Crit Immune and Slag Resistant Enemies

Is there a comprehensive list of crit-immune and slag-resistant enemies somewhere? Thanks in advance.

Off the top of my head:
Slag resistant:
Any enemy with the prefix Slagged
Loot Midgets if they had a status effect in the air when they land
Same with the Ancient Dragons
Terra washes off slag effects after 1 second
Same with Hyperius

Crit immune:
Some Tribals from the front
Scavengers if their hit boxes act wonky
Maybe crabs, not sure

And that’s all i can think of. I’m sure someone else will be able to add more or correct me.

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they’re slag resistant

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OMGWTH is resistant to slag if slagged during construction. As I’ve learnt to spell out in clear detail every time I take someone through the peak.

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[quote=“ACNAero, post:2, topic:1500977”]Loot Midgets (or biker midgets?) if they had a status effect in the air when they land[/quote]Any status effect, or just slag?

As I think about it, I’ll have to check (unless someone knows off the top of their head) if those flaming, flying skulls have a crit spot… they wouldn’t make the entire thing crit-sensitive?

Same thing happens with the midgets that are strapped to Nomad shields, and also the Airborne Marauders that sometimes drop from a buzzard when it’s destroyed.

Saturn doesn’t have any crit spots.

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Also Bikers when you blow up their vehicle.
Kinda weird that vehicle transition is how we can get perma-slagged while the opposite happens to enemies.

Pretty sure that Saturn’s turrets can get slagged even though he’s immune, because…um, reasons.

Guh, I was doing Animal Rights last night and accidentally glitched one of the midgets while playing on Krieg. That little s*** killed me so many times, I finally got sick of it, grabbed a Norfleet off a loot mule, and melted him.

I’ve heard that if a loot midget kills you he won’t drop a legendary when you kill him after a revive… not sure if it’s true.

I wanna say I’ve been killed, respawned and killed him, and it still dropped something. Though I can’t say for sure.