Critwalking Executor Build

Featuring my new favourite, Cold Bore. With credits to @Hexxusz0r - feel free to drop any more Cold Bore nonsense in here as well :slight_smile:

Mayhem 4 tested only, as that’s where I’ve been comfortable until recently. Getting a bit bored now, haha. As Cold Bore scales off weapon damage, the core of this build should actually scale pretty competitively with Mayhem levels.

My usual rules: no Seein’ Dead, barely using the red tree. I’ve been invested in barrier + drone since release and I’m not slowing down now. You’ll probably be able to do some truly horrendous damage if you invest in the red tree (particularly if you only go as far as CCC in the green tree, and use Seein’ Dead to avoid needing Seein’ Red).

Guardian perks are pretty average too. I could probably swap some blue points around; I don’t think I really need Salvation as I have Refreshment, but we’ll see. I could definitely drop a point in Violent Speed for Cold Bore, now I’m thinking about it.

My gear is what makes this shine. Face-puncher + Cutpurse for infinite ammo, plus two (!) Hellwalkers. Just swap between them for permanent Cold Bore, plus your kill skills for fast reload and Cold Bore for fast swapping. Fourth slot is shock Loveable Rogue, which is fantastic for melting boss’ shields. Shove whatever you want in there; the core is the Face-puncher, any Cutpurse Relic, and the Hellwalkers.

To round it out I have a MIRV Cryo Hex, a Transformer (because always Transformer), and an average Executor COM. I have terrible luck with COMs and Relics, so this build is by no means fine-tuned yet.

it works in m10 because it is a multiplicative damage boost

this is my suggested build for non seein dead setups. i personally play without anointed gear but it will work very easily with urad consecutive hits in m10 depending on weapon choice.

my personal go to is executor for jacobs weapons and conductor for anything else (as per non seein dead) this setup obviously excludes dps guns and works best with high power guns.

my list of suggested guns in no particular order andviability.

  • hellwalker

  • lob

  • nukem

  • scrouge/plague bearer/blckburner/major kong/ etc launchers that are not sticky oriented.

  • maggie

  • skullmasher/any other snipers from jacobs that can be hipfired well (nerves of steel is poggers) storm fire storm both benefit from this swap to one shoot swap to another/ root as well.

  • boring guns/x3/x4 shreddas

  • quick draw

  • critical

  • convergence/conference call

  • harold

  • scoville

  • flakker/torgue single shot shotties preferebly kleibosa or bangstick

  • all these guns are interchangeable and an be used insets of 2 3 or 4

my fav way to play is to cycle through skulmasher hellwalker maggie hellwalker or lob/lob/nukem

for fourth jacobs gun in the setup i would recommend masher clairvoyance

i never build purely for one playstyle but technically you want at least 7/5 playing dirty with this setup rest is self explaantory. you can drop VV for VS but since i love using my dahls and vladofs and hyperions i rather not have VS.

IF you have questions a to my skill point choices well my man you are wasting points in adrenaline since your topped off is on and you also do not need 2 points in refreshment and u definitely want 1 in salvation and you want 5 in donny brook. i have 2 points in adrenaline but it is a meme technically it should be in rise to occasion but you do not need either.

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Appreciate all the tips (I still need a damned Harold, need to farm DLC3 more). I honestly skipped Donnybrook because I ignored anything that said “and Digi-clone”. My bad!

Why is Refreshment only a one-pointer?

because higher you go into mayhem the more dmg u deal compared to your health pool 8% is a huge amount together with salvation it is more than enough

you can come check here

cold bore SS runs m5 no anoints jacobs executor vs trogue conductor

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Managed to catch the end of the stream, spent a lot of it wondering what the Critical was (the Cryo version looks super good for Zane - I’ve only got a regular one).

I made some tweaks to the build to suit me -

Found I was able to get away with not relying on Borrowed Time so much, plus, I really like the SNTL grenade (otherwise all my carefully-farmed Hexes are a bit useless). Upped myself to M6 for the first time ever and am enjoying it. Really need an M6 Hellwalker to drop, but managing all the same.

Kept dying in the Slaughter Shaft because I forgot to swap out the Loaded Dice (Cutpurse) I’ve been using. Looks like I need to go back to my Ice Breaker Otto’s for a bit and swap the Cutpurse in when I need ammo.

Since u use anointments i recommend u play mayhem 8.

Don’t have great ones yet. I’m hoping to go higher, but I need better quality drops. I was really hurt by the game stability for a while, really set me back.

add craps to the list fairly solid dual slot since buff

flakker is back on the menu

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Have been on M8 for the last few weeks now. As of today, this is my build. Assume the capstones are swapped; it’s the same points investment anyway.

Forgot Nerves of Steel was basically surplus to requirements, so gonna respect later and dump those points elsewhere.

Dual M8 Hellwalkers, one with SNTL Cryo anoint, and an M4 Loveable Rogue (currently trying to grind an M8 shock replacement) with Trick Unforseen for critswapping shield killing (decimates boss shields). Only really struggle on enemies that have limited critical spots, and even then the sheer damage tends to get me through it.

unforgiven? never talk to me again

on the serious note this is a very inefficient skill distribution my G

Unforwhatever, yeah. Working across two machines at the moment makes it hard to remember names :smiley:

Always happy for build advice. A lot of the maxed skills are to get to where I need to get to in the respective trees (basically, to the capstone for both).