Critical Hit Damage is Weird!

Sorry to ask so many questions on your forums but i’m trying to learn as much about this game as i can

How on earth is critical hit damage calculated?
My level 30 purple Jacobs Muckamuck does 2711 damage on Marcus dummy, and on the card it says it does 180% critical hit damage…soooooo on my calculations 2711x180% should come to 7590.8 but it consistently gets 15,211 damage!! wtf???
My BAR is turned off and i’ve reset my skill points so that isn’t a factor, and i’m wearing NO relics or COMS that could affect the outcome

In fact no matter what weapon i’ve tried out, there’s no way on earth that the information on the gun card specs is accurate, it’s either way more critical hit damage or way less than what it says…please tell me what’s going on or how on earth is critical hits calculated :cry:

This breaks it down quite nicely

It is calculated like this in the case of the Muckamuck.

2711*(2*(1+1.8)) = 15181.6 9 (difference do to rounding errors)

Here is a thread on how the entire damage formula works from TPS, but they are basically the same.

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Thanks Max,
That was a perfect explanation!..and thanks to Derch for breaking it down for me

You are welcome, thanks for someone else posting my video :slight_smile: