Creating a [PS4] Competitive team to play online and just have fun

Im a competitive player and have too many hours in the open beta. I play online with battle born community players but it seems I cant help running into salt shakers or players who don’t want to learn how to play the game how its supposed to be played [its not team death match].

Simply put I’m just looking to have fun [and also wreck the other team using strats]. because thats whats fun to me in 2k games. Building a character and strategizing with your friends to create devastating results. Hit me up on

PSN: Monarch-14

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What timezone are you in? This sounds like something I’d be interested in big time!

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PSN- Shad0wAssass3n
Time Zone- Atlantic Standard Time (AST)
Usual play time: Weekends

I’ll be mainly playing as Marquis, Orendi, and Oscar Mike. Won’t mind having to dabble for someone who wants to play as one my characters. I have a couple of pocket characters like Montana, Toby, Thorn and Miko so don’t worry. I would love to play with a bunch of people who know what they’re doing and are playing for fun.

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PSN Monarch-14
Time zone- eastern
I play all the time.

Awesome bro. I will add you up and hit you up when the game comes out.

Im in eastern time zone but i play absurd hours as well as regular ones for my time so im sure wherever you are i would love to add you to my arsenal of battleborn!

I’m in EST too! I’ll add you when I get home.

Can’t seem to find you on PSN. Any chance I’m spelling something wrong?

I sent a friend request. My psn is GrimmsID. I play Marquis and Reyna

I am also EST, PSN: EvelShadow

Aside from being on a competitive team, I also run a Battleborn community with a couple hundred members, and similarly have a lot of friends who like to group up.

Forgot to add the w in Shad0w my bad.

Bnegative. Group play would be fun, times when I’m open or not aren’t solid, but I play during Central Standard Time, basically whenever.

Hey im going add you Monarch

I was very competitive during the Beta , played a lot of games with a full squad everyday. I also uploaded a few Hero Guide videos on to youtube. i will put a video below so you can see, anyone else is welcome to add me aswell, PSN: v_Vegan_Beast_v

PSN: s1lv3r4554551n
Pacific Standard time. I will be on most days from 5pm to about 1am Central time (with breaks of course) until June 8th, then I will probably play more.
Add me if you want to play at a high level with good teammates. I would be happy to play 5v5 or 4v4 scrims in private matches.

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Add MulattoEriction on PSN, I’ve got a decent grasp of a couple characters as well as the gameplay, now I just need to play with people who know how to cooperate when the games out. :stuck_out_tongue: My mains will be; Ambra, Miko, Marquis, Orendi and Oscar Mike until I expand out into more

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I’m looking for people to play with as well. On ps4 and I have a headset. West Coast time.


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My psn is the same as this name, time zone is cst send message first. was lv72 in beta really like this game.

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I’ll forget, because that’s what I do, I already have a large community who I played the open beta with though and I’ll add all to the community who add me.

I’m from Australia, I have community members from the UK and US so there will always be people online for you to party up with, add me Slif_One and I’ll invite you all to my community.

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PSN: Collinizer
28 year old
Eastern time zone but play random hours because I work from home. Play regularly.

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PSN: BloodRed87
Time Zone: PST
Usual play times: everyday during afternoon, evening and late night hours

I’ll mostly be playing Montana, Galilea, Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, Ambra, Reyna and I’ll dabble with others as I unlock them. Have a mic and interested in playing PvE and PvP.

PSN: rymo-
Location: Western Australia
Roles: Mostly healing.