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(Fred Meat) #81

We could just have a slightly downsized and modded version of Geoff/Arachnis, the spider king!
He could have been rebuilt or his AI put into another sentry unit and now he’s fighting with the Battleborn because his previous boss, ISIC, is as well. I’d imagine a tanky and slow moving sentry unit with his two guns as a primary attack, a powerful jump slam AoE and a web launcher that pins down enemies as his abilities and an ultimate where he summons hordes of spider babies. I’d imagine he’d be good at area control and soaking up damage but lacking in DPS and mobility (apart from his jump).
(Awesome rough Geoff sketch)

(Cat) #82

Honestly, I’d so adore a playable Arachnis, he/it is one of the main reasons I pre-ordered the game, so I definitely wouldn’t mind if that’s where the developers decided to go with the concept. I was honestly thinking more of the hero in DOTA 2 though, even though I’ve never played the game with/against other players (Almost if not always playing games solo wherever possible), so I don’t know how they’d do that kind of route. I only say that because it’s one of the few games that lets you play as a spider, and then it actually gave me the feeling of setting up a sort of ‘nest’ and actually felt like I was a powerful spider queen. (I don’t like spiders this much in real life, just in games, books, and other media, mostly.) That is just an awesome sketch by the way, I personally would not be able to do something as good as that is, no matter how ‘rough’ it may be to you.

(Dwarfurious) #83

Go away Kerillian nobody likes you.
Obviously the Eldrid has too many elves, needs another Dwarf, its the Dwarf planet, its Boldurs faction, and the rest of the Dwarves are just subterranean. Bring one of them out, like Boldur but female maybe? Instead of part wood, she is part stone. She would be a Geomancer, using earth magic to crush enemies. A skill damage class, kind of like Orendi, but not squish, but not fast.
Protected by stone barriers that hover around her, passively blocking ranged attacks. Badass Earthbender basically ;o

(Cat) #84

That sounds pretty cool actually, but why do you have to be so rude to Kerillian? I haven’t even got to play much of that game due to having no one to play it with, but I think she’s alright and fun.
Back on topic however, that character sounds cool and fun, I’d certainly give it a shot, despite not liking to play as Dwarves that much.

(Dwarfurious) #85

Kerillian is rude to everyone in the party, EVERYONE. Even her compliments are backhanded. She made humor out of the death of countless civilians. Shes a wood elf sociopath and a lame kill stealer. Bardin is the best, dwarf supreme.
I should probably give the concept justice by expanding on it but its almost 2am, i’ll do it later! Passives, talents, skills, ultimate!

(Cat) #86

That would be great to see, can’t wait to read about her more in-depth.
I’m perfectly fine with her comments/attitude, and find it humorous and a good source of character for her, granted I’ve barely played the game, so I don’t know as much, but she is still my favorite character from that game. It also seems like you have personal hate/dislike towards her, instead of actual reasons that she is a bad character/poorly made. Though this line of discussion is highly off-topic for this area (Thread? Still kinda new to forums and all that), so maybe take it to PM’s if you’d like to speak about it further? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t mind healthy discussion.

(Deleted) #87

These are amazing!

Here is mine. I don’t have a lot of good ideas for the Helix lol.

Name - Audire

Appearance - He looks like a walking speaker.

Primary attack - a medium range cone with slow rate of fire.

Secondary attack - a short range AOE that bursts outward from his body knocking back enemies.

Skill 1 - Flip Cassette to Side A/B : This changes his Aura from buff to debuff, vice versa.

Skill 2 - Uses a sonic blast to stun enemies.

Talent: He can augment his abilities for more utility or increase damage.

Ultimate - He throws out a boombox that deals AOE and Stuns enemies and lasts 4 seconds.

Passive - Constantly playing music he can switch the cassette to empower teammates or annoy enemies.

(Dwarfurious) #88

Ok. Dwarf Geomancer, here we go ! Already established that this would be a dwarf from the subterranean depths of the planet, more stone-like than wood like (taking on the traits of their surroundings, a nature connection still)
Visually he’d probably need a hood or something to shield his eyes from the blinding surface light. He’d wield no weapon in his hands, instead he constantly has four rotating stone shields (kind of like isics wards) Behind Eldrid he has no shield, and being a caster type he’d only have around 1200hp while being on the slow’ish side (because rock)

His passive would be his Wards, that Block ranged/melee attacks for him. This makes him difficult to shoot but they can be whittled down like any shield (400hp each?)

His weapon would also be his stone shields, left click launches them out as slow firing but powerful projectiles that shatter on impact (thus making him more vulnerable to ranged fire until the shields are “reloaded”)

His talent (M2) would target, moving all of your stone shields onto that ally as long as you hold it down on them, the shields retain all effects and return to you on release.

