Creative decussion on how they might raise the level and how they can make use for eridium on top

after hearing later in year maybe next year we be getting new level boost , I would hope gearbox hopefully add in option to boost out current guns to max level by eridium as some of us have spent hours on end farming perfect class mod with perfect perks or perfect artefact with perfect perks etc and to have to refarm that and everything else weapon wise (which I currently got) will be pain as spent over least 192 hours myself farming as being helped and helping others on the side , though do you think this make sense that we have side option to boost weapons once they increase level cap with eridium ? we have as it stock piles and we have no proper use for it I feel

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Yes this is a very good idea.

Make it possible to upgrade weapons with eridium to your current level. It is fine if it is quite expensaive.

Games like Assissns Creed Origins did this as well and it worked fine.

It was extremely frustrating and annoying in bl2 and bl1 that with the increased level all your gear, that you farmed hours for, was obsolete. It drew me away, farming the same guns for bl2 3 times.

please implement this. Let us upgrade weapons for eridium to our current level.

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also forgot to add, like say exclusive Halloween items if people still like then by time cap comes out they want them in max level surely and don’t think you be able to get them as drop after event ends! but yeah got like 43k eridium sitting on my fl4k account for nothing also don’t like idea of refarming again for my decent class mods and artefacts which have decent perks and also some of my guns as my rng luck with some guns is terrible!

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I am all for this. I’ve seen this a few times already, so there is some demand for it. Combine that with the ability to either change their parts for a high price, or at least reroll parts, and it’ll add weeks more of grinding. I wouldn’t even care if changing a single part or leveling it up once would take longer than finding a new gun.


yeah I get that newer people (if they join after level cap will probly not see much issue grinding out items) but for those who got perfect ones they wanted awhile ago should have options to upgrade items to max level otherwise I feel gearbox doesn’t care about its first people community who played this when it first came out!

I have always wished you could do this even before an increased level cap just because of when you find an awesome weapon or gear early in the game, it really sucks when you have to replace it lol. Now I’m their response to this would be that you can just go and farm more and that’s part of the fun and of course I’m sure most of us (myself included) would not agree with that. Once you put so much time into finding the perfect gear for your favorite build you shouldn’t have to go and do it all over again for a new level cap. Kind of off topic though, depending on how much they increase the level cap, there could be a lot more build possibilities since we will will most likely be able to max out a second tree and maybe even a third so that can make looting new gear necessary.

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yeah im okay with farming still once we get level boost etc as you said expand on skill tree more but also levelling up guns be nice side option for people who alreadly put hours and hours into farming for gear they liked as you have to to listen to old community (which played it first when it came out) and then newer one (when all dlc is out and people just start playing then etc)

There was some concern about it changing the focus of grinding to eridium instead of guns, or if it would shorten the grind. It could take weeks to get all the gear I want up to whatever level they set on. And if they add upgradable parts, then that’d be a few weeks even longer.

On the subject of the level increase, it would probably be about 70, but that won’t be for a while. They first need to balance the game as it is now.

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I’m sort of a masochist and enjoy farming new higher level guns. I would rather see annointed rerolls with eridium though. After dedicated loot pools are implemented our farming will have a lot more precision towards the item we are looking for. I also like that sort of random mechanic and currency sink because it gives us another thing to work towards that’s not a log on log off loop of boss farming.

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yeah resetting back to menu then get back in taking minute on loadscreen for graveward and other bosses is also a pain

While it is a pain I do accept it as how the game works since most games are like that when it comes to farming. It does feel more redundant when it comes to farming rare spawns. Thank god I have 2 mounted TVs so I just throw hulu on the other screen while I farm haha.

70 level will be way OP for the way the skill trees are set with capstones (which BL2 really needed for OP). Max ideally with how skills are set up should be level min 55-61 max in that area.

Other wise there would no diverse builds. FL4K would have Stalker/Hunter maxed and half up Hunter tree since Hunter capstone is neglected for its poor triggering and not option to kill the mob.

That’s the thing, players still could, and it would in fact be easier to do so. But sometimes the sentimental value of the gun is enough to justify the cost the level it up. Add in occasional upgrades, and that gun could take weeks to fully level.

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I agree, it would be ridiculous at that point, which would mean enemies would be too. There is some discussion of them adding new skill trees instead of DLC characters.

I accept more new dlc people (hopefully jacks doppleganger might be nice surprize as loved him in pre sequel but like more older version of him with new perks and new look assuming he goes by timothy now not jack :P) if they make scene’s skippable

I think it was confirmed that they’re not going to add DLC characters, the reason I heard was that they felt too few people played them for the amount of time spent making them.

quite sad , though gearbox have alot issue’s they need to fix right now if honest still (instead of balancing guns and that)

They eventually will, players just have to wait it out. In the mean time, we can do our best to help them and steer the direction of the game.

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I would be so happy if they give us a way to upgrade our gear to the new level cap when it comes. We need a currency sink for cash and eridium, make the level upgrade for gear very expensive so it’s a meaningful decision and we wouldn’t be able to just upgrade every piece of gear immediately after we hit the new max level.

With the level upgrade being very pricey it would mean we have a currency sink for cash/eridium (which the game currently needs), we would have an extremely tough decision of which gear is worth the cost of upgrade, and we would still need to farm for the new dlc gear as well as the gear that we can’t afford to upgrade.

My biggest reason for wanting this type of system is because of the limited time events adding new legendaries and anointed perks. Once a level cap increase arrives, all Bloody Harvest legendaries and terror anointments will be left at level 50 and will be unobtainable. I am currently dreading the day the level cap increases because my awesome terror anointed build will be left at level 50.

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Im not too sure about uprading gear with eridium… Id take a way to reroll anointments tho, 1 time only then its locked.