Crimson Bond Hyperspacing to Center Weirdness

Most times, when I attempt to hyperspace to the center of Crimson Bond, my ships will greatly overshoot the targeted exit point. I end up much closer to the enemy on the other side of the map.

I know that plenty have people noticed this weirdness…but I don’t think anybody cared enough to post a topic about it. But a few of us decided that maybe this is some game engine bug that should be looked at…

You don’t say! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed this issue. Good catch there Paradox!

Oh, Hideki already has this ‘bug’ in his chart of bugs/exploits…DAMN YOU HIDEKI!!!

It’s a bug with gravwells. Apparently hyperspacing it moves the ship to the edge of the map and then to where it’s supposed to be. A gravwell stops the ship in its path and thus prevents it from being sent to its intended destination.

This has costed people a few games.
It’s the only ‘critical’ in the tracker with no input from the devs so far.

AOHNH has a likely technical explanation in the comment.

it’s not so much a hyper drive as it is an Infinite Improbability Drive.

you pass through every point in space before arriving at your destination unless there’s a grav well in which case there is an infinite probability that you’ll hit the grav well.

god and i thought I just sucked at hyperspacing

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