Crit Launcher Fl4K (Terror & Non Terror) - Non GITM All Content Build

Was finishing up a terror variation to a Launcher Fl4k build set up and wanted to do a write up for you guys. Seems like the written format might work out better for some and I’m able to cover some of the choices that I made and why without a video being extended super long.

If you would like to see the build and two of it’s variations in action you can see them here:

Now without further ado I’ll hop into the write up. If you guys have any questions about anything at all let me know.

God bless the young Bushido_Brown404 for the format.


1.) LUMP

ANOINT – 125% Splash Damage, 100% Weapon Damage, 50% Corrosive Damage Magazine, Or Projectile While Terrified.

Preferably Corrosive. When shot into he air, beams aoe hit targets proccing Megavore and finishing off with an explosion that does a lot of damage. Direct shot also does a lot. Potentially best mobbing launcher in the game

Scourge – Is not as great as the lump in terms of AOE but is still a good alternative until you can grab a decent lump. You’ll end up using it as a bossing weapon anyway.

Hive – this could work out but just not as well, it’s a similar aspect to the lump but doesn’t function nearly as great.


ANOINT - ACTION SKILL END - Weapon damage +125% vs. badass/boss/named for short time or 100% Weapon Damage

Bigger magazine with the terror ammo regeneration is going to allow for some easy one clipping for Graveward and other bosses. We’re rocking with a fire one so we can do Graveward at a good pace. Could also be used when you get downed and don’t have ammo left in your launcher.

ANOINT – 125% Splash Damage, 100% Weapon Damage, 50% Damage Magazine, Or Projectile While Terrified .

Can work as the main gun in the build or can be used to blow up different bosses that the lump doesn’t work the best on. Corrosive or Fire would both work out well. I mainly use this inside of crit swapping or jumping between this and Lyuda in boss fights such as Tyreen.


Unforgiven – Does great damage per shot which synergizes well with the recharger shield used in the build. Also allows for us to crit swap with the Scourge.

Unescapable Sellout – Bumps up the damage of the kit if you end up using an Elemental Projector in this set up, especially for bossing.

Whatever other strong gun that you feel would round out the build for you – Lucian’s Call, Skeksil, Moar Linoge, and every other good crit fl4k or three shot fl4k gun could work well here.



ANOINT - Replenish 1 grenade, Apply Terror On Action Skill End, or Ammo Regeneration While Terrified

The best grenade for this set up after hex was nerfed a bit. This procs megavore crits often giving you leave no trace procs (for ammo) along with head count (for cooldown). The added procs make running exclusively the lump for mobbing very smooth. Look for cloning or mitosis

Hex – Still work out well to provide decent utility in terms of procing leave no trace and head count. The radiation variation is still able to provide good damage along with the aoe explosion. If you are running one of these might want to use the leave no trace boosting mod instead of some other.


ANOINT - Action skill cooldown rate +20 % for short time. , Apply Terror On Action Skill End, or Ammo Regeneration While Terrified

120% damage from the different 1 shot guns that you are running are going to push your damage from very very good to this is probably going to get nerfed soon. The survivability aspect of the shield is great as well.

You can run another shield if you want to.



+5 Barbaric Yawp

+XX% Weapon Charge Speed
+XX% Shield Recharge or Delay
+XX% Damage Roll (Splash, Area Of Effect, Torgue, Heavy)

Friend Bot is going to give you added damage from your Spiderant Scorcher and some more regen. If the pet ever dies they’ll be almost immediately revived due to how much damage you do. Running this instead of leave no trace works fine. There might be some minor downtimes (around 10 seconds where you can’t shoot your lump) if you aren’t running a hunter seeker grenade mod.


+3 Leave No Trace

+XX% Weapon Charge Speed
+XX% Shield Recharge or Delay

The epic mod is going to make running the build very smooth pushing your crit chance up to 72% for leave no trace. Having leave no trace proc at the 0.3 second delay provides a decent amount of value in allowing you to chain shoot your heavy guns.

Note: Using bounty hunter for bosses, Weapon charge speed provides a lot of value for lumps and the shield modifiers are great for offensive and defensive means when it comes to the rerouter


+XX% Weapon Charge Speed
+XX% Shield Recharge or Delay
+XX% Damage Roll (Splash, Area Of Effect, Torgue, Heavy)

Flesh Melter has the benefit of ramping to 125% damage while other elements are stuck at 90. That is only after you micromanage the status application somehow. I’ve never had any issues getting through anything other than armor for the most part which helps push corrosive up on my personal element tier list.

Note: Elemental Projector works well for bossing and if you’re using another element. Last time I tried a rad shield to block a rad lump I one shot myself multiple different times. Last stand could be a good option as well.


