Crew Challenges - Dying Again and Again is Infuriating

In Moxxi’s Heist there is a crew challenge that kills you if you miss a jump (Jack’s Secret). This is infuriating!

First, the mechanics seem different. Normally, if I get close to an edge I can platform no problem. For this it feels like you made it artificially more difficult.

Second, dying and respawning constantly slows the game down.

Third, after playing for hours and building up some cash, I burn through it all in minutes.

I’m not some kid who can come home from school and play for hours. I have a very time consuming job and a family. I need to find time to squeeze in my game play. I just want to enjoy it. I understand making certain aspects difficult, and I enjoy the puzzles. But dying over and over again is frustrating. Of course, so is leaving a challenge undone. If a game becomes more of a chore or frustration than fun, I move on. Stop ruining one of my favorite games.

Last point. Maybe it doesn’t bother the ones who have more time to play. But it’s us old guys (48 is old in the gaming world I am guessing) that introduce gaming to our kids and have, generally, a lot more disposable income than the younger ones. Consequently, while I may not be your target demographic, I shouldn’t be ignored either.

Don’t jump straight cause you’ll probably die. Just jump a little to the left and correct your position in flight.

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I died twice on that one. It’s difficult, no doubt, but not impossible. As was suggested above, you have to do a running jump along the left side of that ramp. As you move through the air, try to turn yourself a bit to the right so that you hit the opposite ledge at a 90 degree angle, and of course, spam your climb button.

If you’re doing that right, you won’t die if you miss. You’ll just land on the walkway below.

It did remind me of a similar “death” jump in the main game with one of the radio broadcast terminals you deactivate for Moxxi. I forget which map it was on (I think it’s the one where you’re with Tina and friends), but if you missed the jump, you died. I must have died at least a dozen times on that one. The good thing is that the less money you have, the less expensive reconstruction becomes.

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@DSGrant and @GrzesPL
Thanks for the advice. I finally got it!

It reminded me of the one in main game as well. And it’s true, once you die enough times, the cost is pretty low. Since it is so easy to get money in the DLC and I have bought all my expansions (except for the storage in my room in Sanctuary), the money loss bothered me less this time. It was more slowing down the game.

Thank you for the very specific guidance!

I am so amazed at and thankful for the great BL community. People like you make it more than a game.