Critical Hit BAR challenges not counting: BL:TPS Xbox One

I just opened a ticket with SHiFT Support for an issue I’m having in that any critical hit I score with any weapon is not being tallied in the BAR challenges for critical hits. Non weapon specific Critical Hit challenges not counted either like scoring critical hits while in the air.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Not generally had that issue that I know of, as I don’t really pay attention to the challenges. However, I did have a lot of problems with the Rocket Science side quest until I realised that elemental damage over time was often beating out my critical hits. Try with a non-elemental weapon, and make sure you’re not applying elements from any skills or other gear (e.g. Eddie Oz kit). I’ll double-check my saves when I get home tonight and see if I have progress in those specific challenges though.

i have, it doesn’t matter. I have noticed in multiplayer it will count them but if I am playing alone it won’t.

sometimes it will even work, but at some point it will stop registering/counting criticals towards that BAR challenge.

On any character, or have you only played one or two specific characters?

He only plays as Jack. He has a Wilhelm maxed out that is collecting dust last I checked. LOL

my apologies, I read your paragraph wrong at first and replied.

i didn’t consider the elemental aspect having an affect. I’m now wondering if Sponsored By is causing an issue with Jack.

i’m about to get on and test some things out. I will report anything new.

and shut up Kurt, LOL Wilhelm sucks that’s why he’s collecting dust

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You have steered me in the right direction.

It’s the “Sponsored By” Action skill Jack has that affects this.

If you weapon swap from any elemental Maliwan weapon to another weapon, any critical hits recorded by the 2nd weapon will not count.

I can confirm that if you weapon swap from weapon 2 to weapon 3 that is non-elemental, it will record critical hits.

I’m going to test other elemental guns that are not Maliwan to 100% confirm that the Maliwan elemental damage transfer from “Sponsored By” is the only culprit.

Can confirm now that the Maliwan Elemental damage bonus from weapon swapping from the Sponsored By skill is the culprit.

I switched back and forth from other various, non Maliwan weapons that were elemental and the critical hits would still register.


Another mystery solved!

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Alright alright…LOL

Lets get you another character going. It’s time you expand your horizons a bit my friend. :wink:

Edit: And thank you for the BAR farming advice. Had a blast acquiring the location BAR challenges with you. Good times! :smile:

and by the way…you’re in the 360 section. Should have been in the xbone handsome jack section. Just sayin… :sunglasses: