Cross-play between pc and console

I would like to know if there’s hope for console and pc cross-play… I thought that maybe when the game will be released on Steam we could get this awesome feature. I remember that Randy said something about this but he didn’t say anything in Pax east, so anybody know something?

No idea honestly - the official word is still “Not at this time”. Given differences between hardware performance across the current consoles, I find myself wondering if the hold up is waiting for the next gen versions (in theory Nov/Dec this year but with Covid-19 slowing supplies down…)

There is also the issue that the last time I saw real discussion on this, Sony was claiming to allow cross-play if developers asked for it, but developers were reporting being told ‘no’ when they actually asked. So, there may still be some caveats on Sony’s side regarding what they will and won’t actually approve.

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How about LAN play between PS4s first? Or LAN play between XBox Ones? I am sure Sony prefers that players buy PS+ subscriptions instead of playing local multiplayer for “free”. If XBox offered LAN play for Borderlands 3, Sony might still not cooperate. That PS+ money is a pure cash cow.

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Yeah, you are right but I think that maybe gearbox won’t get a “No” as answer because they are developing a new game for ps5 (i don’t remember if it is an exclusive). It’s more plausible the hardware’s differences. Thanks for replying