Crew for "Who you gonna call" achievement

I decided to go on an achievement hunt in TPS for fun and I’m almost done. However this particular achievement requires a team of 4 players and I don’t have a crew like that. Since I started getting them I’d like to complete the list and so I’m looking for 3 other people to join in for the completion of this achievement.

If you don’t know what it is here’s the description: "Completed the “Sub-Level 13” missions with 3 other players."
It just involves 2 consecutive short quests. I left this mission alone in TVHM to be able to complete it for the achievement later so I have it available.

I’m in EU and mostly available any evening, though I’ll be pretty busy until next Wednesday evening so I’d prefer to do this after that. Post here if you are interested in getting this achievement or just shortly hopping on to help and let’s work out a time after we have a crew.

p.s. you can bring any character, level doesn’t matter. I should be able to carry any team through those quests.