Cross-play x360 and XONE

I just bought again Borderlands 1 because I want to play it together with a friend who has it on x360. I found it on the list with compatible games for xone, so I bought it.
I am able to create a lobby, send him invites, but when he accepts nothing happens :frowning: We tried it also the other way around. I am signed also to x360 Live account after pressing the start and “view” button, but also doesn’t help.
Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong? And is the coop multiplayer still even possible? We simply see each other playing Borderlands in our Friends list, but cannot join each other.

Thank you very much!

I don’t think playing on two different systems is possible.

I read couple topics and on multiple of them was written that it’s possible if you have the 360 version, because you are basically emulating the 360 console… So, I still have a hope :frowning:

I think I played this way with @Kurtdawg13 that he was on Xbox One and I was on Xbox 360, but that was some time ago so I may remembered it wrong. Maybe he knows for sure.

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You can do this, but you have to use the original 360 invite functions rather than the XB1 ones, and this ONLY works with the backwards compatible version of BL1, NOT the Remastered XB1 native version.

Launch the game and create a co-op session. To pull up the 360 menu, tap both the menu and option buttons (either side of the XBox button) simultaneously. You can now tab through and invite the person on the actual 360 to your game.

Edit to add: the XB1 functions work if both players are using the b/c version; however, the Live functions don’t work directly between physical 360 and XB1.


This is true. And also what @VaultHunter101 says as well. :acmaffirmative: