Critical Hit Formula in BL3?

There are my current GR Stats

and yea, i did put alot into Luck, basicly everytime when it showed up

and the Weapon Card, just in case

Can you recheck your damage numbers?

I picked up this today:

And the above formula’s have been able to predict my damage numbers exactly.

Furthermore I’m suspicious of those heavy numbers as the math is underestimating your vs Shields and over estimating vs Flesh.

Now i feel dumb ._. When i wrote down the Damage Numbers i dealt, i misstook a “3” for a “9” because of overlaping Damage Numbers, it was actually 5329, instead i thought it to be 5929
I’m sorry about the inconveniences it caused.

Body Shot vs Shields

Body Shot vs Shields with Cloud of Lead

Body Shot vs Flesh

Crit vs Flesh

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:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Happens to the best best of people.

Now the only remaining thing i am sad about is that Ammo Regen for Heavy Weapon Munitions is only 10% effective compared to all other Weapons.

I really want to use the Launcher more effectivly in Combat, but this in addition of slower Movespeed is quite the let-down :slightly_frowning_face: