duration of the ult. This would allow them (with gear) to possibly still push immunity and a 25% offensive CC increase for themselves but at a much longer duration, while not being able to pass either of the effects on to allies.

They currently gave 3 Attackers, 0 Supporters, and 3 Defenders. I’d like to see them pick up a Supporter in the form of a stealthy melee healer combat medic. For starters I think that an awesome Passive would be quicker revive times and reviving allies with 75% health instead of what I believe is currently around 50% health after being revived. Maybe they could also get a BL1 Brick like helix choice that increases the time they personally have to be revived after they die. One bumper could be that they drop cloaked med packs that party members can pick up for a quick single boost in HP. But if an enemy walks over them they detonate damaging and wounding the enemy. Their second bumper ability could be a cloak that, while active, prompts health regen to them and to allies around them. Their weapon could be a bloody hatched that is used for field amputations… of enemy limbs! Their primary attack would swing it and their secondary attack would throw it with much reduced damage. They could have a satchel on their side that they pull them from after throwing it like they just keep a sack of hatchets handy. Their ult could pull out a second hatchet and increase their damage and attack speed giving them a more viable means of self defense, since the rest of their kit is fairly specific to healing and reviving party.

I’ll to flesh out the ideas of the Eldrid Troll and the Varelsi Void Summoner with more specific lore and helix stuff since theyr’re my two favorite ideas. Maybe after them I’ll run with the UPR Stealth Melee Combat Medic.

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I’d argue anything affecting spawn times would be a no-go in pvp, would make diving too profitable just by having this character on the team

(Jabrielthomas) #318

Good lord. Isn’t that kind of a long cool down for a meh Ultimate?

(Flyux & Alani Enthusiast 💙) #319

Now that I’ve revived the topic Jon Snow style, I’ll just continue on with what I was going to do:

Name: Tectus

Gender: Male

Fraction: Eldrid

Bio: Tectus was once a legend; a lumbering Guardian with an octopus head filled with tentacles and wielding a large mace, but when the Varelsi stupidly woke him from a very deep sleep, well, Tectus wasn’t having none of it.


Role: Defender
— Tank
— Pusher
— Advanced


Secondary Attack: Tectus uses his mace for defence

Primary Attack: Tectus uses his two-handed mace for plunging overhead strikes and swings.


Passive: “Battle Stance”
Tectus absorbs individual damage dealt to him, which is then calculated and used against his enemies to devastating effect.

Skill One: Red Eyes
Tectus uses the absorbed damage he’s been taking and converts it into two powerful lasers that shoot through his eyes, dealing whatever the calculated result is.

Skill Two: Lunging Chaos
Tectus can teleport to one location for quick evasion, or tactical victory.

ULTIMATE: Driven Insane
Tectus’ health rapidly decreases as “Battle Stance” is turned off — but only to the brink of death, in which time the absorbed damage is quadrupled and bursts forth in four pulsating AoE attacks that stun and silences everyone within the radius for 1 second each pulse.

Health (base): 2400

Health Regeneration: +7 (standard)

HELIX: Call of Tectus / Hentai God

Level One:

  • Increase “Battle Stance” limit by 20%[/color]

  • Increase Tectus’ health by 200. [/color]

Level Two:

  • Red Eyes rips through multiple targets

  • Tectus’ mace can now slow for 2 seconds

Level Three:

  • “Lunging Chaos” can now be used twice

  • Mutation: Tectus has 20 health received

  • Using Tectus secondary twice causes a small push-back effect.

Level Four:

  • Increase Tectus’ attack speed and movement speed by 20%

  • “Red Eyes” now has a burning effect that lasts 4 seconds

Level Five:

  • “Lunging Chaos” has greater distance

  • “Lunging Chaos” gains 1000 damage reduction for 1 second after exiting teleportation.

Level Six:

  • On the brink of death during “Driven Insane”, gain a 98 overshield for 8 seconds.

  • Secondary Attack now changes so that it drains all absorbed damage and puts it into health regeneration. Up to 120 health regeneration for 5 seconds.

Level Seven:

  • Extend “Red Eyes” by 10 seconds and add 100 damage to calculated absorbed damage.

  • Mutation: Instead of stunning during “Driven Insane”, it now acts as a vortex, drawing targets towards Tectus. Silences for 2 seconds per pulse.

  • Using “Red Eyes” immediately after “Lunging Chaos” creates a small AoE stun for 2 second.

Level Eight:

  • “Driven Insane” changes so that Tectus now stands in a dark pool that now drains life (20 health per second) that, when calculated, is converted into a devastating singular pulse. Lasts 10 seconds.

  • “Battle Stance” has no limit, but anything over 1000 damage decreases 100 health from him per hit.

Level Nine:

  • “Lunging Chaos” now uses converted damage and can be used on a single target.

  • Upon death, Tectus adds 10 seconds to enemy cool-downs.

Level Ten:

  • “Driven Insane” increases its pulses by 3 and increases its AoE by 50%. Each enemy killed during it adds 100 health.

  • Skill damage is increased to 20%.



  • “Driven Insane” gives Tectus a brief moment of life at the end of draining his life, and while the effect is devastating, it doesn’t mean he’s entirely invincible.

  • Tectus’ main counters are Thorn and Orendi, and to an extent Attikus. Any Battleborn who tends to deal a tonne of damage without gear is in danger.

  • Tectus is envisioned to be like Cthulhu with Attikus’ body.

  • “Battle Stance” uses any individual damage dealt to Tectus and converts it into a “charge”, similar to Attikus. The “charge” (Battle Stance) has a limit, but depending on what the amount of individual damage is eventually tallied up to, is the final damage.

