Cross-Save available in the future?

I’ve looked around on the forums a bit and I can’t find a solid answer on this from anyone. I was wondering if the mods checked this forum and if so, if they could share any insight on the possibility of Cross-save functions in the future. I realized they had a version of it for the Handsome Collection between similar consoles, but I was wondering if it was 1) even possible to be done between console and PC and 2) if it was something that was even being considered. I would be willing to get the game on both my PS4 and PC if it were, but otherwise, I can’t see buying the game twice unless this was an option.

I know that Overwatch has some level of cross-save, where your unlocks are shared across all platforms (excluding the upcoming switch) but I wasn’t sure if this was something that could be done with a game like Borderlands 3.

I don’t know about that, but, i was wondering about coss platform play. Is it possible to play with friends on there PS4 when I’m on Xbox one?

Nothing has been said about cross-save to date. I think right now people are more interested in whether the game will gain true cross-play. Randy P. has said “not at launch” but it seems it is at least on the radar screen. So who knows?

Yeah, I’ve been trying to keep up with it as much as possible. I was trying to justify a way to buy it for PS4 and PC because I prefer to play on PC but a lot of my friends are playing on PS4. I know cross-play is coming ‘eventually’ and that we are unsure how extensive it will be, but I was looking for a way to play with both my PC friends and PS4 friends without losing ALL my progress between each and having to drag friends from either group back in order to help me with older things they already finished.

Well, I guess now I need to figure out which version I’m going to get.