Critical Points for 25 Battlborns (Gallery)

Greetings, Here is a list of critical points after a whole day of testing.

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Also I’d like to ask, Do any of you think I should make a Guide for different play-styles of Marquis?


This is great stuff, adding to my bookmarks


Was thinking… "Should we sacrifice our time to make backwards and sideways crit points for all battleborns?"
Because I’ve noticed each battleborn have different crit points at some different angles, which complicates things.
The white spots are the spots that bullets pass through on the angle I was shooting from.

Also I’m glad that people find this helpful.

(The idea came from the unofficial Battleborn discord after a discussion, there has recently been added a Battleborn-database there with useful information and posts such as this one… containing spreadsheets, loot locations, crit points and more…)


Poor, poor Toby.

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This is really helpfull, thanks to all of you for providing this list! :heart: - bookmarked for future reference! :sunny:
I always feared my Orendi would had her critspots all over her hat - this calms me a bit

Oh yes!!! This would encourage some actual Marquis gameplay instead of countless cheesy was how to play(cheat with) Marquis… I came only across 1 Marquis player so far that did actually play the game as intended -.-
And most people have the opinion that Marquis has to use cheesy tactics in order to be good - thats just not true.

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That dude is just one big crit spot… :pensive:

I’ve been away for a little while, need to get back into Battleborn to see how everyone’s playing and will try to!