Cross platform request

Wow, I did missed the new foum layout. Looking very good indeed.

OK into the point.

Borderlands 2 in my opinion is the most successful Borderlands game yet. It’s present in so many compatible platforms and is still being played currently. And with The Handsome Collection out there there might be potentially new players that never tried Borderlands before.

Also is no mistery that the gear randomizer is totally unforgiving. Takes lots of time to have nice drops or vending machine deals.

Having that in mind, my request is for anyone with the Gearbox Gun Pack (GOTY, Handsome Collection Editions at least, PSVita trough Coss-Saving).

Please, modify these guns so they do damage based on the player level who wields them. Pretty much the same as the Contraband Sky Rocket. And also show the current damage in the text field of the weapon info card so any player can compare stats with other guns.

Have in mind that these guns are white rarity, they do the least damage compared to any other gun of the same level with higher rarity. And they should not stop being Lvl 1 requirement so their resale price don’t raise.

This request is meant to happen on all platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, XTS, PS3, PSVita, PS4 and XOne).

That’s it, thank you for reading this.

Hmmmmmmm, that’s actually a pretty fun idea. Would make it a bit more collectible :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in.
Even when I don’t use them they are some nice items to keep around just for their skin, having them at level would make a nice back up item.

Yes they look nice indeed, and they are really good backup guns. Shame is that they don’t rebalance each time you level up like the Contraband Sky Rocket, ending up useless shortly after any new game.

That is why i’m making this daring request. Please Gearbox read my pleas!.

Just bumping my request. Also I want to see if there’s anyone else interested in this idea.


No one else? :confused:

C’mon guys, I can’t be the only one who ever thought something like this. I really look forward to these little changes happen.

I was always bummed that these guns are useless by level 3. This would be a cool fix to that problem.


I won’t give it up. Not yet.

The guns in the GBX Gun Pack were only meant to give you a very small advantage early on when you create a new character. And even though the Contraband Sky Rocket does damage based upon your level, there are far better grenade mods in BL2 (Quasar, Storm Front, Fire Bee, MMx4, etc.). I don’t see GBX doing anything to realistically address this. Personally, I would rather GBX alter the Golden Chest in Sanctuary so that you don’t need Golden keys to open it. You would simply be able to open it over and over. It would still function like it does, but would not require having any Golden keys.

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I’m reviving this thread. Yes it’s been over a year but this idea hasn’t obtained the necessary player support.

I really think it’s a fun idea to add!.

And to answer that Golden Chest idea, I prefer it to either spend keys on it or have a free open given certain time, like one free open each 24h or something.

Please, it’s not like self scaling Golden Guns are gonna gamebreak, are they?

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Please stop bumping now.

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Is there a strong enough reason not to?. As far as I know, I’m in violation of no term and/or rule.

Because not too many people care. You can get better guns pretty quickly in the game. These ones just give you a small extra bonus, instead of needing to rely on the crappy little pistol you get from Clappy. Heck, even my wife (who I will admit SUCKS at aiming) took out Knuckledragger with these guns. That is the only real challenge, then you are in Liars Berg, with a fistfull of cash and a few easy missions, you just buy a better gun.

Additionally, once you level enough, you can just pop in a mule and drop yourself a better weapon.

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Yes and no. There ARE “better” guns out there in Normal mode, yet they tend to wait themselves to show up to loot them up. Haven’t noticed the unforgiving drop rates, even after the hotfix related to it?. Also they look nice, there are gun collectors that are dying to get a hold of them AND not waste backpack/bank spaces on Lvl. 1 guns.

Knuckledragger is veeeeery easy, no matter the player. Even the worst players who die on it eventually take over in little time, golden guns or no. So that’s a bad example to use.

Also, there would be self-challenge modes, like Golden Gun Runs only: in which those guns are allowed to be used during one whole playthrough. I actually like that idea now that I think of it. Dedicated video gameplays/streamings about it. Seems nice.

In any case I don’t loose hope. I don’t think it’s terrible to make it effective codewise, and again, it woudn’t gamebreak. At all.

Um can you pleeeese help me level back up for some reason I’ve lost all my character’s my 3 op 8 but is there anyway to power level back up ?

Having unlimited opening of the chest in Sanctuary would be insane. Maybe one key per 5 levels or something would be cool. And i personally like the Gearbox guns. By the time i got through Knuckledragger i was enjoying grenade mods and explosive weapons already, it was just a nice little boost.

It would make getting those rare purples I seek a lot easier.

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Not denying that it would be GLORIOUS for farming, but openung that thing is ine of the best feelings ever due to the rarity.