Cross save failed on handsome collection

I am trying to farm for mission items by using the cross save feature but it keeps telling me the connection failed even tho my status is “online”?
I checked my connection and it is ok.
I never had this problem before and I want to know why it happens now
(Full text is: Upload Failed. Uploading your online character failed. Please check your network connection and try again)
It also happenes with the pre sequel

Same thing here as well. Never had an issue with this. This makes no sense at all.

Same here, internet connection test was positive. Tried clearing stash, cleaning up saved data, and downloaded all online save information. Nothing worked, please advise?

@AH-Satan and @hallam063 the upload character seems to work again for me. I don’t when it was fixed but at least it back to normal.
Update:. Just a heads-up The Pre-Sequel cross save works.

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