Create your own Character

From playing all the characters, it has seemed to bring out a lot of concepts that I thought went unexplored. I think a lot of people aside from me think the same thing. There are so many ideas that I have for optional new characters. I think to keep this game alive, the game can have a high number of playable characters, kind of like how League of Legends and DOTA games still outnumber the popularity of HotS.

List out your own Ideas too, I think there’s a high chance that the developers will miss or ignore this, but what’s the harm in trying right? - Feel free to add your own art if you desire.

Idea #1: Mai Waifu - A Magnus themed to be a parody off of Japanese anime culture. The Magnus appears as a large monitor with tank wheels and mounted gun-turrets. Her personality is nice/insanely attached. On the monitor is a generic looking high school romcom anime girl. she only speaks in Japanese, her role would be a pusher/terrain and she throws down gun sentries with monitors featuring pretty anime boys. Her origin would be a Magnus built and intended for advertising.

Idea #2: (No Name) - An Eldrid charcter with an artifact that lets her manipulate a large Pet Varelsi monster/golem. I also thought this character would kind of be like a tank/pusher. The Varelsi monster would be manipulated, teleported and controlled by the Q and E skills, and for the ultimate, she would merge with the Varelsi for a short time to become an intimidating presence. She herself would not be tanky, on the contrary, she’d be very weak relying on the Varelsi monster to take the majority of the hits. She, on her own would have a left click that lets her do a small ranged AoE attack, and a right click that would heal the monster or command it to move. (I thought of this character in concept of having her push two lanes at once in versus matches.)

Idea #3: NOVA - I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who thinks Nova should be a playable character.

Your second concept sounds a lot like Shayne & Aurox. As for the first one, there’s already a broken character in Overwatch who spams turrets. I don’t see that as being a good idea in BB as you can already build turrets, if there was a turret spammer in this game there’d be one on every team and people would keep finding spots to put them where they’d be unreachable or well protected and they’d hold a choke point on their own, before long everyone would scream nerf at another broken character and we’d be back at square one…


The reason I don’t like Shayne and Aurox is because their concept doesn’t appeal in the way I would like. They have two names but they just simply play as a single character. The only time they’re apart is when Aurox flies out to grab the opponent. My idea is actually the opposite of their concept…

What character spams turrets? Kleese? Those aren’t turrets. Marquis? The sentry option is kind of a pointless pick for him.

I think you’re not getting the point of this thread. Make new ideas, don’t try to shut people down because of your narrow way of thinking. I’m only mentioning this because I feel I would like to play characters like this.

Oooooh i have a few ideas on characters but more of ones of my creation. Maybe when i get a chance ill post it here.

Don’t want to rain on your parade, but there’s already a huge thread on fan character creations you can add your ideas to!

I didn’t say there was a turret character in BB.

And I’m not trying to shut you down, I’m having an opinion. No need for insults.


Sweet ill have to search for that thread. :slight_smile:

The guy never said there was a sentry spamming character in BB. He said Overwatch. He wants to prevent BB from reaching OW’s levels of unbalance.

He’s not shutting people down, boyo. It’s called criticism, you should learn to take it, or else you may find the act of posting one’s ideas on the internet a bad decision.

Then maybe you should put some more thought into the balancing of the character, how they might clash with the current game, and worry less about how they look or their lore. Leave that to GBX, unless you intend to write everything about them.

Just popping in to remind everyone to be cool with one another. No need for the left hooks. We’re all friends and love the same game.


they could do this but please not like MKA… they would have to have different abilities or combinations to make the characters different from each other.
also they could just make a option to edit your battleborns already and equip various cosmetics. helmets, armor, leg, arms, shoulders, etc etc all for looks not buffs.