The added damage from victory idol is cool but you really want the movement speed so you can rp as Sonic the hedgehog. I haven’t needed the hp regen from otto idol but feel free to use it.

Skill tree is a pretty basic megavore crit one just min maxed for non gitm gameplay. Let’s get into the breakdown.

No GITM for this set up. This one is focusing on getting large shots off while we are invisible. Our shield is going to be untouched most of the time which means we can min max on our re-router usage.

The beams from the lump as well as the Scourge rockets can crit from fade away, natural means or megavore. This is just going to ramp up your damage even more.

10 additional seconds of increased movement speed and health regen. Since lump doesn’t move that fast the extra movement is going to get us in good positions to clear as well as the hp regen helps us get into the next fade away smoother.

FURIOUS ATTACK (5/5) – More damage boosted up by Big Game

Self-Repairing System (5/5) – The added hp and regen helps our overall kit and we’ll be getting fade away regen 90% of the time

EAGER TO IMPRESS (1/5) – We don’t really need this for cooldown but having a point into it adds a layer of cooldown reduction we can’t get anywhere else.

ALL MY BFF’S (0/3) – If you’re running the friend bot mod set up you put 0 points into this because your pet is going to be instantly revived most of the time. If you are running the leave no trace set up you want 1 point into this to keep your pet alive a bit more. That point you’ll be taking out of Eager To Impress if you do opt for the Leave No Trace build.

LICK THE WOUNDS (1/1) – Free revival, you probably won’t need it much but it’s worth the point.

TURN TAIL AND RUN (3/3) – Big damage and damage reduction, great thing about being invisible is that you can afk shoot your 3 shots for big damage without having to be worried and get back to moving afterwards.

THE FAST AND THE FURRYOUS (3/3) – Repositioning speed is more important than the damage, but it is well worth it.


You’re invisible 90 percent of the time so you’ll get a lot of added damage from this. Having some of these points into persistence hunter didn’t really give much value to me personally for this set up. Plus you don’t want to be invisible for long if you’re applying terror on action skill end.

We’re just grabbing more damage and more synergy with our multi hit launchers. Pretty straightforward for the most part.

We let our spider ant thing spidey swing into combat to be the punching bag while we shoot disco balls or rockets everywhere in peace!

1% maxHP/sec
This gets buffed by our barbaric yawp keeping us even healthier and synergizing with the health we have already built up.

We don’t use a gun that isn’t elemental other than the unforgiven most of the time. More damage to the mix that we really don’t need but we’re trying to future proof ourselves here.

INTERPLANETARY STALKER (5/5) – Everything is going to get blown up in a shot or two. You’ll get that extra 30% damage pretty much all the time.

LEAVE NO TRACE (3/3) – Super important to the build, this allows us to spam shoot the lump and our other heavy guns. The 36% (72% with+3 LNT class mod) proc chance in combination with only needing 1 shot of our heavy guns to do a ton of damage will help us nuke the battlefield at will. At the moment there is a .3 second delay in the refill portion of this skill and procing it as soon and as consistently as possible makes this build work smoothly.

HEAD COUNT (3/3) – Cooldown for the kit. Lump can naturally crit with this and megavore makes this proc even more. They enemies will barely ever see you. But that won’t stop them from beaming you with bazookas if you decide to stay in the same spot.

TWO F4NG (5/5) – Will provide one projectile for the guns that you are using. This gives extra damage, extra head count procs, extra leave no trace procs, extra words in a sentence that was already too long

BIG GAME (3/3) – Makes the hunter skill upkeep easy along with providing a lot of damage with it improving all the other hunter skills.!

THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME (3/3) – Nice damage boost that gets improved further from Big Game

GALACTIC SHADOW (1/1) – 15% crit damage and we want to make sure our pet is always living the roughest part of a Bug’s Life by reducing aggro from ourselves.

GRIM HARVEST (2/5) – We’ll take the extra damage we can get out of this. We’re never reloading so we don’t get any value from Second Intention.

MEGAVORE (1/1) – The extra crit rate from this will make our build go from stubble to champion’s club Gillette smooth shave (not sponsored) and provides a nice bit of extra damage and synergy with the rest of the tree. More leave no trace procs for ammo, more head count procs for cooldown, more typing about a skill that people are already familiar with sense the game has been out for a while now.


I would recommend dead eye class mod with +4 two fang. That results in a 45 percent chance to fire an extra projectile and the 35% damage boost which comes with the legendary mod bonus.

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That’s definitely a good recommendation, could be something worth adding to the mix especially when it comes to consistency. I’ll probably end up playing around with the numbers and see where it falls in comparison to friend bot in terms of damage.

The extra projectiles also help proc LNT

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