Ability 1. Rips a boulder out of the earth at a targeted location for that knocks up anyone standing over it, the boulder can then be thrown back down at targeted location for crushing AoE damage.
Ability 2. Conjures a giant stone fist to erupt infront of him, punching anything infront of him far away

Ultimate. Shardstorm, his stone shields are shattered into razor sharp spikes (ammo depending on how many he had at the time) that he rapidly shoots out at high velocity to perforate enemies in a hail of death.

Example Helixes
Add an extra shield to your rotation or cause your shields to grow spikes, causing bleeding damage to anyone who touches them (also makes M1 bleed on hit)
When a shield is destroyed it explodes into damaging shrapnel or when a shield takes critical damage from an enemy it automatically launches itself at them inflicting damage and knockback
Causes consecutive hits from your M1 to stack Slow on your target as bits of stone latch onto them with each blast, or cause your shields to piece enemies
Ability 1 The boulder now causes a 1 second stun on direct hit with an enemy but loses its AoE blast, or the boulder is much larger and shatters into pieces, causing AoE bleeding
Ability 2 The giant fist now launches forward to ram enemies in its path or using the ability instantly replenishes all of your stone shields
Shardstorm now causes stacking bleeding damage with each hit or shardstorm shoots much faster but in a wide cone

Earth stuff .w.

(Lancer_Seraph) #89

This is Decklan. Decklan was a work I did for a character concept contest for borderlands. However, I missed the deadline, as well as misplaced the original art. NOOOOOOOOOO!

Anyway, I saw this topic and redrew it to the best of my memory (and quickly because I’m actually at work…)

Decklan is a play on the “monster trainer”. Although quite intelligent with tech, he has a particularly sour attitude, but is very proud of his balls (the ones that contain the monsters.)

He fires AOE grenades and his monster balls (Decklan Balls) with his slingshot.

His play style will be to hang back and summon monsters to do his dirty work, for him. His ultimate being a HUGE tough monster.

The cool idea for battleborn would be they could use him to throwback monsters from borderlands (spiderants, bullymongs, etc) even if not you could see some new creatures from the battleborn universe, adding some great lore on where he got them.

With the play on the “kid monster trainer” and all the “ball” puns, I think he’d fit right in.

I thought I’d let other people toy with what neat helix skills he could have.

One I think would be a neat mutation would be every smaller monster could have random elemental affects each time it’s summoned. Even have where helix adds more allowed types of monsters at one time. He’d be a strong player filling in gaps between mobs, or even reinforcing them, though monsters would not be capable of completing objectives.

Please reply with your thoughts and ideas!

(Fred Meat) #90

The dwarf geomancer is surprisingly similar to an idea I had for a rock golem (mainly just because they both use rocks as weapons). Thought I’d post it here as well.

Name: Terra Toma
Faction: Eldrid
Role: Defender
Characteristics: Territorial, Tank, -
Bio: Born from a freak alchemical terraforming accident when the Eldrid tried to grow new life on a dead planet, Terra Toma was at first described as a “world tumour” because of her unexpected growth and the fact that no one knew whether she was benign or malignant. Living alone on her home world and protecting it from Varelsi skirmishes for most of her (short) life, Terra Toma joined the Battleborn after her planet’s star was dimmed with the intention of protecting Solus to preserve life, however strange and unexpected.
Appearance: A rock golem with some moss and fungus growing on her back and crystals for eyes.

Boulder cannon- Terra Toma’s primary attack charges up and then fires a large chunk of rock from her arm, while her secondary attack gives it higher damage in exchange for using up stacks of Terraformed.

Stony chassis- Terra Toma has a rocky outer covering that gives her limited mobility but high defence and health.

Dig in- Terra Toma briefly becomes part of the ground, reducing incoming damage, healing, and increasing Terraformed stack growth. However, she cannot use any other abilities. Pressing the button for Dig In while it’s in use causes her to immediately resurface.

Shattering Stomp- Terra Toma stomps on the ground, throwing enemies into the air and briefly creating an area that damages all enemies who walk across. When this ability uses up Terraformed stacks, it also causes enemies to be Slowed.

Let’s Roll! - Terra Toma forms herself into a giant boulder, moving at an increased rate, dealing damage and pushing away enemies. The more Terraformed stacks she has, the larger, faster and more damaging the boulder is.

Terraformed (passive)- Terra Toma is the by-product of terraforming, and as such she can grow her body at will. She generates Terraformed stacks (to a maximum of five) over time, and these grant her increased defence and health but decreased movement speed. Certain abilities also use up these stacks.

(Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight!) #91

I haven’t read through the entire thread YET,so I apologize if a similar concept wa introduced- didn’t mean to steal anything.

