Cross-save issue for account without Xbox Live

My wife and I play couch co-op. She has an Xbox Live account, and I have a non-Live account because we don’t need two online profiles for our primarily local play. We played BL2 and BL:TPS on Xbox 360, and we then got the backwards compatible version on Xbox One. We have since done another playthrough up to Level 50 on Xbox One in backwards compatible mode on BL2.

We wanted to continue playing more, so we just purchased The Handsome Collection. We were of course interested in the cross save functionality, and we have successfully uploaded and downloaded my wife’s game/character profile through the cloud. However, my character profile did not get uploaded/downloaded.

Do I really need to purchase my own Xbox Live account in order to cross save my character from local co-op? It seems to be telling me that I can’t cloud save my profile since I don’t have Xbox Live.

Is there any workaround at all that will let me download my Lvl. 50 Assassin into The Handsome Collection so that I don’t have to go do a whole other playthrough again?

If not, that would be really poor. Hopefully there’s a way.

Unfortunately, you do need paid live at least long enough to transfer your files from the 360 (and presumably the b/c version). IIRC folks asked about this when the HC first launched, and the feedback received was that ‘this was the way MS said it had to be done’ so…

The good-ish news is that you don’t have to buy a ton of Gold for this. See if you have an unused 15-day free trial lying around in a game case somewhere. I believe you can also buy short subscriptions like that (less than a month) from the store? Sorry, it’s been a while since I was last looking for that stuff.

Appreciate the confirmation. I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and buy the cheapest subscription to transfer my game saves over. Thanks!