Crisis Management.....Hmmmmm, not so sure anymore

I started speccing Crisis Management because…

Because lately I wanted ANY boost to gun damage I can lay my grubby hands on…just ANYTHING!

And I actually thought I was seeing some minor results…could “feel” a little more “omph” from Axton.

But now I am not so sure. I might have been “wishin and hopin”…placebo effect if you will.

I tested how long it lasted on a bunch of different shields/builds (minus the Rough Rider of course) and the MOST I could get it to last was a measly 4 seconds…

4 SECONDS! … most of the time 3 or less…

With a low delay shield…you might as well not even spec it.

It’s all about Delay.

Once Delay is over, you lose the bonus immediately as the moment the shield starts to rebuild…it’s GONE.

I don’t care if your shield takes 10 seconds to recharge…you have lost Crisis Management in that very first split second that the shield starts to recharge.

Dunno…what do you guys think…seems a bit…lame…to me.

I may start speccing Able again if I don’t need the extra Grenades.

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How does it handle in FFYL? I wouldn’t really bother with shield stripped skills unless I’m using a Rough Rider.

VERY good point.

It lasts forever in FFYL…as long as you are in FFYL…

So it’s like Last Ditch in that regard…

EXCELLENT point in it’s favor.

IMO the skill doesn’t fit axton he’s the shield user out of the main 4. 2 of his skills lower recharge delay. Basically you can spec the shield skills or you can spec the skills that are meant for ffyl

Its like some LDE complement in my opinion. Spec it if UVHM or your current OP level is hiting you too hard, leave it aside if not.

I guess as a leveling skill it could work when you don’t have great gear.

I’ve only used it briefly myself: I don’t build around FFYL, and none of my Commandos get to play with the Rough Rider shield. Given that Axton has so many good shield-enhancing skills (Willing, Quick Charge, Pressure), I’ve always felt that Crisis Management was something to avoid.

If I was to give him a Love Thumper (and not spec Quick Charge), I might spec Crisis Management. I don’t melee much with Axton though.

I don’t use it because I like my 5/5 Ready, 5/5 Willing, Scorched Earth, 5/5 Sentry, and dump the rest into Onslaught, Able, or Grenadier before taking Double Up. After that, you really want to invest the points elsewhere.

My thoughts were:

Grenadier is a waste if you use Magic Missiles which I do virtually 80% of the time at OP8 unless fighting Raids

And Able…well I’m just not sold on it below a 6/5 spec…10/5, yeah…OK but 5/5 or 4/5 is miniscule at OP8

Laser Sight??? You have to be joking…LOL

So that leaves CM…and it’s possible gun damage benefits which on retrospect seem miniscule.

BUT…for places like the Magic Circle of Slaughter where you can pretty much COUNT ON going down several times…it is probably a good addition with a point or two in Last Ditch. 51% additional Gun Damage is not little.

Melee Axton is so ridiculous haha. Its fun and probably the only case where you want to spec 5/5 crisis and nothing in Willing.

5/5 Onslaught is just soooo good! The movement speed alone is sweet!!

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With the right com, 11/5 or 10/5 Onslaught is the bee’s knees.

Rifleman Com is nice for it as well…especially with an Ogre

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i always play with points in quick charge, so crisis management is only really good for FFYL. (something i try to avoid :smile: ) also, the rest of the perks (minus laser guided) are all so good in sentry… why waste them on that?

if you spec into able, its better than LDE.

Able haa the same % as Preparation so they kinda complement each other. Able is better in combat as it only requires you to do damage while Preparation is only active with full shield.

As others have already mentioned, Crisis Management is always active when you’re in F.F.Y.L., and this is one of the reasons why I chose (and currently still have) this skill.

But why?

Well, as I’ve said before, I take the position that falling into F.F.Y.L. is an inevitability. No matter how well you play, no matter what weapons and gear you have, EVERYONE will take the knee at some point in playing as Axton. Granted, I could go the other route and build on skills that’ll try to keep me up all the time (Grit, Quick Charge, etc.), but again, there is no 100% guarantee that they will. So, rather than spending a lot of points on skills that may or may not keep me up all the time, I instead both plan on and assume that I will drop into F.F.Y.L.

I want my Axton to have the best possible chance at surviving, and to me, having the extra damage when I’m down can help out a lot. There are people who, quite truthfully so, will say that all you need for those scenarios is a Norfleet. True, yet with the buff to weapons damage, I can give additional “oomph” to all my other weapons (weapon damage includes rocket launcher damage, too), which is always good. For example, if I’m in F.F.Y.L. and I don’t have any ammo for my launcher, the buff from Crisis Management will make a secondary option more powerful, thus increasing my chances for a second wind.

In my specific Axton build, I have 4/5 in both Crisis Management and Last Ditch Effort, and that equates to roughly 60% damage when I’m down (again, both skills boost rocket launcher damage as well). Conversely, if I’m up and kicking with both Onslaught and Battlefront active, the combined damage between the two would be the same-roughly 60%. So no matter if I’m up or down, I can still have good damage. Additionally, since Battlefront will stay active even when I’m in F.F.Y.L. (assuming the turret doesn’t get destroyed), there is even more potential for damage.

Finally, look at the skill name. It has “Man”, “Age” and (to a lesser extent) “Ment” in it. What’s not to love?


Difference in philosophy:

I can see it being useful on raid bosses. For the really tough fights. Maybe the magic slaughter where you are boned if you die. If you go down, you also strain your teammates to revive you.

Otherwise, if I am doing a regular run through the game… Pass.

Yes but there are some subtle differences…mainly it only lasts 3 seconds…and it must be retriggered by a new set of damage being dealt

Granted, Preparation has to have full shield but it is continuous once achieved and there is a second bonus to preparation, Shield Cap, which is great for things like the Blockade, Big Boom Blaster, and Antagonist.

I’m not saying it is bad…but with other choices like Grenadier and CM…it just isn’t as valuable for my particular style of play…at least that’s how I see it.

For all my builds I have 2 options take able or grenadier or a mix of the two usually 3 able 1 grenadier if I take both.

I think they were made to work together. I mean, you get both anyway if you are going with the 26/15/26 spec as Grenadier isnt really made for this spec in my opinion.

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