– If Orendi uses Pillarstorm which deals 2000 damage, and Tectus survives, then he will convert that 2000 damage and applies it to his own skills, which itself will then deal 2000 damage. Keep in mind, this is calcluated over a course of so-many seconds, which means any individual damage could carry its own value.

— This is why Battle Stance has, naturally, a ceiling, unless “Driven Insane” is used, in which case Tectus has no limit and can absorb as much damage as possible.

  • A healer, such as Miko, could prolong “Driven Insane” if they have a high enough heal power. While “Driven Insane” ends at the brink of death (typically 20 health), a Healer can continue healing Tectus, adding more damage.

  • Max Health gear would be essential to Tectus, as would damage reduction. While skill damage gear would add to the overall calculated effect, it wouldn’t be much, unless you’re using a Bola Target Finder, in which case anyone stuck within the pulses during “Driven Insane” will be easily killed off.

  • Tectus may be an Eldrid tank, but without his “Battle Stance”, he is actually pretty weak.

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I did this a few weeks ago for the fun of it and never expected to post it, but I might as well. Because why not?


A selectively bred humanoid insect under the supervision of Beatrix Lucavi. Ling became the pinnacle of a century-long journey to create a being who can restore as easily as others can destroy. Once she learnt of her past, of lack thereof, she found herself to be in an existential crisis. There’s something missing. She therefore turns to the elderly, Mikollopria, for the wisdom they behold after having millennia of experiences.

Battleborn Insect Concept Art
Bottom middle

Faction: Eldrid


  • Agile
  • Healer
  • Advanced

Base Health - 1073
Base Shield - 0

Sharing is Caring


Hitting a marked ally with Ladybugs will create an explosion, healing everyone around the target for 30% of the original amount.

Fragile Immortality


Ling relies on high mobility, self-preservation and teammates to survive.

Light Winds

Primary Attack

Ling beats her wings, creating mid-ranged bursts of air dealing X amount of damage in a small area.


Secondary Attack

Flings out small insects which will home in on allies and heal them for X amount.


Skill One

Increases Ling’s own movement speed by 20%, jump height and heals herself for 200 over 4 seconds.

Cooldown – 8 seconds

Transferred Focus

Skill Two

Mark an ally for 10 seconds. Marked targets gain increased movement speed by 10% and health regeneration by 14 throughout the duration.

Cooldown – 12 seconds

Embracing Serenity

Ultimate Skill

After a short wind-up, erupt into a ball of light, instantly healing all nearby allies by X amount. Additionally, you’ll heal all allies around you for Y amount every second for 5 seconds while moving at reduced speed.

-70% movement speed
Cooldown – 70 seconds


Preservation / Revelation

Level 1
  • True Transcendence - Self-Transcendence now immediately heals for an additional 200 health.

  • True Focus – Increases Transferred Focus’ duration by 2 seconds.

Level 2
  • Generative Focus - Increases the health regeneration granted by Transferred Focus by 100%.

  • Hastening Focus - Increases the movement speed granted by Transferred Focus by 100%.

Level 3
  • Transcending Current - Light Winds is now chargeable. Fully charged attacks deals increased damage to single targets. In addition, hitting allies with a fully charged attack will cleanse them of any debuffs every 15 seconds.

  • Light Feet – Increases Ling’s movement speed by 8%.

  • Ascension - Using your quick melee will propel you backwards. This ability has a 3 second cooldown.

Level 4
  • Affection - Self-Transcendence now also increases the amount of healing given by Ladybugs by 20%.

  • Bending LightSelf-Transcendence now causes Ling to go invisible. Using any skill or attack will break the invisibility

  • Elation - Activating Self-Transcendence will reduce all active cooldowns by 5 seconds.

Level 5
  • Quality Caring - Healing granted by the explosion is increased by 50%.

  • Quantity Sharing - Increase the explosion radius by 33%.

Level 6
  • Altruism - Self-Transcendence may now be applied to marked targets. Doing so will consume the mark.

  • Binding Focus – Marking an ally with Transferred Focus now tethers Ling to the target. Trying to activate the skill again will consume the mark and pull the marked target to Ling. The tether is broken when Ling loses line of sight.

  • Quick Focus - Reduce the cooldown of Transferred Focus by 25%.

Level 7
  • Restorative Winds - Healing a marked target while airborne will heal Ling for 75% of the healing done to the target.

  • Carrying Winds – Using Light Winds or Ladybugs while airborne will cause Ling to glide, reducing fall speed by 70%.

  • Quickening - Hitting a marked ally with Ladybugs will reduce all their active cooldowns by 0.5 seconds per hit.

Level 8
  • Split Focus - Transferred Focus may now mark two targets.

  • Pure Focus - In addition to its current effects, Transferred Focus now grants 50% CC reduction.

Level 9
  • Soothing Serenade - Reduce the cooldown of Self-Transcendence by 25%.

  • Hastening Meditation - In addition to its current effects, Self-Transcendence now increases the attack speed by 10%.

Level 10
  • Innocence - Excess healing by Embracing Serenity will be converted into overshields.

  • Blinding LightEmbracing Serenity now blinds nearby enemies for 2 seconds upon activation.

  • Tranquillity - Increases your movement speed while in Embracing Serenity by 100%.


  • Transferred Focus instantly goes on cooldown upon activation.
  • Ladybugs homing abilities are weak and requires the Battleborn to be close for them to home in.
  • Ladybugs is affected by attack speed.
  • Yes, I do realise how painfully similar Embracing Serenity is to Zenyatta’s Transcendence.
  • Am iffy about certain helixes such as Bending Light and Quickening for instance.
  • Personality along the lines of Toby & Gortys from Tales from the Borderlands.
  • I’m quite aware that it’s not a very original design.

Oh well, just for the fun of it all :grin: