Creating maps, what do we use?

I’d like to get back to making maps but I need to know what tools are there to do so. Have you made them available yet?

modding tools are not currently available

the old map making tools might work but you won’t have the newer backgrounds in RM

The map format is the same. However, stuff like ship names, backgrounds, music tracks, etc. have all changed with the addition of the new races. There are tutorials here:

Sup? i don’t know about the map editors but you can use old HW2 maps if they don’t use custom scripts (like for instance scripts which generate resources/objects, like the ones from the Complex mod for example). If you want to upgrade them to use the new backgrounds, open them in a text editor, like Notepad, though it’s best to use Notepad++, which is free and awesome, and look for the line loadBackground(“XX”) where XX is the background code.

I tested this and it works. you can use the following codes to replace XX to get the following remastered backgrounds:
ez01 -> ez16 for Homeworld 1 Remastered backgrounds.
m01 -> m15 for Homeworld 2 Remastered backgrounds.

loadBackground(“ez01”) is background of mission 1 classic, "loadBackground(“ez02”) is bg for mission 2 etc.

DO NOT go above ez16 for HW1 backgrounds or m15 for HW2 backgrounds or game will crash on map load. HW1 has 16 missions and HW2 has 15.

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Do you know the names of the music files too?

As a PSA.

Mission Boy SE still can be used for make map for remastered you can download it from here ill checked it in some of my maps than ill do for my friends for Lan battles and works.

I wrote a mission editor called MissionDude. You can try it out here:

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Sadly no. you may be able to import the music tracks from other old maps, such as setDefaultMusic(“Data:sound/music/staging/staging_05”) which seem to have kept the old filepath even though they have been remastered but for a comprehensive list of all music tracks, we would need either an official map editor or a program which allows us to at least view the new BIG files to get the correct path.

Yeah maps made with missionboy work, center is slightly off center tho from old maps made for hw2 but apart from that work perfectly. Music plays ok too using it afaik.

I just tried out Lathe Of Sajuuk 109 - Level Creator for teh HWR. Works amazingly, especialy how easy it is to use.
It also uses the HRW music and backrounds too, so if you want to make a new playable map on the go but are so damn lazy that makes The PRogenitors cry, then this is for you lol. here is the link for the tools. It does contain all of the old tools back in the day, but this does the job just fine.

For using HW1R music and backrounds however, you need some text file editing (otherwise it uses HW2R musics and backrounds just fine).

Yeah i found Lathe of Sajuuk yesterday. Looks really nice. And what looks even nicer about it is that it’s basically a “Random map generator”.

Hi guys. I havent checked it out yet - no time. But if this works like HW2, then all you need is a text editor.

I made quite a few HW2 maps and I think one may have even been good :). All i ever used was note pad or a text editor. I would use excel to map out parametric equation points but then that gets exported to text too.

I stay away from random generators because they are - well - random.

MissionBoy is a good tool for starters, my only issue is than in remastered cannot find anyone of the songs of homeworld 1 remastered, the editor indicates than there ambient and battle songs of homeworld 2, need to know how are called the ambieng songs and battle of homeworld remastered.

Any idea how to make map thumbnails for show in the game. testing some of the maps am working on it’s shows a grey background of the great wastelands.


The thumbnails need to have a 2x1 aspect ratio.
They go in the same folder as your levels.
They need the same filename as your level, except with “(underscore)thumb” at the end. For instance “4p_ironcurtain.level” becomes “4p_ironcurtain_thumb.tga”.
TGA is really the best format for thumbnails. You may have to flip the TGA image upside-down.
I just made a mini-mod to specifically help making thumbnails.

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I would say…
1: take an in-game screenshot of the background.

2: take an in-game screenshot using Mikali’s mod to show start locations.

3: add both images into your favorite image editing software, like photoshop, resize both of them to same resolution and 2.1 aspect ratio. Set the start location picture layer above the background layer and change its blending option (to Screen maybe?) so it nicely overlaps over the background with transparency.

Heck, it’s like the community will make it’s own map editing tools before GBX releases the official one. RDN era memories anyone? :smiley:

I’ll start using the softs you’re suggesting, one of them, I think MissionBoy was crashing on my end, but I’ll have another try.

Meanwhile, check this project and send me an e-mail, if interested.
One idea for it is to test the mission concept with MP matches, so it would be cool to develop missions this way, before scripting AI. Haven’t started yet, cuz I’m talking to more ppl and waiting for more mod tools.

Random Map Maker/Generator by age2un

Hello all – I got in touch with a guy who used to make mods for the original homeworld, and he had a copy of a random map maker he made for homeworld 2 back in 2004, and I can now confirm it works for Remastered. It has tons of advanced features, and generally works very well. (This only works for Homeworld 2/Remastered, not 1 or Cataclysm)

Download it from HERE.

How to load the maps -
Place maps in: “x:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Data\leveldata\multiplayer\deathmatch” directory. Initially you may not have a ‘leveldata’ folder in your ‘data’ folder. You need to create the file tree within ‘data’ as follows: /leveldata/multiplayer/deathmatch/place maps here. Works regardless of whether you have a steam or non-steam copy.

It still works on Windows 98 - 8.1 x64. Hope it’s of interest to someone.

Sadly the program crashes on my rig, line 922 char 3 member not found. Any chance you can revisit it for Win 7 64 bit installs? Your youtube video is no longer up so…