Crit Hit builds

I rode on the shoulders of giants in B2, regarding builds. I’m trying to think more about things now and use my imagination, but still need help.

I’m only level 20 with FL4K right now…approaching that build horizon. I’ve been using only the skag, and been using the rakks as my AS. I’ve a vision of switching to Fade Away whilst using Jakobs guns to build a crit hit build.

Hold my hand, help me understand…is this a good idea, or not? I really don’t do well looking at skill trees and seeing all the synergies, wish I could. Working on it.

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Друг так не забывай , там есть ещё уровни животных и навыка! Делай так как говорит тебе твое сердце

You can’t really go wrong with a crit build for FL4K.

Why don’t you post what you’re thinking of speccing for right now, and if you thought that far ahead, what you want to build for lvl 50. Based on those two things, people can give you advice about how to spec along the way.

Fade Away and Jakobs are like peanut butter and chocolate.

Stalker also has the most personal survivability out of all the trees.