Cross-Save clarification PS4<->PSVita

I’ve read several things about cross saves in THC but I can’t seem to find a solid answer to my question. If I get BL2 for the Vita can I freely play the same save file on both it and the PS4?

I would like to play my character while away from home, unfortunately my work wi-fi isn’t fast enough for remote play lol.


I"d suggest having a look in the PS3 section for BL2, as the Vita version was first introduced as a cross-save variant with that platform.

The only caveat I’m aware of is that the Vita version could not include all the DLC due to hardware memory constraints, so there may be certain items which are unusable on the Vita. I also recall there being some issues with non-core components of the game, like missing vault symbols etc.

I would recommend keeping backup copies of your saves on a USB drive, just in case (but I recommend that on all platforms as a general precaution anyway!)

You can only transfer to the ps4 not to the vita. One way