Credits in Story Mode

For a Long Half Hour in a Campaign mission i would atleast expect to get showered or dipped in credits for my hard work, And a Character worth €47,000. Is worth a lot…lot… And a LOT of grinding to. In general i would like to point out that we dont get rewarded with enough credits in our long missions.


You get more XP and Loot in Story, you get more Credits and less Xp with no loot in PvP.
Its not too badly balanced.

Until your level 100 with a rank 15 Hero getting no XP for anything.

The credits outcome is OK, its the new hero’s price that is high. It was deliberately made high to push you into purchasing the season pass.

Also… Hard work, long half hour… Are we talking about the same game? Well, maybe we should get more on advanced, but normal is generally a fun time.

1 mobas, whether you call this one or not, always have higher prices till another character is out at the very least.
2 I get plenty of credits, I could’ve bought Alani 5 times over by now. I alternate pvp and pve though, so maybe that’s why.
3 they give plenty. Why would they make it easy? That’d kinda defeat the purpose of giving an alternate method of unlocking her.
4 I want credits for loot packs, so despite everything I just said, I agree with you :wink:

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More like you play a lot (a LOT) and don’t spend you credits on loot/skin packs.

No sir/ma’am, four days of maybe two hours. Because each day I get approximately 11k. I only play a little after work most nights until around one AM :stuck_out_tongue:
And I said could’ve. I have season pass, my friend. So I’ve just bought a lot of packs :smiley: I just prefer to buy them in bulk (legendaries every time, I swear it’s luckier) so I have a good average of how much I make in it.

I forgot to mention, I’m pretty sure you get more credits for more kills and less deaths, and more exp for the length of matches. Can’t remember where I read that on here, but it’s worked for me so far

5k per hour? I don’t think so…

I may have stated slightly less time then than normal, 10:30-1:00 ish. So 2.5. And that’s how it’s been working for me.

They need to add something for people who are command rank 100, sense we don’t get exp anymore, give us a little bit of credits, or have it where we still gain levels(Not over 100) and everytime we gain a level, give us a random loo pack.

I hope that kinda makes sense, not sure how to word it.

You can get about 1,800 credits an hour pretty easily (More or less for some people. upto around 3,600 an hour for optimum pvp)

Now if your selling all your gear this goes up too depending on drops.

Isn’t that the way it should be? Most of the games i play don’t reward me when i hit the level cap. Battleborn is a mostly PVP game, so i think this kind of applies.

What gear? I thought there’s no gear in PVP. And if we’re talking about PVE then it’s absolutely impossible to get 3600 per hour, even 1800 seems hard reaching (if you exclude challenges rewards).

Ok that too much credit that you get i dont get that much from completing a story mission how do you farm or get that much of credit i want too know

Story you can make 400-600 credits depending on mission.

Pvp you can make around 600 a match.

Optimal pvp teams will have matches less then 20 mins each.