Without further ado:

Daisy, the interdimensional galaxy whale princess.

Faction: Eldrid

Role: Support,tank

Appearance: Very small(relatively to the original) bowhead whale(google it), bent almost in C shape, hovering above ground with it’s tail fin. She’s wearing a tiny cloche hat(google it) with a daisy on the ribbon and a “princesse”(google it) dress. Per default she has a smug smile, but her eyes reflect that smugness as well.


Daisy belongs to a cross dimensional psychic whale race called Mysticeti that have traveled through the endless cosmos for aeons, feeding on residue psychic energy of living creatures long passed(somewhat preserving their memories).

She is one of the oldest of her race and stands guard of the “cosmic balance”. Her species is very peaceful and non-violent, but the threat of Varelsi forced her to be the first of her race to fight.

Even though she’s considered Eldrid, she is much older even than the ancient Aztanti, the “seed race” of Eldrid.

She uses her psychic powers to stay and move in the physical world making her gracefully levitate above ground.

Her favourite delicacy is residue psychic energy of “old, wise types” and apparently she had one too many human matrons which resulted in her choice of voice and apparel.

Character:For her voice imagine an old, confident and strong British lady towering over everyone with her experience, prone to a lot of sass powered by moxie and without a hint of bitterness. She’s positive(but not delusional), energetic(but careful) and lives without any regrets.

Imagine a mix of Nanny Ogg, Mary Poppins and Olenna Tyrell and you’ve got the picture.

Weapons and abilities:


Calming voice - she sends out a continuous wave of psychic/sonic impulses in the shape of rings that get larger the further they travel up to the range of 30 meters. The rings are able to travel through allies and enemies, dealing low damage(8) with a slow rate of fire(120 RPM), but reducing the damage output of any enemy affected for 1 second by 5/10/15 % depending on range(longer range= bigger debuff). Also, at closer ranges the damage is increased by 50/100/150 %. Obviously does not require reloading.


Blue Ball of Destruction - a psychic blast that after a short charge-up fires a HUGE(3 m. diameter),slow travelling AOE damage projectile with indefinite range that deals 100 damage upon explosion(impact triggered) and can be detonated early by using it again. Only one such projectile can be present on the battlefield at any given time.


Slow but persistent- being able to withstand the harsh conditions in space around stars, supernovas and other cosmic dangers she has high natural vitality resulting in very high health (Montana with helix upgrades) but multitasking with her psychic powers she has little control over levitating her body which makes her extremely slow


1.Psychic sonar - Daisy sends out a psychic “ping” in all directions, revealing all enemies in range(50 m.) and showing their health and energy shield levels to everyone in her team for 10 seconds. During that time her basic attacks debuff and damage power are increased by 100% to every enemy affected. (long cooldown- 40seconds?)

2.Against all probability - Daisy summons a big pot of petunias(who unleash a psychic shout: "Oh no! Not again!) from another dimension that materializes 2m. above ground, and when it hits it deals 250 damage and stuns all targets in an area(2m diameter) for 2 seconds.(medium cooldown- 15-20 s?)

3.Ultimate- Empower the pod(herd): Daisy focuses on all her allies in need and applies a strong overshield to herself and every living allied hero on the arena. The overshield lasts 5 seconds.As it expires it applies a regeneration effect giving 10 health regeneration per second for 25 seconds.(very long cooldown90-140 s.?)

Passive: Dive for cover - when her health is reduced to 0, Daisy dives in a pocket dimension(glowing “rift” in air, visible to enemies) to save herself. She emerges after 2 seconds and regains 50 health.

Melee attack: Daisy delivers a firm smack with her tail, applying a very small knock-back effect to herself.

Movement: Daisy constantly phases through dimensions letting her move through allied heroes and minions.


Always learning new things: Daisy passively gains experience over time
Harsh reprimand: instead of decreasing damage dealt by enemies primary attack increases damage dealt to affected enemies by 3/6/12%

Safety bubble: secondary attacks diameter reduced to 1m. but it applies 10% damage reduction to allies hit for 3 seconds
Jamming: Psychic sonars radius reduced to 5 meters, but enemies affected are silenced for 3 seconds

Keep up with the times: Movement speed increased by 15% when not using primary attack.
Taking it slow: enemies affected by primary attack are also slowed for 1 second.

Keep your friends close: allies affected by primary attack have increased movement speed for 1 second
…and your enemies closer: Primary attacks range reduced to 10 meters but starts with maximum diameter and damage/debuff stats

I will endure: attacking the same enemy with her secondary reduces damage dealt by that enemy to Daisy by 3% with each hit for 3 seconds stacking up to 5 times
You’re not paying attention: Enemies affected by psychic sonar can’t see her and her allies health/shield bars for 5 seconds.

