Cross Save and Badass Points issue

I started up Borderlands 2 on the Handsome Collection and started a new character to just mess around for a little bit before I brought my main character over from my PS3 save. I put in the badass points in the new character and after I was done playing for a hour or two I deleted the character and brought over my cross-save. Here is my problem. I thought the badass points from the PS3 save would carry over. I did not know once you assign the points to any character that it would share the points with all characters you bring over or create. I dumped the points randomly into the first character and now the same badass point allocation is on my PS3 cross-save character messing up all of the percent boosts.

Is there anyway the badass points can be reset to so I can carefully put them back to the way I had them on PS3?

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I have a similar problem. I understood that badass points would transfer over and I would just have to reallocate them. However, that did not happen when I moved a character from an Xbox 360 to an Xbox One. No badass points crossed over. I now have a Level 39 character with a Badass Rank of 0. Many challenges have been completed, but there are no BadassTokens. Is that correct?

Hi guys!

Ok, @Raykis: here’s how cross-save should be functioning from a BAR standpoint: if there are multiple “sources” of BAR, the system will take which ever is greater and do away with the other.

In this case, you started a new toon and earned, let’s say (for the sake of this example), 500 BAR. Then, you bring in your cross-save toon who has, let’s say 5,000 BAR. The system will credit you for the 5,000 and do away with the 500. Does that make sense?

Now, in your case, you’re saying that the system essentially gave you credit for both the 500 AND the 5,000, correct?

Ok, @webarlett: you seem to be having a different, yet already documented issue in which the BAR is not transferred over w/ the cross-save toon at all. If that is indeed the case, all you need to do is file a support ticket via the link below and the team will get you sorted out ASAP.


Both of you please feel free to correct me if I’m misunderstanding you respective situations. Hope this helps!

You are correct, and I have filed a support ticket. I eagerly await the fix. Thank you for your support.

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My Badass Rank is not transferring with my characters either. I have 0 BAR on my account instead of 22,000+ like I had on PS3. All my progress in the challenges is still filled out though. I filed a support ticket but I haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m hoping this can be sorted out soon, I’m pretty disappointed that this is an issue.

We totally understand that this is very frustrating for people, so believe me when I say that the team is working hard on fixes. As always, as soon as there is any news, we’ll blast it out straight!

It was more like it gave me 500 BAR and onced I used them is was automatically spread to cross save characters. No 5000 BAR overwrite in my situation.

Hmm very strange. Should be operating as I outlined above. What did you hear from support?