Critical Hit Formula in BL3?

I have trouble figuring out the Critical Hit Formula for BL3.

So far from what i can tell is its different for pretty much every Gun-Type, which makes it even more difficult.

Here are some Examples:

Vladof Sniper Rifle with Base Dmg 1626, doing a Body-Shot of 3935
(+100% Weapon Dmg from “3+3 Desperate Measures”, +15% from “5+0 Armored Infantry”, +10.34% from Guardian Rank calculates 3933.15)
Head Shots for 12k
(+20% Crit Dmg from “5+0 Scorching RPMs”, +10.65% Crit Dmg from Guardian Rank)

Vladof Assault Rifle with Base Dmg 443, doing a Body-Shot of 1072
(+100% Weapon Dmg from “3+3 Desperate Measures”, +15% from “5+0 Armored Infantry”, +10.34% from Guardian Rank calculates 1071.58)
Head Shots for 2802
(+20% Crit Dmg from “5+0 Scorching RPMs”, +10.65% Crit Dmg from Guardian Rank)
-> 1072 x (2 x (1 + 0.3065)) = 2801.1 (using old BL2 Formula)

If anyone can make sense of these numbers and make a Formula out of it,
that would be very helpfull.

EDIT: i did a massive Opsie, sorry bout that

It’s only snipers that have a special crit modifier afaik.

Critical Damage Multiplier = 2 x [1 + Scorching RPM’s + Guardian Rank crit] x [Sniper Bonus]

So for your sniper this becomes

Sniper damage = 3935 x 2 x [ 1 + 0.2 + 0.1034] x 1.2 = 12309

Which should round down in game to the 12k you see.

For your assault rifle

Assault damage = 1074 x 2 x [ 1 + 0.2 + 0.1065] = 2801

Which is just likely off because of the gun damage on the card being rounded. EG A card value of 443.1 would produce your results exactly.

@DocStrangelove has done a full breakdown of critical hits:


Thanks, that allready helps a bunch. Did not know about the Sniper bonus.
Sorry for me editing so much, but the Game sometimes adds up multiple damage Numbers, which made Crits seem inconsintent sometimes.

The only other Weapon i am struggling to calculate with is the Heavy Weapons…
Because i believe it too has its own Modifier, like the Sniper does.

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What are the heavies stats?

Edit: Are you aware of this:

If you’ve got the Overkill Guardian reward and want to test, after a kill you’ll need to make a shot without hitting an enemy, so that there will be no excess damage added to the next hit.

Vladof Incendiary Heavy Weapon:
Base Dmg: 3388
Dmg vs Shields: 50%
Dmg vs Flesh: 175%
Same Weapon Dmg Modifiers:
+15% Armed Infantry
+100% Desperate Measures
+10.34% Guardian Rank

calculated Base-Dmg: 8195.27
Bonus Incendiary Dmg: +30% from “Stoke the Embers”
new calculated Base-Dmg: 10653.85

calculated Dmg vs Shield: 5326.92
calculated Dmg vs Flesh: 18644.23

actual Dmg done vs Shield: 5928
actual Dmg done vs Flesh: 18k

calculated Crit Dmg vs Shield: 13919.25
calculated Crit Dmg vs Flesh: 48717.38

actual Crit-Dmg vs Shield: 23k (1-shotting shields partially reduces Dmg)
actual Crit-Dmg vs Flesh: 48k

With those Stats, it seems i was wrong about heavy weapons having a Modifier.
What i did notice though on the Base Bullet Damage Calculations for Moze though…, its weird.

You see, when i take the Stats from my Sniper Rifle, using the Formula you linked, it throws out the wrong result compared to what i actually see on screen.

Base Dmg: 1626
Gun Dmg +15% from Armored Infantry
Gun Dmg +100% from Desperate Measures
Gun Dmg +10.34% from Guardian Rank
If you simply throw that into the Formula you stated, it results in 3495.9 Dmg.
But i get to see 3935 on a Body Shot vs Flesh, without any Mayhem Moddifiers.

For whatever Reason, the Gun Dmg Increase from “Armored Infantry” is added multiplicative, like a Type-B Crit Modifier.
By doing so, i get a result of 3933.15, which is awfully close to the shown 3935 Dmg.

Thanks for mentioning that, but i have been taken that into consideration.

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Will you show your class mod and artifact?

base x ( 1 + DM + AI ) x ( 1 + GR ) x ( 1 + C-C-Combo ) = Final Damage

1626 x ( 1 + 1 + 0.15 ) x ( 1 + 0.1034 ) x ( 1 + 0.02 ) = 3934.5

wait… Sniper Rifle Modifier also applies to the Base Bullet?

Sorry that’s a typo, it should be 1.02 and is to account for C-C-Combo.

I’m still trying to work out the heavy damage.

oh… but that bonus is too low to reason for 500 missing dmg on the sniper.

Which disparity are you referring to? The math checks out on 3935 for a body shot.

oh sorry, my bad, had put in 1 too many zeros in my calculater there.

Your heavy weapon numbers are perplexing me.

With regards to your numbers verse shields, are you breaking the shield?

yea, didnt had enough time to test vs big targets with enough shields.

thats what i ment by

I think that’s what is throwing the calculation off. If for instance in this example:

The enemy had a shield capacity of ~3367 then the calculation is exact. Borderlands handles damage in such a way that will only take as much damage as it needs from your hit to break the shield. This amount will get the shield modifier, whatever is left over then gets the health modifier.

Here’s an example from The Pre Sequel I haven’t seen a similar demonstration posted for Borderlands 3 otherwise I’d link to it.

yea i dont know exactly whats going on there too. but on regular body shots, they had enough shields, about twice as much as i did with one shot.

Not sure if I’m missing something, but according to my calculation 3388 x 1.1034 x (1 + 0.15 + 1) = 8037.39? Wouldn’t explain the in-game results, but might help to clarify that beforehand.

I think i got it now.
Appearently when i got the Damage dealt to shields of 5928, it actually adds the “Cloud of Lead” Damage Buff as well.
For which, i dont quite understand why it triggers on EVERY shot, since its only supposed to add on every 4th shot, which is an additional 11.25% incendiary Damage.

From Base 3388 Incendiary Dmg it went up to 11856.55 Dmg including Stoke the Embers and Cloud of Lead.
Using that it would end up beeing 5928.27 vs Shields, 20748.96 vs Flesh.

But now my Crits are messed up:
It would be 15490.58 vs Shields, 54217.04 vs Flesh.
Perhaps there is a Crit Penalty hiding somewhere in Vladofs Heavy Weapons?

Or perhaps Cloud of Lead is buggy, and sometimes does get added, sometimes it doesnt?

Convenient though that might be for the numbers, Cloud of Lead’s bonus fire damage gets it’s own elemental multiplier so against shields would only add about 300 to your damage.

What’s your guardian rank grenade bonus? This might be a weapon affected be grenade boosts.