Cross-hair Colors

Battleborn is the first game I’ve played in a long time that is really fun. However, at times, (with all the white flashes when u hit something and all the red color around) I find it somewhat difficult to see my cross-hair sometimes. It would be really nice option if we could change our cross-hair color, (both not locked on and locked on) to what ever color we choose.


You can change the settings in the game menu. The flash and damage numbers can be toggled on and off. I turned off the flash because of the issues you’ve described, but kept the damage numbers cos I like seeing a numerical value to my damage output

Agreed. I’ve found it hard with Oscar Mike since day 1 too and would love to be able to change it to a proper DOT sight. Currently it’s not very good.

Agreed, sometimes the crosshair is hard to see while being in middle of fight - try to turn off the flashes, it does help a little, indeed.

Personally i get more problems when there are a lot of effects, like a 5on5 fight on Incursion, because of the single lane. Espacially WF’s ACOG and that tiny orange dot is hard to track. Wish it would be green (!), red or maybe white (never have problems with hipfire’s crosshair).

Already thought in general about the modern scopes (OM, WF, Toby, Marquis and so on) and i remembered that “inverted mouse” option of Windows-OS - could look awesome, futuristic and maybe helps…or maybe not :wink:

That’s actually a good idea, being able to change the xhair color and shape would help a lot with some characters. Like Kleese’s xhair is horrendous for precision shooting with his laser beam helix thing.

Agree. Rath’s Crossblade aim is more or less invisi … :dukenegative: