Creating online session problem


When i try to launch my game, it works correctly but when the step of creating an online session comes, the game displays an error message very briefly and immediately restarts a game launch. And this in a loop without ever managing to create the online session.

I tried to reinstall the game, to restart my computer… But nothing does. I even tried to go back to a previous version of the game (seen in a Steam topic on BL TPS).

I am under windows 10 and my launcher is Epic Games.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Yes I have the problem too. I can’t use LAN to connect with my girlfriend on the same network. All of the network modes stopped working. I have tried disabling firewall and using hamachi to connect locally to no avail. Please fix!

Edit: Both of us are on W10 laptops connecting thru epic games store! Yes we played the game yesterday and it was fine.

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I am having the exact same problem. Is there any news on this and fixes for it?