Critical ascension guide

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So, I haven’t found one single full guide for the CA stacking (you have either ones that explain its mechanics or specify the actions for the given encounters), so I’ve made one myself containing both. I know most of you know how it works by heart since, like 2014, but if there is a slight chance somebody will find it useful - I’d be glad I could help.
Or you can watch it just for the memes :slight_smile:
Edit: yay my first actual activity on this forum!

The Community Zer0 Guide - All you ever wanted to know
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I like the “criticool” title! :smiley:
Certainly enough info for me to worth bookmarking it. :+1:


That’s a pretty damn amazing video, good job !


Is getting that Scaylion stuck there easy? I’ve always used another spot for it and getting them stuck there is a royal pain in the butt. Nice vid.

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Yeah, it’s quite tricky, but you can stuck it “improperly”, so they retreat after you die and you have to pull them again. Make them jump into this narrow path and block the exit. They will be stuck for as long as you’re alive and blocking. Less stacks accumulated though, ofc, ranging around 350



I don’t worry about raids too much but had that been an easy way to kill Vora with Zero I probably would’ve farmed it some.I kinda don’t like to dig out ol’ Sal whenever I wanna kill raids and CA stacking with Zero can be worth 2 kills each time. If there was a way to easily accomplice this I’d be all over it.

If I can make a request: do mobbing area’s with CA. There are very little vids of that going around I think and a lot of people either underestimate it or don’t realize how goddamn powerful the skill is even in casual playthrough.

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Sure, I’ll record some tough areas (Sawtooth, Bloodshots, Lynchwood, prolly some more) in my spare time. Maybe make a small pt. 2 of the guide. We’ll see :slight_smile:

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I admire your work.:+1:


Thought you’d like this :

I managed to reach 91 CA in one Washburne Refinery run, no pre-stacking.

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I guess that’ll do it

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Really well done! The best CA guide I’ve seen.


Oh wow. I wasn’t expecting pre-stacking. That was great! Leg. hunter sure make more sense than leg. sniper when you go that high on stacks.

p.s. I didn’t know you can’t shoot the pilot on BA Buzzards… I should’ve probably paid more attention to the Bore markers somewhere along the years to have realized that.


I’d like to request this guide be added to the general Zer0 guide :

It definitely deserves to be there.

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I’ll add it when I’m back at my computer.

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Added. Sorry it took so long, I’d forgotten about it. :blembarrass: