Crippling lag in multiplayer

This is my very first post on these forums. I live in Australia. Last night I was having major lag problems with multiplayer. I’m the first to admit I am not very good at pvp, but I’m sure last night I was having a really negative affect on the teams I was on, to the point that I’m sure they were basically a player down. The lag I had was crippling. In about 10 games I got 1 kill, as I said I am bad but I’m not that bad. I was even plowing bullets into enemies with Montana and their health bar was not budging.

I really like Battleborn, but I cant really play it like this. It is actually pointless. Couple of questions. Are there dedicated servers for Battleborn, and if so would they have servers in Australia. Everyone else in my games had all green connection bars, I had all negative red ones. Or is the game peer to peer.

I have noticed a bit more lag then usual while playing battleborn and only on battleborn but not the the point where it was stopping me from getting kills.

They may be having some server issues as before this i got no lag at all unless it was going to do that stupid inventory error in the next 10 mins or so.

Also on a side not i keep getting disconnected from xbox live (according to the game) and this also only happens while playing battleborn.

I really hope they optimize the servers to accommodate the (increase) in players since launch/beta. It seems the servers aren’t optimized for heavy traffic. When school/work lets out, and people are home playing, that’s when the heavy lag ensues.