Critical Hit Bug

Is there any known bug about critical hits not working, speacially with moze? There some sessions that I start to play and never ever get a critical strike. So I just restart the game and bang: critical returns.

Are you sure you’re hitting the right spot?
Some enemies have pretty hard to hit spots and I know a few people who will shoot a violent nog in that huge helmet and wonder why they aren’t getting crits.

Just get an ion cannon and forget about crits!! :joy::sweat_smile:

You’re missing out on so much damage if you skip out on the crit.

Im just giving the guy some tongue in cheek advice. :smiley:

They’re big head skags and badass jabbers… I’m not crazy, neither missing the right spot :rofl:

Geeze I hope this was just a one time glitch. Unless if beast enemies are going to start shifting around hit boxes around on us