Cross-Platform Play?

I really hope bl3 has or gets cross platform play PC with consoles. (i am playing on PC myself but have friends that only have a console)

Unfortunately it’s the companies that can’t get allong. The technology exists, at least for microsoft brands. PC players can play with Xbone players in games like forza horizon3&4. But there’s still no way to get playstation on board for some reason.

sony will at some point when it starts hurting their bottom line XD

Still no informations about Crossplay for consoles (PS + Xbox)? Me and my girlfriend REALLY want to play together but I don’t want to upgrade my pc and she doesn’t want to buy a new laptop and we both don’t want to buy a second console (but would do it if we have to…) and I can’t play in splitscreen for long time because it gives me headache. We really need this information so that we can Pre order the game 2 times…

Probably there will not be a crossplay. I don’t know about Xbox, but on PS4 you don’t need to buy the game twice if you choose digital version.

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Hey Everyone,

Myself and my wife are really excited to play BL3, however I would like to play on the PC if I can, while she prefers the PS4. I would love to pre-order the game, but I need to know what platform. Is there any information out there that says they are going to support PC <-> PS4 <-> Xbox?

If I am beating a dead horse, I apologize.

Thank you in advance!

No confirmation yet, beside there will be no cross-play at launch.

Later it could be only EGS-Steam, Xbox-PC or all the platforms.

Bonsoir, je sais que le cross play n’est pas du tout prévu au lancement du jeu, mais est ce qu’il y aurait du nouveau concernant le crossplay avec Sony pour qu’Xbox et ps4 puissent jouer ensemble ?

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J’espere que Sony va permette. C’est pas les champions du cross play

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Rien de prévu pour l’instant. Ou dans un proche avenir.
Ça pourrait très bien demeurer un voeux pieux pour Gearbox/Randy Pitchford.

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Hopefully they could also add cross-progression, I recently upgraded my PC and received a couple codes from AMD for Borderlands 3, if not i could gift them to some friends and play together.

Hacked loot on PS4. Can’t wait.

Im all for cross console play but not with PC. The main reason I stay away from PC despite superior gfx is hacks and modded lobbies.

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