Crew challenges in Krieg DLC reward?

What’s the reward for them? I went to the home base in that DLC and clicked on a console, and it put together the puzzle, but Krieg told me nothing about it. So confused about what to do next.

The reward is an ECHO theme, sent in mail by Tannis, after completing all the crew challenges. You can only check the full nursery rhyme on the console. That’s all. At least I think so…

It’s a teaser for more Krieg lore. Make sure to get all the hidden echoes in each area, and it will be pretty clear where things are going with him.

A comedian???

Talk to neutral Brick for answers on that.

To think that only the Handsome Jackpot DLC actually rewarded players for completing the challenges, with actual gear, not skins or whatever Gearbox’s priorities are now.


I think that’s mostly because a lot of people were not particularily thrilled about even more weapons being once-a-character redeems that would become irrelevant eventually unless you start a completely new character every time the level cap is increased.
Same issue as with the Bekah.
I for one was happy when they started awarding cosmetics instead from DLC 2 onwards because

  1. they are always as good as they are gonna get, they don’t get affected by level or Mayhem level or anything like that.
  2. it keeps those cosmetics out of the general lootpool. I don’t know about you, but seeing a legendary drop, just to realize that it’s the most worthless thing you could get because you already have that one and cosmetics in Borderlands 3 are always priced at $1, meaning any white Tediore pistol you could pick up is gonna be ten thousand times more valuable.

Though of course, this DLC doesn’t have Crew Challenges with unique enemies who very much could drop special gear which is a bit of a shame.


I understand where you’re getting at, but there are dozens and dozens of cosmetic options within the game already, It’s hard to put any value in that when we just got thrown a DLC stripped of any side content.

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Fair enough. At least they could award emotes and heads rather than skins and Echo Themes because those are pretty boring for the most part.

I’m surprised there was only one type of crew challenge was hoping for more varied and interesting ones. Plus while farming dedicated drops, hours and still farming for last one, I got more cosmetic items than anything else, a poor reward for a challenge, a swordplosion firing buzzaxes ran through my head just briefly.

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I was really hoping for one of those the second they announced this DLC. Wasted opportunity imho.


Rebound is interesting but couldn’t shake the feeling of a krieg sawplosion screaming madness as you fire.

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This, totally. Once-per-character gear (and with random parts on top of it) is a terrible terrible design decision imo.