Deep dive: when her passive is triggered, Daisy emerges after 1 second instead of 2 and regains 100 health instead of 50.
Man the harpoons!: Daisy gains 5% passive damage reduction

Old habits die hard: Activating quick melee after sprinting lunges Daisy into the air and lobs her over a long distance(deals no damage)
Wet thud: Against all probability is now a transdimensional whale, has increased radius and damage and instead of stunning slows enemies for 5 seconds.

Just right: Enemies hit at primary attacks maximum range are knocked back(can affect each enemy every 3 seconds)
Let’s clean that up: Clears all status effects on allies hit by primary attack at maximum range.

Time passes by so fast: Secondary attack requires no charge up and travels at increased velocity.
Pop-out: when Dive for cover is triggered the “rift” becomes invisible and moves to a random location within 10 meters.

You’re my favourite: her ultimate is now a long range single target skill that gives an ally an overshield for 8 seconds and restores 500 health.
Run along now: Empower the pod gains an additional effect that increases allies movement speed for 5 seconds.


2.Travel with style: Secondary attack, instead of dealing damage teleports Daisy to the hit location.

5.No more subtlety: secondary attack now passes through enemies and deals damage to every enemy it passes through.

7.My secret is a healthy diet: Daisy regains 2% max health each second when under 50% health.

9.Psychic splat!: If Daisy is killed within 5 seconds after emerging from “Dive for cover” she explodes in a large radius depleting enemies shields and slowing them.

10.Empower the pod doesn’t apply an overshield any more but instead grants allies 50% damage reduction for 3 seconds and when the effect is over it gives 20 health regeneration per second for 20 seconds.

Role: Daisy is a very versatile character that can be built either to greatly debuff enemies, increase her survivability or greatly buff allies. Her basic attacks deal very low damage so in 1v1 fights she relies on “evening the playing field” with enemy debuffs and her own damage reduction in order to slowly,but surely, taker down her foe. She can’t save like Reyna nor sustain like Miko but shines the most as a buffer/debuffer that changes the tide of battle. Her basic attack greatly relies on sustaining it as all its effects last a very short time.

She can be built for “solo badassing” but she still has to take her time in order to take down foes which makes her an easy target for ambushes and flanking.


Note that all numbers are probably very wrong as I don’t have access to a chart with other heroes health/ES and damage stats.I tried to be reasonable, but can’t say I thought everything very thoroughly. Similar with ability/helix names.

(Fred Meat) #93

I’m pretty sure that that’s how we were treating it anyway. I know I sure didn’t expect the devs to see my idea and go “wow, this guy is like, ten times better at making characters than us. Let’s give him all the royalties and implement all his ideas into the game!”. I’m not that naive. The only reason I create Battleborn characters is for fun, and because, just as you said, it gives me an opportunity to get some character concepts out of my head and vent some over-excitement.

(Evil Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight!) #94

I’m not sure why you’re responding,as that explanation wasn’t meant for you. I meant


but then again you’re in contrary to the quote above and prove my point,so whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

(Elly) #96

Do you have something against me?? Cut this out whatever you’ve have going on. Because none of what I previously said was to you or anything. It’s really annoying.

It’s people like you that really just make unnecessarily sly comments to make yourself feel big and bad over the internet and if that’s your thing and you’re about it, fine. But I won’t be your little example.

So get back to the topic at hand. Leave me out of all of it.

(Fred Meat) #97

You might want to check the rest of the thread before making accusations…

(Elly) #98

What accusations are you even referring to?

Edit: oh because he made a concept. oh well. everything else that i said still stands.

(Fred Meat) #99

You claimed that cnfan doesn’t know what kind of work was put into making a character and that he/she/it/other doesn’t get to criticise unless they’ve made one themselves, which they have.
I’d use quotes if I knew how. Kinda new to this forum.
Anyway, all I’m (and probably others are as well) saying is that you should “cool your jets” as the kids say and also lower your expectations a bit.
This is all just a bit of fun and if the devs see something they like then that’s an added bonus.

(Elly) #100

I was okay until everyone felt a need to reply to my comment as if I were complaining about the game and the concepts. So I am irked that it’s being repeated and repeated and even now, weeks later

(Fred Meat) #101

Wait a moment. Just one more thing: have you made a concept? Because I haven’t found one in this thread, and that means there’s no point in even complaining that your ideas are going unrecognised because you haven’t given any, and also that it’s kind of hypocritical to accuse someone else of it. Although maybe you have, and I’m the hypocrite, in which case I apologise.
Ok, I’m done.

(Elly) #102

Yeah you would be wrong about that first part. Just because it isn’t listen in a megathread, doesn’t mean that’s the case. That’s what happens when you assume.

Apology accepted.