Credits from a faction pack

Ok, I haven’t noticed anyone else say anything about this (if it’s out there I apologize).

Please remove credits from faction packs or rework gear/credit droprate and gear sell rate. Saving up from 3-5 games to buy a pack, and then get 2 greens and 500 credits is just wrong. You get so excited seeing the taunt/skin shape only to be let down. I have had this happen 7 times, only recieved 5 taunt/skin so far.

Kind of ranty I know, but so frustrating


Saw it mentioned recently, actually:

Skins from faction gear packs are too rare:

Also mentioned it myself here; Please Increase Drop Rates From Packs

I agree with you on it being slightly uh… unpleasant. :weary: lol

Ah, the drop rate isn’t exactly my complaint. Why I didn’t notice in those threads. Iy’s the credits that itritate me, since they take the place of a skin/taunt

I feel like the credits would be acceptable if the game knew you already had all the skins/taunts for specific factions but otherwise it’s kind of “trolly” imo. I’ve only had the one instance myself since I started hoarding creds afterwards but when it happened…

I just kind of had this look of :upside_down: <- like happy but not lol

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Basically, you get a chance at gettin a taunt or skin. Sometimes you’ll get both in one box. Each has a chance of being in there and after obtaining that taunt/skin isn’t removed from the pool. So, credits are given when a taunt/skin you already have would have been received.

I got my first 500 credits in one last night actually. I didn’t mind at all since NO gear can be sold for 500, so it’s a good return. I also interpreted it as an alternative to a skin I had already unlocked.

No gear can be sold for 500. But that pack costs 1900. That is a net loss of 1200. If you get two blues that is a net loss of what, 1060? That is terrible. A 500 credit cushion doesn’t take away the pain, especially when you think you finally got something.

Well it’s not like we pay real money for these so it’s not a big deal for me. Additionally there are multiple ways to get packs without paying for them.

Completing challenges in missions, you can get any pack including epic packs from this.
Ranking up your command rank.
Ranking up your character rank. Getting to rank 13 gives you an epic pack.

Then there are all the items you can get from bosses and chests in missions.

I can see how this could be frustrating to people. I honestly don’t mind though. When you go to open the pack you’re already committed to spending that money. More times than not, you get 2 items. If the 500 credits is a substitute for a skin you already have I’m quite happy with this.

You mention the net loss when buying the 1900 packs, with the chance of getting the 500 credits. So is the root issue of this conversation about the net loss of the investment of a pack? If so, why not talk about the epic packs that cost MUCH more and the loss is far greater, where as far as I know the credit packs don’t exist (they very well could but I’ve never seen one nor have read anything about them containing them)

If that’s not the root of the conversation, bringing up net loss is moot.

I can understand getting excited that you bought and opened a pack and momentarily see the silhouette of what appears to be a skin or taunt to only have it turn out to be credits instead. Maybe to help keep expectations in line they can update the description to say it can contain credits and change the shape of the icon to be strictly a coin so when you open it you don’t get this momentary false expectation.

Admittedly when I got mine I was hoping for a new skin. I’ve already unlocked quite a few of them so it’s becoming more rare. However I was still happy that I got quite a bit back out of it since the majority that I open just contain two crappy items.

I brought up net loss because you said it was a good return. A loss is never a good return. My main complaint is that the 500 credits is taking the place of a skin/taunt. Yes, I would rather get nothing simply because I hate thinking I got something only to basically have the game troll me.

Also, as far as I know, the only two ways to get faction packs are buying them or ranking up a character. No other packs grant skins/taunts.

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