Crimson castle bug

im stuck dark lilith wont show up at the end of the crimson castle. I restarted severl times but no dark lilith

thats odd , i didnt have issue with that myself but im on ps4 (though im currently having to reboot again due to power cut on me, but got data saved on usb but still hurts as saved it before i did alot side missions on dlc 4 which means redoing them again once everything is installed again propely!)

yeah i just had to restart the game like 6 times and she finally showed up.Didnt have to uninstall luckily

yeah well i had little to no choice as had reboot ps4 after power cut out, but luckily got all game save data on usb incase, though still annoyed how long it take to reinstall the games back onto ps4 again, but they probly fix castle bug soon enough as 2k value dlc bugs/op guns over needed tweaks which people ask for.