Creepy Noises From Marcus

I’ve been noticing some very creepy noises coming from Marcuse’s shop. It sounds like a skag getting deepthroated or something. It’s ONLY in his shop as well. I looked everywhere on Sanctuary, but it wasn’t anywhere else. And if it matters, I’m on the story quest “Footsteps of Giants.”

It’s ambient sounds. Wait around and you’ll hear them.

Did you do the side quest with the witch? It puts one of those dinosaur bunnies in sanctuary and they sound like they are constantly choking.

I’m convinced it’s an easter egg to the Skyrim dlc Hearthstead where you can build your own home and make the horrific decision to get a pet fox for your kid. It sounds just about the same.


The title of this post gave me the chills just by reading it.
dunno why.

I did indeed do the witch quest indeed. Maybe the raptor boi got stuck in a wall.

It really does fit the season

That’s exactly what i thought

Yeah its Pippi the pollygrog running around

I now have a variety of different critters running around the ship, each one after completing a specific story mission or side quest. I like that you can pet some of them, but the sound effects are not always pleasant!

It also seems that we pick up more crew as the story progresses which makes sense, but I really wish they’d be better behaved and move out of my way when I need to access a vending machine of the Quick Change.


Agreed, and why must they keep beating on the quick change machine, or purpsely blocking the doorway to my room and keeping me in there. Why put me on house arrest after we Vault Hunters saved you and allowed you onto Sanctuary 3?!