Created a 3D bust of Fl4k to 3D print

While waiting for split screen to get fixed I tossed together a Fl4K bust to 3D print.


wow that’s really cool

edit, if I had that kind of talent and know how I would so waste it and just make boobs
good job


Sculpting erotic figures to print isn’t a waste of talent, it’s really profitable, especially when you get repeat customers/commissions. (Though that’s true of almost any 3d sculpting, those peeps charge like 100 bucks an hour)

So get out there and shape some boobs!


never knew there was a market for erotic plastic figures, also looks like I have a new fetish…

This is awesome, have you tried printing it yourself yet? Seems like it doesn’t have much overhang but many small surfaces.

I actually haven’t gotten around to printing it myself but others have and it looks pretty nice, check out the prints on thingiverse and grab the STL to try yourself if you would like.