Cross platform play?

So microsoft said its up to developers to allow for cross platform play, sony was iffy about it. I know throwing pc into the mix is bad but is it possible to have x-bone and ps4 players on the same servers.

That would be a good thing, cuz yesterday I already had to wait 15 minutes for a match, that is my biggest concern about this game, lack of players for a game, there is a reason why mobas uses to be f2p, you need a lot of players to make it work, you constantly need 10 players of the same skill level ready to go, or else will result in big waiting times, I hope that they cross it to bring more people together, cuz I will say 15 waiting in day one of a long announced open beta doesn’t sound good, just saying

It could be worse. The ps4 que wait time was about 4 hours. Other than that i havent had any problems finding people.

To be fair, everyone had longer wait times the first little bit of the launch. Now that the servers are “warmed up”, so to speak, I get a match in less than 5. That’s not ideal, but about on par with most MOBAs, if we want to compare it that way.

If they allow cross-platform, I want it to be a checkbox in the menu.
“Allow cross platform”.

That way we don’t get complainers about the “OPness” of one platform vs another.

I would assume it would be mixed platforms if it does happen. I would hate for it to be impossible to play with xbox people. Im mostly curious about this becouse one of my old freinds is on xbone and it would be cool to play with him.

Heck, I know there was something talked about last month, where Microsoft said they wanted to open cross platform options with Sony and iirc, Sony didn’t mention Microsoft specifically, but they did say that they’d be open to developers who wanted to talk about it. Personally, I’d love to play with people on PS4. PC, maybe, but then you get the problem of mouse and keyboard vs controller. Unless there was some way to even the playing field, I can’t see it being viable.

Ya, all tests of console vs pc (controller vs mouse and keybord) have ended with pc being the better of the two. For a competitive game/play, console and pc should be seperate.

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After a chat with one of my PC friends, they had a good idea: They could have PC cross play, but only if the PC player is using a controller. That way if you’re playing PC for a particular reason (better graphics, it’s what you have, or anything in between) you can still play with your friends that have a console and aren’t completely locked out.

I would love to see cross platform play even if its just between Xbox 1 and PS4.

I have both systems and would love to play with friends on both.

I can understand not including PC players because of the keyboard/mouse combo but also because I have played a lot of FPS types of games on PC and its filled with hackers within hours of being released.

But please make cross platform play happen.

Rocket League is going to do it, every game should.

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