Cross save from 360 to 1

The problem being that the 360 the 1 have to have the latest updates to be able to cross over as i have been on the one now for nearly a year and have no 360 anymore there is no way the 360 game will have the latest update plus my game save was not on cloud as far as i know i was over powered 8 on 360 b.f 4 did not need cloud to cross over looks like im f###ed pardon the pun .gutted not a happy bunny

This is indescipherable

You don’t need to have your save stored in Xbox Cloud Storage, and the update that allows the transfer was only recently released, so as long as you still have your Xbox 360 and copy of Borderlands 2 for it, you can do the save transfer.

Here’s the steps you need to take:

I don’t think they have their 360 and didn’t bother to back up their saves. It’s a sad, sad, day…

I am I the same boat - no longer have the 360. Bought the Handsome collection after seeing that I could “pick up where I left off” on their advertising - only to learn after the fact that I needed access to the 360 with latest patches and the game to transfer! Pretty ticked off - money spent, no refund, no transfer!!!